Sony Forbids Users From Filing Class Action Lawsuits Against PSN

Straight from the book of "how to destroy your image and kill all your PR efforts in one sentence," Sony changed the PlayStation Network terms of service to include a clause that users can't file any class-action lawsuits against it unless it approves beforehand.

A new section that has been added to the T.O.S. this week, titled "Binding Individual Arbitration," reads as follows:

"Any Dispute Resolution Proceedings, whether in arbitration or court, will be conducted only on an individual basis and not in a class or representative action or as a named or unnamed member in a class, consolidated, representative or private attorney general action."

The section goes on to explain that users are no allowed to file or join a class-action lawsuit "unless both you and the Sony entity with which you have a dispute specifically agree to do so in writing following initiation of the arbitration."

The new T.O.S. however conceded that users who participated in class action suits against Sony before August 20th are not affected by the new ban.

People who don't like the new rules "may decline the TOS and Privacy Policy and we [Sony] will close your account and return your funds." Additionally, users are allowed to send Sony a written letter asking to opt-out of the no-class-action clause, but they have to do so within 30 days of accepting the new T.O.S.

Humorously enough, the new T.O.S. itself admits that it might be unenforceable. "If the Class Action Waiver clause is found to be illegal or unenforceable, this entire Section 15 will be unenforceable, and the dispute will be decided by a court and you and the Sony Entity you have a dispute with each agree to waive in that instance, to the fullest extent allowed by law, any trial by jury," one of its clauses reads.

The new T.O.S. comes just a few months after the Rothken law firm filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of 77 million PSN users who were affected by Sony's famous security breach.

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This is like...

This is like signing a waver for a doctor to kill you. Just because you agreed that this was O.K. on paper doesn't make it O.K.

Not to mention... what the hell about the 8 year old kid that updates the PS3. If his parent's credit card gets screwed, they will still sue - they haven't agreed to jack shit.

I enjoy my PS3, and I enjoy the games I play on it (and built in FREE Netflix support, unlike certain OTHER consoles that try to charge for that sh*t......), but This is bullsh*t and according to the wording in the agreement, even SONY knows it. It's clear they didn't learn their lessons as of late - create things people want and they will buy those things, but try to turn EVERY GOD DAMN THING INTO AN UNPERSON-ABLE UNDYING PAYMENT BASED SERVICE AGREEMENT, and shit won't continue to work. Your ship WILL sink.

from my experience, only the

from my experience, only the ignorant game only on pc.
sure pc is great, but why not try enjoy all games on all machines, i mean if you cant afford it, then its obvious your choosing sides based on that. i mean consoles have been around as house hold gaming machines longer than pc's.


From my experience consoles wouldn't exist and you were probably in diapers while some us were watching the evolution of technology and not some drama on TLC over a weekly special. Do yourself a favor and quit spamming nonsense, a console is practically a computer build for a certain purpose. That's it, you still need an industry of game designers in order to release products for it. Well guess what that industry is the pc/mac market you have been PWND.

Ha! I guarantee im older than

Ha! I guarantee im older than you, i owned an odyssey, I know consoles are basically pc's, but i see all you whiny babies crying over consoles, and through my experience, those who only game on one select machine and piss and moan about his its greater than sliced bread, usually cant afford anything else, ignorant isn't a bad word, but you took it as such, i game on pc, i game on console, and i do have a lot of free time. babies.

"but why not try enjoy all

"but why not try enjoy all games on all machines" - Because grownups have something called limited spare time, don't worry you'll understand it in the future.

"i mean consoles have been around as house hold gaming machines longer than pc's" - You really need to get your facts straight, gaming was BORN on computers and nerds have had them in their houses long before consoles ever existed.


Actually... Although there were computers before consoles they were hardly personal computers. They were big and expensive and were mostly for universities, government, army and big corporations. The first games might've been on computers but not on PCs... The first consoles are ARE LEAST as old as PCs...

Seriously though... Say what you all want but currently most games (even shooters) are made for consoles and ported to PCs... Not that consoles are better (they're obviously not) it's just a better financial decision to do it that way.

I said in a bunch of other sites... I love pc gaming but for adults with little spare time, console gaming is that much simpler... 50% of the time I want to play on PC I have to troubleshoot some problem. I know that's probably because I have a lot of shit installed that's cluttering the system but since I work with 3D design I need a powerful computer to work and I'm not going to buy a strong pc to work and another one to game.

I primarily play on xbox but I have about 50 games on steam so I don't dislike PC gaming... I don't dislike the PS3 either... All systems have their strong points and ease of use is a very important issue for a lot of people (myself included) and the guy that said that people who are fansboys probably can't afford more then one system nailed it... I wouldn't trade my xbox for a ps3 but I'd love to play uncharted and killzone and some other ps3 exclusives... I'd rather play crysis on PC but when I have to chose AAA games I always go for the console... Not 'cause it's better... It's 'cause the difference is marginal and in the console I *KNOW* it will work flawlessly...

You can bitch and moan all you want but that's the truth... All systems have their strong and weak points... And PC gaming is far from being "the real gaming experience"... It's just one side of the coin.

Why pay for games

Why do ppl still pay for games!!!!!!!
if they can keep f*^kin us around like this

thats why i pirate games.....

SONY and EA and STREAM all can kiss my A^%

we are the games... stop ripping us off...
let us sell the old games once we are sick of them....
let us play single player games off line...

In a time before time,

In a time before time, videogames didn't exist. Back then kids weren't productive either (think your parents). It's just part of human nature, while young we don't want to work or do anything meaningful. In a time before that kids were forced to work by their parents, refusal resulted in beatings and/or punishments such as no meals, believe it or not that was actually the norm 100 odd years ago.


why do people buy their shit? really. I boycotted these assholes a long time ago. Is everyone asleep? They are the most disgusting company i have ever come across. First we have the eula outrage now this......FUCK SONY THEY SHOULD BE BANKRUPT IF THERE WAS ANY JUSTICE

Nice try, but no cigar.

Nice try, but no cigar. :P

There is no way one can ban users from having class action lawsuits unless there are laws that restrict frivolous lawsuits. If that were the case, I might as well ban everyone from suing me should I screw them over. :P

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