Sony Introduces Wireless 3D High Definition Visor

Sony today introduced its next-generation Personal 3D head-mounted display, the (HMZ-T3W).

HMZ-T3W is available for preorder at Sony Stores and select retailers nationwide right now for $999.

The third generation personal 3D viewer from Sony is lighter than its predecessors, easy-to-wear and equipped with simple connections for gaming consoles, PCs, home theater components, tablets and smartphones.

The 3D visor supports WirelessHD, allpwing its users to enjoy entertainment anywhere in the room with uncompressed, lag-free HD video and digital 7.1 surround sound.

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We'll see who looks like a ****** in a few years when most pc gamers will play in 3d and you'll be stuck infront of a 2d monitor without any depth, with a amazing 10 degree of peripheral vision. A person without vision can clearly look like a ******. This is specifically why we call them ****** (from the french word ****** meaning being late). Therefore, you are retarded for not embracing or at least accepting these new improvements. However, the most disturbing fact is that you did not point the practicality factor but the aesthetic, which means you care more how people might perceive you while playing games than the feeling it actually gives. This would mean one thing for me, that you are very susceptible and insecure about the way you look. No one watches me playing games, and if that would be the case, I wouldn't look more stupid wearing a VR than starring like a zombie infront of a distant monitor. You can't conveive something that is not the actual norm, which makes you: retarted. Have a nice day!

One of the most important

One of the most important thing is the definition and the field of view. The definition of this VR is 720p (although OLED) and a mere 45 degree compared to more than 90 for the OC and of course.. it doesn't have head tracking while the Rift has it. Overpriced Sony.

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