Russia Starts Program To Award "Historically Accurate" "Patriotic" Games

The Russian government is starting a new program to award grants to domestic developers who produce the Russian army a "historically truthful," "positive" and "patriotic" manner.

Speaking to Russian newspaper Izvestiya, Arseny Mironov an aide to the Russian culture minister questioned the historical authenticity of most war games which, he believes, paint the Russian army in an unflattering and "unrealistic" manner.

"The main thing that we expect from game makers is that they reflect events realistically and with the maximum historical authenticity, avoiding the creation of a negative image of a Russian soldier," he said.

"The game should not only be entertaining, but also improve cognitive functions and promote patriotic education."

And Mironov is not the only Russian official with this point of view. In fact, the Russian culture minister and the Russian Military Historical Society have launched a program to address those concerns. The program kicks off with a single game scheduled for release in 2014. The game is based on Russian military aviation during the First World War.

Other games will follow in the same series that aims to give a "historically accurate" portrayal of the Russian military's role in history.

Under the same program, the Russian government will also award grants to domestic developers who produce games conforming to the ministry's list of criteria. The main criteria is "historical truth" and the portrayal of "a positive image of national culture".

Furthermore, the Ministry of Culture is considering its options to control the content of foreign games sold inside the country.

According to Mironov, the Russian Ministry of Culture is not satisfied that "the majority of military video games arriving in the country discredit the image of a Russian soldier and do not portray the historical truth." As an example, Mironov cited Company of Heroes which – according to him - "introduces a veteran of World War II in the form of a felon who runs around with a grenade launcher and burns civilian homes".

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War and domination is the natural order, it is our nature we are not bad or good we just have different beliefs and we want everyone else to share our beliefs and when I say we I don't mean any specific country I mean we as humanity and when we don't fight we over populate and over crowd when there simple isn't enough resources to go around.

Metro I&II video games are

Metro I&II video games are based on a russian best seller books trilogy published under the same name and when the first video game was released people bought the books too, so finally it spread russian literature worldwide. I don't understand why you are saying your shit dude, yes it is a fiction (a not realistic novel ) xD but since when fictions are not considered as cultural goods ? Asimov ? you it plz ^^


So we can make a video game where you play as the officer of the Russian military, and you go door to door and tell the men of the house they have to serve or be killed on site in front of their families. This should be a pretty fun game!

Because when the Americans

Because when the Americans did that well into the 70's it was honourable and righteous and the international war crimes US wilfully committed and bragged about to the world are always depicted in US video games so it's exactly the same, right?


There's a huge difference, an able bodied man in the United States will always be greatfull to server his country in a draft, matter of fact I know a couple from Vietnam who got drafted, perfectly fine normal lives before the war, they got drafted and didn't complain a bit, told their wives my country needs me and smiled. When we have a draft a man doesn't come to your house and hold a gun to your forehead and scare you into it, and punish your family, Luckily for you, enough people love this country still so you can sit there and type that.

Oh and on that note, we have

Oh and on that note, we have droves of immigrants from other countries coming to serve in our Military just because of the fact they've lived in such places as Russia and Romania, and China, (list goes on and on) and want to be part of the solution, not the problem. (No other country in the world sees immigrants coming to their country for such love of an idea)

Also, not part of "our"

Also, not part of "our" country. In fact at the moment "Your" country is trying to force mine to sign a trade agreement that would allow multi-billion dollar corporations and your government unlimited access to exploit and rape our natural resources, take control of independent and mainstream media, override local laws that hinder their operations and take legal action against individuals for breaking US laws that aren't even laws of their own country while having resided outside of US jurisdiction for their entire lives and having literally nothing to do with the country. So, good luck enforcing your draconian colonialist fascism on the rest of the world and believing it's all god's work or whatever they tell you to justify horrific impositions on other nations.


Well if you don't want laws in your country to protect products we make such as movies or video games, then maybe you should stop buying our exports and just play the games YOUR country makes, which is none.

Well thank you but we already

Well thank you but we already have our own laws to protect ourselves from your crippling mediocrity thank you very much - that's why you're trying to undermine them and grant foreign entities the power to sue foreign governments outside their jurisdiction? Because you're scared of not being in goal control of things you don't understand? It's why you killed so many people who don't embrace capitalism. They don't like money that much so they much be out to rape your family and hide under your beds - you need to slaughter and rape their families first!


Which trade agreement with which country enforces American control over one's media? Its pretty normal to have large corporations come in and do bad stuff. It happens everywhere. China does it, russians do it, mexican companies do it -- as do american companies. Its just that the american companies are better at it. That is, we take control and tell others what to do. This isn't the role I would want my country to have, but its is the nature of power. Anyway, which country are you from and why do you think we will soon control your news media organizations?

TPP (I guess they don't

TPP (I guess they don't broadcast things that are destroying the independence of other nations in your media) and literally anywhere in the pacific region. And you sound like a horribly brainwashed pleb BTW. "Oh we don't WANT to enforce our colonialist nature on the world, but we're just SO GOOD at it!" Fuck you you're part of the

I think you're getting the US

I think you're getting the US Murder Corps. confused with the French Legionaries - I really hope you don't actually believe any of this spoon-fed bullshit because you're either cognitively dissonant to the horrors of military regimes and the lack of willing participation or completely brainwashed.

To each country their own

To each country their own propaganda. It'll be funny(maybe shocking for some) to see games where the bad guys are from north america. We caricatured them as evil since the dawn of cinema and gaming so it's just fair that they do the same while "glorifying" their own image..

it'd actually be an original

it'd actually be an original change from cliche ugly villains. imagine your arch emeny as some rich politician who's always appearing on tv in a clean suit & shave & talking oh so eloquently about why he has to invade your country to save it. It'd be quite a change to have a boss battle where the boss is someone who never fights in the field & .... who am I kiddding?! it'll never sell.

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