Sony Official Indirectly Confirms PSP Phone

Sony's official stance towards the leaked Playstation Phone is refusing to "comment on rumors and speculations," but a CNN interview with Sony's senior vice president of marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment of America Peter Dille seems to have done achieved nothing but confirming those rumors.

In the interview, Dille explained that the main reason behind PSP's failure is the lack of an always on connection. "The PSP is a Wi-Fi device," he said. "People are used to having always-connected devices."

Dille also explained that Sony's vision of the Playstatio Network is to be an entertainment centerpiece and be always accessible. "I don't think we fully realize that vision with a Wi-Fi device," Dille noted. "If it's not connected then it does sort of limit people."

Needless to say, the only "always on" network connection available for handheld devices is the cellular network.

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Yeah right!

And where is the **** confirmation?, there is no
absolute statement here..

Besides who cares about playstation network, not
all people can connect to it if they have to pay
for a data plan to use the internet on their phones. X_X


So it seems they unnofficialy confirmed it by stating that they are aware that they need a oerminitly connected device [psp phone] and are aware that the psp fails from lack of this. and obviously any corporation that announces its dissapointments is planning to correct them. which in this case bassicly saying 'yes we have a psp phone in the works'



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