Sony Sued For Not Delivering "Native 1080p" Graphics In Killzone

A Californian man is suing Sony for not delivering "native 1080p" resolution as promised in Killzone: Shadow Fall.

In a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of everybody who bought a copy of Shadow Fall, Douglas Ladore seeks over $5,000,000 from Sony for advertising that the game supports 1080p in single player and multiplayer, although this is only true for single player only.

According to the official Killzone FAQ, in multiplayer mode, Shadow Fall uses "a technique called 'temporal reprojection,' which combines pixels and motion vectors from multiple lower-resolution frames to reconstruct a full 1080p image. If native means that every part of the pipeline is 1080p then this technique is not native."

In the lawsuit, Ladore describes the end result as "blurry to the point of distraction."

Noting that a label on the game's box touts its "1080p HD graphics," Ladore is accusing Sony of false advertising, breach of warranty, fraud and unjust enrichment.

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sony is known to be full of ****. PS2 = toy story like graphics? yeah right; PS3 - all games will be 1080p vs xbox360, but we all know it's not true. Then there is that "infinite computational power" bullshit of CELL - it's a CPU morons, a CPU, it does not render graphics. The point is that Sony's talking a lot of trash that is not always true and some accountability would be nice


5 million class action suit? he must be joking. it's not even a slap on the wrist of a company like Sony. Only one who profits from these things are the lawyers, not the people who joined the law suit.

The hardware is more than

The hardware is more than capable of delivering it even the Wii U has more 1080p games not that its everything but it is a minimum I would expect. I guess its hard for people to believe that there is a conspiracy but just have a look at the graphics comparisons for PS4 to Xbox one with obvious hardware differences is barely noticeable maybe have a look into why. Could have something to do with not having one version of software outsell another until there is a clear distinction which is more popular.


The wii u might have 1080p games but they all look bollocks! Yes the PS4 can display games at 1080p but with games that have a high detail level it would be at a cost to frame rate which is equally important as the visuals. High end PC's arent even capable of 1080p games on full detail unless you willing to part with over a couple grand. So consoles have no chance of doing it as easily as you descibe.

about time...

**** these big companies that promise all kinds of **** then never deliver ! But if you're ******** about not having 1080p...then maybe you should buy a PC and live the life of the best ******* graphics in games you will ever see ! Don't get me wrong i grew up on consoles. Coleco-Vision being my first and i had every single one up to Xbox360 then i stopped. I only use my 360 for streaming movies and to play fighting games like mortal kombat and injustice.

Don't need to ***** most

Don't need to ***** most people here probably already own a PC I know I certainly do. Its Megagames not IGN, every time I see more of this BS console rage on here I'm reminded how blind some folks are. Look to the right of your posts a big ******* POPULAR RIGS section. Look to the ******* TOP SECTION the links clearly spell (PC games, PC cheats, PC mods). Now go shoot yourselves!!




Yes cause buying a $60 game that you end up not liking calls for suing for millions. Seems like this year has been nothing but money hungry douchebags suing for meaningless points only cause they feel entitled to it. This is why we cant have nice things. SMH


we get the retards that takes all this serious. having fun here and could care less about sony or microsoft consoles. Pc is where its at and i have just about all my games running at 1080. All im saying is that the pattern i have seen this year and its been back to back, is seeing a company make good money and then all the sudden a lawsuit pops up. Let me see now, Occulus, Beats and Samsung just to name a few.


let me tell you how a class action lawsuit works. first someone bring sup a reason to sue. if this reason afects many people, i believe more than 100, then it is converted to a class action lawsuit(though it van just be started as a class action) from there its bretty normal except that the "millions" that your talkign about end up getting divided between all the people that participate in the lawsuit. at best, each of those people may end up with 1-5$ thx to taxes and the extremely low $5mil that is being sued for. so get your head out of your *** and do some **** research

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