Sony: Microsoft Kicks The Living Crap Out Of Publishers

"Publishers are getting the living crap kicked out of them by Microsoft," said Rob Dyer, Sony's senior vice president of public relations.

Rob's comment comes as a response to the unveiling of Microsoft's Xbox publishing policies which prohibits games from being released on Xbox 360 and XBLA if they were released first on any other console or if they contain less content than that in other versions.

"Titles for Xbox 360 must ship at least simultaneously with other video game platform, and must have at least feature and content parity on-disc with the other video game platform versions in all regions where the title is available," Microsoft's Content Submission and Release Policy reads. "If these conditions are not met, Microsoft reserves the right to not allow the content to be released on Xbox 360."

European Xbox boss Chris Lewis defended his company's policy, saying that "we seek to maximize our own advantage to ensure the playing field is even, and certainly plays to our advantage wherever possible."

That last comment was what agitated Rob Dyer to say the opening statement of this article.

"I think what Chris and the other representatives at Microsoft are doing is protecting an inferior technology," he added. "I think they want to dumb it down and keep it as pedestrian as possible so that if you want to do anything for Blu-ray or you have extra content above 9 gigs or you want to do anything of that nature, you'd better sure as heck remember that Microsoft can't handle that."

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good old goodgame

To summarize: Inane comment made by staffperson at company no1, in this case, Microsoft, sparks inane comment by staffperson at company no2, ie, Sony. Then idiot supporters of either platform get sidetracked into silly namecalling and insults to people who like the "other" platform, as though it's positively sinful to like anything but "their" platform. You could always get both platforms if you have the resources and simply enjoy them both, but noooo.

xbox, ps3, pc

i have ps3 so i can play online for free and i'll never use my credit card online EVER just to buy something that comes in bits of data. i prefer to buy the game from the store. i have a pc so i can pirate games and play em at highest detail and i go to the store to have "your" copy if i like the game so i can play online. 360 sucks because you pay monthly when you don't have to for pc & ps3 and the RROD sucks to so they hybrid the cpu & gpu so the gpu dosen't have cracking problems when that chip gets hot under the dvd drive and the fans are on the other side sucking out most of the heat from the cpu. i don't know how good the 360 S is but it looks like it could store tones of dust in it since it sucks the air from the out side and if you got a dusty house like you don't change filters around the house then the console might screw up in like under 5 years and allways buy custom computer buying a pre built one = short life like 2 years and any thing can die on it. HDD, GPU, PSU, motherbored and when your sucking on the tit i have you by the motherbored... ya random


How can u proudly promote piracy, devs turn their backs to us cuz of douchebags like u. And since ur a douchebag ur opinion is of one. Id put my money on PS3 also for many reasons you just mentioned, but the RROD is gone

rrod is not gone

just because they took the "ring" away doesn't mean the xbox isn't a steaming pile of fucking shit.

the kid has a point. piracy is easy if you know where to look and whats the point in paying for service to play the games that you like. microsoft can suck a dick.

Microsoft can stick it up their ***

Microsoft is just pissed off because Sonys Blu-ray out performed their HD-DVD, If microsoft bought out a complete new console instead of smae shit, with different skins, then they would not be able to complain.

All i can say, is publishers can kick the crap out of Microsoft by making games bigger than 9 gigs, and tell the piece of crap company microsoft to go stick the complaints up their ass.

Microsoft is stuffing it up for themselves by making it harder for developers/ publishers to release a game, where it will get to the point where publishers will crap all over microsoft.

Most games designed for multi platform are crap anyway, you know why, cause the developers cannot put any more data into them then 9 gigs (this includes PC games, as they can only put enough data to fit onto a 9 GB DVD disc).

So all developers for multiplatform design their games so microsoft is happy. But are Xbox gamers happy: yes, PS3: Not all, PC: No way in hell.

So it looks like battlefield 3 will not come out on the Xbox, as EA has designed the game for PC players, and less for Consoles. Whereas Call of Duty: has been designed for the Xbox gamers.

i agree ur a ******(parent post)

Seriously man wtf? hit ur head or something. For the record blue ray was forced to be bundled with PS3 because sony needed the format to succeed unlike MS who just pushed out as cheap as possible toy/platform for gaming. Sony has its hand in everything from entertainment to countless electronic after all! Also think about it, say some crossplatformer comes out for both 360 and PS3 and then Sony would brag - yeah but our game has higher textures, extra content etc etc, buy PS3, we totally own 360 - content wise yes, visually or game quality wise not so much. Now they cant say that can they, so simply wise strategy from MS. Also MS aint mad/sad/angry about anything, its sony whos moaning. The same time customers in a way are not discriminated - say u pay 50usd for PS3 and 360 game, 360 users however will scratch their head and think WTF there are 3 levels missing, i want discount. In other words there are tons of reasons why it simply makes sense to have such strategy and by the end of the day MS got sony by the balls.

your so ******* retarded its

your so fucking retarded its not even funny. for one companies are about MONEY there's more money in multi plat there for thats were they go. its not about a good game its about what will give the game the most chances to sell. also pc's work just a little different. 1 the datas really compressed compared to a console so more can fit on a disk and 2 you INSTAL the games, no matter what so you know as many disks as they want.. and oh yea pc's have blu-ray too and its really cheap now. just like we saw in the early to mid 2000's when they started to fully adopt dvd's instead of cd's pc games will start to be released on blu-day... from the sounds of it your just a pissy retard who more likely than not doesn't even own a wii, and simply wishes they had a game console of any kind. also bf3 is indeed going to be on the xbox. though yes pc was first in mind and le ghasp! it will likely be more than a 9gb instal.... also learn to


Remember PSN hack anyone? Would i go for an ps3 FUCK NO!! Anyways all microsoft is trying to do is protect its customers thats all. Oh btw for that PC fun boy up there: PC is not upgradeable anymore. Almost every month we get an hardware upgrade wich does not support our old hardware. Paying 1000 bucks for a gpu is not my thing and i dont like being screwed by a CPU "wich existed for 10 years (yes im talking about i7) and been used by goverments since then".Non of those upgrades are new bro they are just trap for you to pay em more fuckin money.

you... are so retarded it

you... are so retarded it physically hurts... all of me, pain all over. your causing it. yeah the psn got hacked. ANY and I mean ANY online system of ANY kind by ANY company can and more likely than not will be hacked. the ps3 was just one of the first major gaming ones to be hacked. and sony didn't respond to it all that well but who says any other company would do better? your idea about the i7's make you sound like some crazed conspiracy theorist. 10 years ago most fucking super computers weren't as fast as a good gaming pc today... and $1000 video cards? man either you live in some country that sucks or your getting so ripped off... I remember my gtx 8800 cost me $750 give or take a few back when it was brand new. the gtx 580, retailed for $500 brand new... yeah the 590 which came out later, was around 750... but thats a dual and really really pointless. my point being a gpu doesn't cost anywere near $1000 and are getting cheaper to boot.... retard troll is retard.... and a troll.

Consoles.. pfft

I do like this making the playing field even, but its just a minor console thing. Anyhow, consoles are the ones that limit graphics, frankly they make games being released to be limited, a PC can destroy a Sony PlayStation 3 4 5 6 etc, PC are upgradeable ;) so the fact that Sony is having a fit is kinda sad from their part. Microsoft is just giving them back what they have done to Windows ;)


But Microshit still sucks ass, & this is proof. MS doesn't want PC gaming to prosper, it wants it's little shit box of control & limitation to prosper, so they can dictate how, what & when anything happens for their own gain, rather than progress.

Can't say I blame them, but it's unfortuante.

You're right and frankly id

You're right and frankly id choose PC any day. From developers point of view however the console hardware is very specific and software can be very nicely optimized vs pc where we have very different hardware and their specs. NVidia/Ati(AMD)/intel - keep in mind they all come with different hardware sided optimizations and specifications every new generation. We got DX11 now and still most games are done for DX9... so yeah its double sided thing. Not to mention piracy + most console users being dumb kids who pull their momas skirt when in the mall while PC users may actually have credit to buy something over steam. eh whatever :)

gone fishing

Enough with the inferior technology bullshit Sony. Only thing inferior that you mention here is the disc size. Sony is known to bribe the publishers to do exclusives but sucks hard when its simply bad business right now cuz their console takes forever to make games for(development cost) and 360 actually has same market size - any reasonable dev would want the titles on both platforms. In other words MS made you their bitch and all you can do is moan about it

^ well someone obviously has an xbox ^

The xbox is an overall worse console from the specs and reliablity even though now it does support things like HDMI it took it forever and has been upgraded so much it leaves the people who originally purchased out in the cold... though they probably have bought a new one by now as i most of the xboxs have had rrod. They then tried to bribe all the companies that make games to do what they want. eg GTA they worked so hard to get it on there system then make the downloadable content avalible first on the xbox or have exclusive content. what they are doing in this situation is blackmailing the game devs into lowering the standard of their product so xbox doesn't look so bad because it is now an old outdated system, even though this is what they did to get an advantage orignially. they are ok when they do it but when someone does it to them they have a cry

^ well someone obviously has an PS3^

Dont have neither actually. Well aware of RROD and hate MS for that shit, would go with sony in a heartbeat as a customer. But u need to put ur fanboy thoughts a side because the reality of situation is that xbox360 and ps3 titles side to side have no significant visual difference, CELL and blueray a side GPU pushes the pixels and visual quality is pretty much the same at least in 90% of cases. Its so stupid to argue about supremacy this console era is about to end. The real argument here is that Sony cant bribe its developers so easily to do exclusives as turning your back to 50% of the market is bad choice for any dev. In other words head out of ur ass, dont be biased, dont talk supremacy, see the MARKET and what they are really moaning about.

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