Sony CEO: Sony Is In Serious Trouble

Shortly after being appointed, Sony president and CEO Kaz Hirai admitted that the company is in "serious trouble" and that he has been facing "one issue after another" in his short time as CEO now.

Hirai has been promoted from head of the PlayStation department to the whole company CEO earlier this week.

"I thought turning around the PlayStation business was going to be the toughest challenge of my career, but I guess not. It's one issue after another. I feel like 'Holy shit, now what?'", he told The Wall Street Journal.

"We really need to buckle down and be realistic," he added. "I don't think everybody [working at the company] is on board, but I think people are coming around to the idea that if we don't turn this around, we could be sitting in some serious trouble."

But it seems that Hirai's plans for Sony's future have a few surprises and unexpected changes. "We can't just continue to be a great purveyor of hardware products, even though some people expect us to do that," he pondered.

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hey f*ck. i owned ps3 and

hey f*ck. i owned ps3 and 360. and play backups games, i dont own any originals, heck, i bet none of u has,
anyway, sony is fu*ked up, they lock too much of their console, much like iphones.
im happy if pirates can come up with new hacks and stuff for sony. i want to play latest game on ps3 and dont want to buy TB dongle. i want FREE games and FREE only. isnt we all want FREEdom and FREE stuff only?

PS3 is technically cheaper than 360...

360 requires fee based online play. After just 1 year a 360 is MORE expensive than a PS3 for LESS features and can't play blu-rays. If it takes 4 extra discs to play 1 single game, then that system is outdated. 360 licks balls and is for little kids with their gay avatars. Preteen boys jack off to their 360 girl avatar and get raped by their dads cause they own a 360. Yes my point went from educated to dumbed down but truth needed to be told.

P.S. (i know this isn't a letter) If you own a 360 you are either super gay or love your dads penis.

reality check

most of us play 360 u dumbass, even disabled people like me, i would gladly play 360 and have more features even it's 70 a year. don't talk shit that u don't even kno.

Lol another 360 fanboy

There is actually less features and less technology in the 360. Solid proof is that there is the 360 console update in 2012 because it needs a new ATI card and upgrade proc. it's outdated junk for little kids like the Wii. Games like Final Fantasy XIII x2 had to be downgraded by content and resolution so it can be on the 360.


Folks we just found the most stupid person on the internet. DING DING DING. Buddy, the Sony console doesn't use intel proc it uses its proprietary 6 cell quad core processor designed by their R&D department. God you are stupid. If they had a stupid radar you would make it explode for your stupid signals being so effing high. Hats off to you man for being so idiotic when it comes to gaming. Maybe you should stick to old school nintendo 8 bit.

The problem that Sony faces

The problem that Sony faces is that they genuinely have great products, but also a bizarre and misguided business strategy and culture. They (try to) design their products for the top-tier in quality and design, market them to the masses but sell only at premium prices, hoping that the flood gates will open when they drop them. But they don't, because customers go elsewhere when they can't afford a PS3 or Bravia. They don't realise that releasing things at a high price is excluding to western consumers, rather than making things desirable. It's part of the greed and jealousy at the base of any capitalist system.


hey! its a sony! i cant wait for 4.0fw on ps3 to be cracked. oh, and Vita too.. i only bought Ps3 right after CFW were released. pretty good idea if u ask me.
and they are lucky that its thank to that, their system boost in sale. now everyone that want it can play copies of games downloaded. they should just make a machine that are pirate friendly, maybe if ps4 is like that, more people will buy. as soon as vita can play downloaded games, i surely will buy,. sony should thank the pirates.

Love and Peace

Now we should all calm down and walk the field
of green and pick a flower, then lie down for a moment and just relax. Ahh feel that sense of freedom and peace, we are all one and happy! No money, no business... Just you and your girlfriend zelda.. Peace OUT

sony hasnt had a great couple if years

The ps3 is still to expensive, the whole concept of psn is needs to be user friendly for all gamers/casuals. Ps plus great idea but honestly nothing great. Psn needs 3d avatars etc.

Psp failed over time and psp go failed even more..Vita needed to be or needs to be not just a portable looks just like a psp go..Nintendo have glasses free 3D...that's a new element and reason to buy don't have great platform games..and the hardcore market can't just support its success. 3ds is more user friendly. Why buy a ps vita when the ps3 is the same price with HD and bluray?

Sonys TVs are still to expensive compared to a samsung. The ps move that nobody talks about has failed..where are the new games? That's why kinect was well thought out. Can work with a controller or out..sure it's not perfect but at least there are new games coming for hardcore and importantly non gamers.


"Nintendo have glasses free 3D...that's a new element and reason to buy it." - Worst nintendo crap after the virtual boy. Buy 30 of them and be happy. Lol

Avatars... no thanks for me.

I don't want to understand the demographic that desires glorified paper dolls to show off to people they never met. Maybe that's Sonys problem with PSN, pandering to the wrong group. Also Avatars cheapened the Xbox 360 in my honest opinion.

Kinetic a FAIL???? LOL

That was a stupid statement, Kinetic is a total WIN, not because of Xbox360, but for the many uses in what can be applied out of the gaming area.
And with Kinetic for Windows... expect more "crazy" but useful ideas coming for that little device.

Sony Vs Microsoft

I've decided to sell my Ps3 because the head of Sony says their in trouble. I've decided to play it safe and now only buy products from Microsoft Products like the Xbox360. I was going to buy a Vita but since Sony says their in big trouble, I've decided to sell all my Sony Products and get a xbox720 when it comes out.

Thanks Sony for the Heads up.

Xbox360 wOot

Thats not a good reason to sell your system :\

However, this whole generation of systems was a let down for me. I think we are hitting a point with gaming and technology where we are making a shift but we are not sure the direction its going in. Personally I'm sticking with pc gaming for many reasons, good ones I swear... I also wish sega still made consoles.


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