Samsung Lawyer Fails To Differentiate Galaxy Tab From iPad In Court

During a court session held to decide whether Samsung has copied the iPad design for its Galaxy Tab, Samsung's lawyers made a very embarrassing (and potentially case-settling) admittance that they can't tell the two devices apart.

During the court session, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh held an iPad and a Galaxy tab in his hands and asked Samsung attorney Kathleen Sullivan if she could identify which of them is which. After a heavy pause Sullivan, who was standing roughly ten feet away, replied: "Not at this distance your honor."

The judge then addressed the rest of Samsung's defense team, asking "Can any of Samsung's lawyers tell me which one is Samsung and which one is Apple?" This time however, one of the lawyers was able to identify the devices correctly, though after a bit of hesitation.

The judge has found Samsung guilty of infringing on Apple's patents, but challenged Apple to the validity of the patents themselves.

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The whole problem with this

The whole problem with this is that the judge asked a woman to diferentiate two gadgets. Men take into account screen size, format and other details women ignore, once commited to memory such details can be used to identify the product in question. I'd be surprised if she could actually tell which is which.


The level of stupidity and ignorance of those who do not understand how and why certain laws work the way they do chips away at my faith in humanity slowly. Do you have so little faith in the legal profession that you think you know better than the brilliant judicial minds that create the laws currently in place? Try reading a single case that has set a precedence, the average judges ability to come to a logical and well reasoned decision will astound you.

When you point out certain points completely out of the context of their reasoning (which usually go on for pages) it can be easily interpreted to make judges seem irrational or even dumb. But guess who does that really well? Bill O'Rielly, and everyone (of reasonable intelligence) knows he is a truly ignorant moron.


That's right a more informed look at this would be, judges don't look at what is presented to them at face value. That is something the average person does and do so quite blindly. There is a reason trials are set in court and not in the open, that in itself should suffice as common sense. But even judges are just human, every debate, every evidence and every scrap of information can only be assessed so far. The ability to make a mistake for a judge is far less than likely, they have something we don't and that is experience.


How is what you wrote any more informed than the first post?

Also what kind of a point are you trying to make here?: "There is a reason trials are set in court and not in the open, that in itself should suffice as common sense." what reason is that? just curious.

Yea, judges aren't perfect but they sure as hell do a better job than the average comment poster on this site.


Pasting tid bits to bring down an opinion? I guess you skipped the last portion "The ability to make a mistake for a judge is far less than likely, they have something we don't and that is experience." don't know about you but sure seems to change the context of what your deliberately trying to disparage. Perhaps you can't take a hint that they actually have a point maybe?!

Herp Derp.

Bring down an opinion? Are you an idiot? He's just asking. Trying to disparage? I do not see where that post did that.

Both of these posts present a different perspective of their beliefs. Neither is more 'informative' than the other.

the galaxy is the ugly one

the galaxy is the ugly one with the dull background with a taskbar on the bottom apples is nice and shiny and sweet looking, and you know what other touch devices dont even come close to responsiveness i have found either

lol...the tablet you just

lol...the tablet you just described is the ipad2....the nice and shiny and sweet looking one is the galaxy. You should know samsung MAKES your ipad, its just a samsung in disguise. Samsung has all the superior technologies, which is why the galaxy is much better.

If hand coded and designed

If hand coded and designed visual software that I'm and extremely proud of, why the hell would i give it away for free?

We choose to buy what we want, if people are too dumb to realize they have options, that's their problem.
I knew what i was getting into when i got my ipad, i also knew that i could jailbreak is, so there's really no loss.

tech illiterate idiots....

This is why I do not understand, why we have judges, lawyers, who obviously do not know as the say "shit from apple butter" when it comes to technologies. That would be like, saying how the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius look the same, from like a 50 yards they might, to a person who has never seen em could not tell which one is which and would claim that they look the same. I've seen both tablets, and in some stores side by side. They do not look the same, I just don't see it. But, I could understand, a person, who is not familiar with those items, could not differentiate those two, and probably say, a tablet is a tablet to them.

Lawyers are retarded

Seriously, they are extremely dumb...the magnitude of their stupidity is astounding. Just as an example, my cousin is a lawyer, and he was prosecuting a case for a woman who was hit by a city bus. The defense's argument was that she had broken her arm at some point previously in her life, therefore the bus only "reopened a wound", so there was no way that she could possibly receive compensation for her medical bills because she had broken her arm before.

I really, really wish I was joking. I'm not. And that makes me die a little inside.

the bigger tablet is the

the bigger tablet is the galaxy...its pretty obvious to me. How stupid can apple be...they want samsung to change the well established (even before the ipad) rectangular shape of a tablet, just so it doesn't "copy" apples patent on the rectangle. Only a filthy rich company like apple can get away with something as stupid as that.

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