Rust ditches zombies, buffs wildlife

It's only been around for a few months, but already Rust has differentiated itself from its major source of inspiration, DayZ, by offering a player experience unlike any other. To firmly sever that tie, the developers have now completely removed zombies from the game.

However, without zombies there, players need somewhere to get blueprints, upgrades and to give them some sort of threat from the environment so it's not just players with assault rifles that they need to worry about.With that in mind, Garry Newman and co have now buffed up the environment to make it more deadly.

"Yep. We did it. We decided we couldn’t hold off any longer,” said developer Maurino Berry. ”The longer we keep zombies in — the more complaints we’d get about removing them. We are forcing ourselves to deal with it. We are no longer a zombie survival game!”

Updates to wildlife include:

  • no longer exploitable by walking backwards
  • fears hostile wildlife
  • reacts to gunshots
  • hostile wildlife retreats if it cannot find a path to you
  • wildlife should not jump up and switch to random angles any more
  • removed white wolf

Other updates that came in the latest patch include new models for wood and stone resources and a new "mostly stone," resource added to the map.

How have you guys been enjoying Rust so far?

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Good start, then a stumble

I got rust about a month ago. Have put a few dozen hours into it. It's fun. Granted I only really play on non PvP servers, but I've really enjoyed it. After a patch that increased stones it was almost perfect. Removing zombies has really hurt the game, not the zombies exactly though, them as a resource. Design wise it was a bad call to do what they did. It was a weak method to remove a similar concept just to establish total differentiation in product. They really needed to replace them with something. Mutants, robots, demons, dinosaurs or even good of fashioned crazy psychopathic humans would be fine. Just removing them though has created a gap, animals were a good basic material and food resource, now they sometimes drop blue prints but drop very little resource.

They totally ****** the game

They totally ****** the game now. Zombies were the main resource to find blueprints, and metal objects without dealing with rad zones too much or airdrops.. now we just have air drops, and ultra looted rad zones... GG devs.. way to **** the progression for people.


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Editing policy

Just to clear things up, MJ wasn't edited because I didn't like what he said, he was edited because his trolling comments are no longer tolerated here. Likewise anyone else that insults other members, or posts simply to rile people up, will have their posts edited or deleted. Disagree with other people, or me if you like, that's not a problem, but I won't have people spouting hate for the sake of it.

"MJ wasn't edited because I

"MJ wasn't edited because I didn't like what he said, he was edited because his trolling comments are no longer tolerated here" - So, in short, his comment was edited because you didn't like it. Since you make the call to edit/delete you can't just say "ohh it's not that I don't like it", it's obvious by your response that you don't.

Why does it even matter why

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