Snowden Leak: UK Considered Spying On Kinect Feeds

The latest Edward Snowden leak revealed that UK's Government Communication Headquarters intelligence agency (GCHQ) has intercepted Yahoo webcam chat streams and considered ways to follow suit with Xbox 360's Kinect camera.

According to The Guardian, GCHQ is already monitoring and recording webcam images of more than 1.8 million Yahoo chat users under the "Optic Nerve" surveillance program. The agency was evaluating the possibility of expanding the program to include Kinect. Snowden's leaked documents didn't include the final decision, but they suggested that Kinect produces "fairly normal webcam traffic."

Responding to The Guardian report, a Microsoft representative said that "Microsoft has never heard of this program. However, we're concerned about any reports of governments surreptitiously collecting private customer data. That's why in December we initiated a broad effort to expand encryption across our services and are advocating for legal reforms."

Xbox One was originally designed not to work if Kinect isn't turned on but Microsoft reversed that decision before launch due to fans out lash and privacy concerns.

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Uh huh

The slave to patriotic authority called me a "STUPID ***!!" - what a lively and informative discussion you've provoked. You're a treasure, darling. Get informed.


Showden is doing a great job. He is letting the US and the world know what governments are doing to the people. It does not matter much any more because, Jesus Christ is coming BACK to earth and He is going to be very ****** off and glad to those who have choose Him. Thank you Snownden for your information. And Michael J, go blow your brains out. LOL

microsoft can collect private

microsoft can collect private data through their own backdoor in windows (and most likely other microsoft software ie. skype) and then they say they are concerned about others doing it? thats funny... the backdoor in windows was put in there for the us governement if i recall.... look it up on the net folks. fsf . org is a good place to start and defectivebydesign . org

Stupid ***

This is exactly the kind of far far LEFT Bullshit that has us at war almost with CHINA, IRAN, The list goes on an on, So when china invades the US. you little far left fat *** Coward Shitbags will be Hiding with that Treason Stricken parasite OBAMA RIGHT! LOL

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