Some Black Ops II Buyers Find Mass Effect 2 Disc Instead

A growing number of players are reporting that they found Mass Effect 2 game disc in place of the second disc in their Call of Duty: Black Ops II packages.

Mass Effect 2 is published by Electronic Arts while Black Ops II is published by Activision. A likely explanation for the mix up is that both companies might’ve subcontracted the same disc manufacturing plant.

Activision hasn’t addressed the issue yet, but in the meanwhile player who find the wrong discs in their Black Ops II packages are able to use the serial code found inside the box to download a digital copy of the game.

So far, only boxes of the PC version of Black Ops II have been reported to be affected.

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i remember buying pirates

i remember buying pirates from EB a while ago and when i got home there wer only 2 disc two's. i took it back for another copy, upon head back out of the store i decided to take a glance in side just in case. and same issue. in fact every copy there had to be returned.

this is bad, the

this is bad, the manufacturing plant must be punish! for player need to download the whole game, he better off buying the digital version which is far cheaper , or best, downloading the torrent or ddl of that game for free, which is recommended very much.

You're a ****.

If you're so useless that you can only perform one needless, menial task in life to earn an income then you're dumber than retarded (as your statement clearly indicates) & the world is better off without you. GFY.

Your problem

Your redundancy is not my problem, if you're unable to keep pace with the market then go do something else, unless your a game shop monkey - then get some education and a real job. I won't pay more than double for a boxed copy of a game just because publishers think they can abuse their market power in Oz, sorry if my insistence on paying a fair price means you end up unemployed, but your pointing you're finger at the wrong culprit.

Stay in school monkey, I don

Stay in school monkey, I don't have that job or want it. I only worked a year in my life and my bank account is loaded. Only in one case I have seen digital cost less but not buy much and it was a old game that no one wanted.

From what I noticed that most

From what I noticed that most digital versions cost at least up to $20 more then standard, but never less. Not counting games that are at $60. Can you trade-in those digital games? What do you do when you run out of space and have **** connection? By the time it downloads you might not feel like playing it. What of those releases that don't happen to be on demand. Used, buy, play, trade.

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