SimCity Sold Pretty Well - Has Long Future

EA turd

Well we did it - whoever we are. We managed to buy enough copies of the broken, buggy, always-on fiasco that is SimCity and now EA is happy to continue pumping DLC into it like unicorn blood until it eventually dries up and dies. But that won't be for a long time, because 1.6 million people ponied up the cash and left EA shareholders happy.

This comes from the mouth of EA Labels head Frank Gibeau, who said during a shareholder call that SimCity was a "great game that has recovered from a challenging launch."

Gibeau admitted that yes, there we some teething issues to begin with, but they were just temporary... right? “The short explanation for the launch is that the initial rush of consumers overwhelmed our game service, disrupting the consumer experience,” he said. “As we stabilized the game and improved service in the first week, fans continued to pour in.”

Pour in. That's what you people that bought SimCity did. You poured money and time into a game that was so horribly broken at launch due to its idiotic DRM that most people couldn't login to what was basically a single player experience. On top of that, for weeks after launch, many more simply couldn't play because of game breaking bugs.

Despite all this, SimCity sold enough copies to show EA that it doesn't really matter how badly it screws up, people will still give it boat loads of money.

Ultimately Gibeau did say the company had learned from the mistakes and would do its best to make sure it didn't happen again, but it's not like it needs to try. It'll make money either way.

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As long as you're not a dope that paid for it knowing what kind of dicks EA are, then ***** all you want.

Thank you

Thank you author for speaking the truth, my thoughts exactly and I didn't buy the game so at least I didn't get screwed... what's wrong with wanting a game like sim city 4 but with better graphics and better performance, why can't we have that game and none of that online crap. I miss good RTS and Simulation games, there are so few now and usually what is there performs badly and now this... :( Maybe it's because I'm an old school gamer but I simply don't care about any of the online stuff, I just want to enjoy my games and be left alone, why is that so wrong.

I bought the game and

I bought the game and thoroughly enjoyed the **** out of it. I love sim city. I spent most of my childhood playing it. Yeah the size of the city is a little disappointing, but it also changes the gameplay. Every reviewer compared it to sim city 4. I seriously doubt they really played sim city 4. They never mentioned that the traffic was broken in that game that they had to release an expansion to fix it. Not mention plotting a bus stop requires you to demolish a whole building and waste area. They were a ton of things that were improved in the new sim city that it outweighed the bad. People complained about sim city 4 not being as good as sim city 3000 as well. They said 4 was too easy. Haters gonna hate. I don't understand how some people who like sim city don't like the newest one. I would like to know the reasons. Yeah the DRM sucks and it is a *******move, but it will be cracked sooner or later and won't be an issue. As far as 'game breaking' bugs, I have yet to come across one. And what the **** is up with this article? Alienating it's readership... Good job!

sad pandas everywhere

It sucks...because i'm a huge SimCity fan and i was looking forward to playing this one a lot. But the always on **** and DLC i will never play this one. Until the pirate scene can unlock offline mode, which the game HAD IN IT'S CODE, but they turned off at the last minute. It won't be long, as the code was mostly java.


Just because a game has a bad launch day because of servers down doesn't mean it's a bad game, it just means you couldn't play it that day, you live like it's groundhog day and you can't use it any day after that? silly people. Fact is, this entire post is silly because it's biased, I seriously doubt the creator of this post has even played Simcity let alone gave it a try, the bias is so obvious of this, you went out of your way to show the A in the EA logo as a ****? really? I'm wondering if you're even a gamer, or just a ****** off fanboy from another company / game such as COD. if That's the case, I have prestige master in multiple COD games, latest of which is Black Ops 2, I promise you I'd kick your **** at it :-) and btw, I think COD sucks lol. I play BF3 more, but I do play both, COD only because of my brother... if he didn't play it because he's a kid, I wouldn't own the garbage.

Whatever you say, "Village People"

He's a virgin and you go to Young Maricas Christian Association(YMCA)... Michael if you insult some one that has been mistreated as a client by a company whose only objective is to screw everyone with *******games, you'll get insulted too with the sad truth about what you like most, and if you enjoy *** sex "In The Navy" is up to you. EA is a stupid company, is not the RESPECTED "Electronic Arts", that company died a long time ago, what EA is nowadays: Electronic Americunt Money Sucking Vampires. I played Simcity 2000, 3000 and 4 with the Rush Hour Expansion(not a *******DLC, a full expansion), I have all the right to say: the "New Simcity" is PURE ****, PERIOD! Now you can go back to have some *** sex "In The Navy".

Is this Author Serious?

“Pour in. That's what you people that bought SimCity did. You poured money and time into a game that was so horribly…” Did I just read an article where the author is insulting and accusing (wrongfully) his readers? Who hired this **** head to write articles or is MegaGames a blog site now? This beyond third world ****, an author talking **** about its readers to get back at EA? Bro, I loathe you more than EA now… Pretty sure most of mega games readers did not buy Sim City. Demographics show it was the midlife age group and international markets who bought the bulk of the copies. Secondly, Sim City prelaunch and post launch articles (as the one’s mega games posted along with other game sites) help the game sell more copies as a study by VID (game consulting group) demonstrated. So in conclusion? Go **** yourself…

Comprehension is a good thing

Did you just read an article that insults you personally? Well, if you were one of the people referred to in the comment "you people that bought SimCity" then yes, you might feel insulted (but you'd probably deserve it), if not then the comment does not refer to you. You've got some anger issues to loathe an author based on a comment that doesn't even refer to you, if you want to see unjustified insults, just look at the garbage you wrote, it's puerile.

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