Sony Acquires Wii U DRAM Manufacturer

Sony has bought the Japanese factory responsible for producing the DRAM used in Nintendo's Wii U.

Sony has paid nearly $73 million for the entire Renesas Electronics semiconductor manufacturing plant in Tsuruoka, Japan. Once the transfer is completed around March 31st, the facility will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony.

Renesas supplies Nintendo with the DRAM chips used in Wii U but Sony bought it seems that Sony is more interested its image sensors."As part of this strategy, Sony has been exploring opportunities to increase its production capacity for image sensors, a key component used in mobile products such as smartphones and tablets, for which increasing demand is anticipated," explained Sony in the acquisition announcement.

Nintendo is yet to comment on the purchase and Sony is yet to explain how and if it will impact Wii U manufacturing.

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You're preaching to the wrong

You're preaching to the wrong person with that. Blu-Ray had no advantages over DVD as far as I was concerned. All it did was make a movie I could get for $10, now cost $15-20 for the same experience. But now I wish everything console related to be digital, I'm sick of companies pandering to the poor, they need to get with it and lead the world to the future. I gurantee Microsoft will go digital before Sony does in the console wars.

Sony still bought the factory

Sony still bought the factory responsible for manufacturing a component for the Wii U. This means that Sony, now the owner of the factory, is responsible for manufacturing a part for the Wii U contingent upon Sony honoring the owners previous contract with Nintendo. How can you say this has nothing to do with the Wii U?

I am saying that Sony's

I am saying that Sony's PURPOSE for buying the company has nothing to do with the Wii U or the parts that go into it. It just so happens that a company they are purchasing for its Image Sensors also manufactures a certain part that goes into the production of the Wii U, the fact that the company makes DRAM for the Wii U is irrelevant to Sony. The first comment was worded in the way "look, lets laugh at Sony cuz they bought a company to attain a tech that goes into the *******Wii U" and that insinuates that Sony bought the company for access to a part that goes into the Wii U, which is not the case at all.

The comment said Sony bought

The comment said Sony bought hardware in the Wii U. That's it. All this stuff about purpose and suspected insinuations is on your end, not his. He also made comment on the main focus of this news article. Again: This articles main focus is on Nintendo purchasing the factory that produces a Wii U component. Yeah he childishly insulted the Wii U in the process which was uncalled for, but you aren't much better at this point. Neither is the ironic troll calling me a troll.

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