Sony Settles With GeoHot In PS3 Jailbreaking Case

Sony has reached a settlement with GeoHot where he consented to a permanent injunction, but still denies any wrong-doing in the whole affair.

The terms of the settlement are confidential, but Sony has released a joint statement stating that Sony's "motivation for bringing this litigation was to protect our intellectual property and our consumers. We believe this settlement and the permanent injunction achieve this goal."

"It was never my intention to cause any users trouble or to make piracy easier," the statement quoted Hotz, "I'm happy to have the litigation behind me."

Following the announcement, GeoHot reminded his blog visitors that "the terms of the settlement agreement are 'confidential' and the matter requires that they be 'confidential'," but he "think[s] people will be happy...It definitely was not a waste, I assure you."

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hey ya know what i called him

hey ya know what i called him a big nosed afro haired twat or whatever an its true the guys a fuckin cunt these systems aint produced an put on the market for these fuckers to crack an shit an more to the point i too have a very nice pc i game with too, its just nice to be able to have the option to change over sometimes! and i did not say it was directly his fault but people like him!!, if they did not exist sony wouldnt be runnin round trying to protect there systems you fuckbucket! get your facts right first

Anonymous on Wed, 04/13/2011 - 00:32 READ!!

Are you a complete idiot? You are saying that Sony computers are shitty because of the brand which is sincere stupidity. Not one "branded" computer comes with their own parts. You should maybe learn how to build a computer before you start trying to replace some parts in one, it seems the result is FAIL.

As a whole.

I'm reasonably certain that his major point was that a brand computer is always inferior to a custom built when it comes to both the amount power per dollar and the ease of upgrading. Both points are true. Since a larger company knows that they can use brand recognition to push the sale of their device they will always charge a very large premium on the product. They also almost alway build in a way that will purposely make the device support limited hardware and be less upgradeable, so the consumer will be forced to come to them for both the minor upgrade that the device is capable of, or the complete replacement they need because those upgrades are not nearly enough for their computer to keep up with a more modern product.

Other OS Removal

I understand allot of peoples reaction saying it is because of him that we lost OtherOS in the first place, but as far as the facts go it doesn't seem that that is really the case. If you look at the timeline OtherOS was already not going to be supported on the new "slim" systems before Geohot release his information about a security hole. The more likely culprit is the fact that since Sony was taking a loss on each unit sold and counting on additional hardware to complement the system, as well as game sales, to supplement and make up for that loss on unit sale, and they were hemorrhaging money on the fact that entities like the US military were buying large numbers of the systems to use the PS3 and the OtherOS function to build cell processor nets. Especially since the other option was to use IBM's (who have partnerships and agreements with Sony) blade servers, which although more powerful, are roughly 30 times as expensive as the PS3 was at launch.

What Ever

It has nothing to do with GeoHot. Before this happend sony took out the option to put a Alt OS on the ps3. GeoH0t just cracked it so it was possible again. As far as what other people did to it that's a different story.

You're a major fucktard,

Sony pulled PS2 emulation citing production costs as the reason. They told all you console fanboy fuckbuckets "it only does everything" which was bullshit then & it's bullshit now & it always will be because no console can do everything. The only machine that does that is a PC. A real PC, not some department store Sony Vaio piece of shit. Geohot had nothing to do w/the removal of OtherOS moron, Sony did that & they violated consumer rights as well as committing acts of false advertising by doing it.

By coincidence I have never owned anything Sony & actually caused my boss one time to return his stupid Sony computer to the store he bought it from after he tried to upgrade it & it wouldn't work. After explaining to him that he should not be such a dumb shit retard by buying a computer w/a corporate logo on it that has shitty no name fundamental parts in it like the PSU & memory & do it the right way by building his own, he ended up going to a computer shop & spending less money for a much faster & more stable system. Used to bring his PSP to work all the time, musta been a Sony fanboy or something.

It will be by no coincidence that I never own any Sony products in the future, nor will it be by coincidence that I discourage anyone I can influence from owning any Sony products in the future. It will be because Sony are a bunch of greedy corporate fucktards that commit criminal acts against their own customers. No one has the right to tell you what to do w/your own property & no one has the right to take your money for something & then decide later to take it back. Get your head outta your ass & buy a real PC if you wanna run different OS's, play games in 3D & really do "everything".


Yes we are. Proud PC fanboys and every 5 years I like more to waste 5000 USD in a new top computer than a new shitty console. PCs are the future not fucking consoles. Consoles is for poor people.


"I like more to waste....Consoles is for poor people" Apparently computers are for people who don't value education. I'm surprised your fancy PC doesn't have a decent spell check. Nobody here is saying that consoles are on the same level as PCs but they offer a cheaper alternative for casual users. If all you want to do is play video games then why pay 5 grand for a top of the line (which will only be top of the line for roughly a month) PC?

pc are for poor people to

if you build it your self and shop around for the parts you can get a nice computer w/ "the works" pci-e sdd, usb 3, sata 6gb/s, modular PSU, triple channel ddr3 ram,direct x 11 gfx card... all for about $1200 including tax

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