Sony: PS4 Preorders "Much Much Higher" Than Its Predecessor

In an investor call, Sony chief financial officer Masaru Kato revealed that the company expects to ship 4 million PlayStation 4 units by the end of March 214.

According to Kato, this figure is drawn from the record number of preorders being placed worldwide. "Compared to past platforms, the preorders that we have received for this new platform [the PlayStation 4] is much, much higher," he said.

In addition to the large number of preorders, Kato believes that PS4's strong launch lineup is another reason to trust those sales projections.

"Sometimes, when we launch a new platform, the software catalog is not sufficient," he explained. "This year, on a comparative basis, I think we have a much more stronger (sic) lineup of software coming."

Last August, Sony announced that PlayStation 4 global preorders had exceeded 1 million units. The console is set for release on November 15th in North America and November 29th in Europe and Australia.

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I cant wait, All the Fucktard Crapstation kids are gonna be cryin when they see games double in speed and Graphics on xbox, just like 360 2 years later and still everything better on 360 LOL
You voted 'no'.

I literally don't care

I literally don't care because I just want to play games and see what cool things the new generation brings us - I don't give a crap about which console is better because I'm not a dumb preteen fanboy. And TBH with that mentality, the PS3 was a much better investment this generation for cool experimental gameplay and artsy graphical fidelity.

Michael J, even as a troll

Michael J, even as a troll you have the worst life of anyone ever. A high security Mexican prison would probably be more fun than your life. There's no way anyone can be so one sided negative and boring. The only way i would be able to excuse you is if you have aspergers and cerebral palsy.

its not the software line up

its not the software line up for me its the stronger hardware that will make it last longer think about it were is the xbone going to go from 720p? down to 480p? where has ps4 can drop to 720p later and give more detail more shadows more tesselation

1080p not to mention if any

1080p not to mention if any of the biased sony fanboys ever take a minute to read about Microsofts 300,000+ servers, also which will use hardware to give ever greater power both physically and graphically later on, both of which has no limit as server side they could just produce even better fps which WILL effect Xboxone's FPS via server side. And with Moore's law which does stand true, even greater sometimes, literally Xbox One's cpu and gpu could double a year from release, no upgrades at home needed as it will run from their servers, this is something that is highly ignored in most gaming sites. And wrote this on the fly, busy moving a tank atm.

The whole cloud rendering

The whole cloud rendering thing is a scam. Anyone who understands the basics of 3d graphics rendering realized it as soon as MS announced that crap. The internet still can't offer latencies low enough to provide real time non compressed frames to rival a local gpu.

...oh my god you'd believe

...oh my god you'd believe anything they spoon feed you as long as it makes america sound good wouldn't you? I can't wait for your break down when you realise your entire basis for the world you live in is crumbling beneath you. It'll be glorious.

Why bother?

Why do you bother posting you twit? The server side ops are for background processes typically handled by the CPU you dumb shitbag fucktard! You think that an internet connection that in most scenarios is not only operating at speeds below 1 MB/s, but is also shared with other systems in the building & always experiences latencies in milliseconds between even the closest servers, is going to offer any kind of improved graphical/gameplay performance. You truly are a retarded moron.

They're LAUNCHING 6.2 million

They're LAUNCHING 6.2 million but will probably just sell six. Maybe seven. They'll all be returned when the buyer's discover that they're just boxes with a banana inside though. The Xbox One is reallyjust a scheme to sell the Banana's Microsoft bought from the Congo in exchange for jungle magic to make people want to upgrade Windows and Office (it didn't work).

My god your a joke, haven't

My god your a joke, haven't you been reading the forums. Yes some people are buying the shitbox, BUT most (even xbox360 lovers) are going for the ps4. And before you say I'm a sony fanboy, I own the original xbox and loved it. So I look at each new console with new eyes.

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