Sony Deletes PSP Games To Fight PS Vita HomeBrew

Sony has resorted to removing games from the PlayStation Store in order to thwart PS Vita's piracy.

To be more precise, vulnerabilities in the deleted games were by the Vita Half-Byte Loader to allow homebrew applications to run on PS Vita.

Vita Half-Byte Loader is capable of running homebrew games such as SNES and Game Boy emulators, but it cannot be used to run any pirated PSP or PS Vita games.

Instead of releasing a patch that closes the loophole used by the boot loader, Sony decided to delete the vulnerable games from the PlayStation Store, even though this has prevented some users from downloading the games after paying for them.

It is reasonable to expect that Sony will return the games to the PlayStation Store after patching them or patching the PS Vita firmware.

As of now, Motorsorm: Arctic Edge and Everybody's Tennis are pulled off the PlayStation Store.

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Sony can do what they want...

However, I won't replace my PSP with a Vita until I can get all my emulators, and homebrew games on it. What they should do, is figure out a way to open the system to us homebrew guys, while keeping their retail games safe from piracy. Maybe impossible, but I don't like closed systems. Android hacking ftw.

A brief explanation of the issue...

You kids don't get it at all. Companies say DRM is meant to fight piracy, kids believe them. Companies say they restrict homebrew to fight piracy, kids believe them. This has NOTHING to do with piracy. This is about licensing fees and control, basically in order to develop software for a console (be it normal or handheld) the devs need to pay a large sum of money to the company that owns the console (sony, ms, nintendo) known as the licensing fee (thats why games have the "licensed by ****" somewhere like credits or before the intro). With homebrew people can develop software for a console without paying anything, it also allows said software to repurpose the console without consent from the owners (i.e. emulators) taking control away from the company and into the hands of many unknown developers, thats what they dont like. Not to mention legit developers (the ones that pay the fee) don't like it when they have to pay to develop while others can do it for free and without all the hassle that takes for a company to approve a game for release.

I find it amusing how you

I find it amusing how you think the overuse of "kids" in a argument somehow validates your point of view. As if a 12 year old can't be right while you can't to be wrong just because you're (I'm guessing) in your twenties... But who am I to judge? I just wasted my time putting you back in your place...

If you, as the two idiots

If you, as the two idiots above, really want to make an impact on a company because of their tactics then DO NOT buy ANY of their products.---------------------------------------------------

Companies respond to lack of sales so, as consumers we have all the power in the market.-------
It is ALL OF US that are able to make or break a company and/or change their habits.------Simply saying that you will screw Sony over by selling their latest product you purchased and going back to their older one isn't really making much of a statement is it?.---------------------------------------------------

Forget the "I make loads of money so why should i care" attitudes as that serves to help no one.-------
To make any lasting and impactful changes on the products we buy we need to change our tactics to suit.---------------------------------------------------

I'm not against Sony as a general rule as i quite like the PS3 and the PSP (i haven't had the chance to try out the new Vita yet) but i am starting to get pissed off with how much control they are putting on the buyer.-----------------Will this impact on whether i buy their products in the future? ------I'm unsure but if they continue the way they are i will probably stop buying their products altogether.----------------------------------I've already done it with Microsoft and that joke of a console and it won't big a big deal to do the same against Sony.

stop with that BS argument

even if one person stops buying a game, it doesn't matter when millions of others will buy the game regardless. Hell I just read on cnn about some kid selling his kidney to buy an iphone. With people like that out there, how exactly do you suggest you are going to do a meaningful boycott? Also xbox 360 is a smash success, and bill gates is using the profit from the sales to wipe his ass, whether you bought one or not doesn't matter.


Because of this very news.. i have undertaken drastic steps and as of now no longer own the vita hardware. I traded it in +cash for a unlocked psp where i can download and play all the homebrew i want. I suggest everyone sell their vita now, don't nbuy any vita games at all. This is the only way to combat these greedy bastards who wish to control what we do with hardware we own.... sony. you are greedy. I hope u all burn and die by the hands of Microsoft.


Fight the greedy bastards by selling one of their products just so you can buy another. Whats wrong with kids these days, logical thinking = 0

My answer to Sony

Since you obviously love your customers monies, I don't understand how can you hate your customers and fuck their right to play a game they already paid for...
Sony are behaving like assholes from a long time ago, that's why I'm not buying this Vita intrusive and restrictive CRAP... I will keep my PSP for a LONG TIME...
Sony: FUCK YOU!!!!!!

Great answer btw...

"I don't understand how can you hate your customers and fuck their right to play a game they already paid for" - Read the article before posting comments. "I will keep my PSP for a LONG TIME... Sony: FUCK YOU!!!!!!" - Yes, you will give sony the finger by owning a PSP, what a bright fellow you are. People like you are the very reason sony can get away with crap like this.

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