Sony: DualShock 4 Works Just Fine On Windows - No Drivers Needed

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida revealed that DualShock 4's basic functions will work on Windows PCs from day one.

Responding to a fan's question on Twitter, Yoshida confirmed that DualShock 4's analog sticks and buttons will work "just fine" on Window without requiring any special drivers.

Interestingly, Microsoft previously announced that Xbox One controller won't work on Windows before its driver is released sometime in 2014.

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Sony hasn't bothered to

Sony hasn't bothered to release *any* drivers for the DS3, and they think drivers for the DS4 means using half the controller? Why does anybody think they even want to try to support using their controller on anything but a PS4?

+1 Sony on this.

+1 Sony on this. The thing I hate about Dual Shock are the distanced thumbsticks compared to other controllers tough.. It doesn't feel comfortable and precise to aim when your thumb is stretched to the maximum.

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