StarCraft 2 Is Frying Graphics Cards

Bliizard has officially acknowledged that a StarCraft 2 bug might fry graphics cards.

The official Battle.Net support page explains that "screens that are light on detail may make your system overheat if cooling is overall insufficient. This is because the game has nothing to do so it is primarily just working on drawing the screen very quickly."

The bug is caused by the fact that StarCraft 2 has no frame rate limit. Fortunately, such a limit can be imposed fairly easy by adding the following lines to Documents\StarCraft II\variables.txt file:


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Maybe it's just me

But starcraft 2 doesn't look all that good...
i mean, if crysis didn't fry my card, is starcraft 2 really gonna do it? i highly doubt it.
i dunno what the fuss is about, the game has mediocre graphics at best..

I have a 240GT and the same

I have a 240GT and the same happened to me. Even opened the case up to allow more airflow and still same thing. What I ended up doing was putting a dual windows fan on medium and it keeps teh card nice and cool. Have not had a issue since.


If your graphics card is getting fried simply by running at 100% full load for more than a few minutes, you don't deserve to play games. Seriously. My card has a thermal max of 100 degrees Celsius yet never goes above 62 degrees under a full load. Whatever you guys are doing to overheat your graphics cards that much is almost certainly user/builder error.

1: Keep watch on your temperatures.
2: Clean dust out of heatsinks and fans diligently.
3: Keep proper airflow in your case.
4: Don't overclock a bunch and expect the card to magically keep working beyond spec forever.
5: Don't blame obvious hardware problems on software.

acctuly the bug has been

acctuly the bug has been acknowledged by blizzard.. it says so right in this article... however, this makes no sense what so ever. I've played games, 3d games even that get over 2000 fps.. so they're explination sounds flawed... also this articles dumb, vsync is a frame rate limit option... star craft 2 has a vsync option.


vsync limits vertical (or is it horizontal?) refresh, not FPS directly.
So even with vsync a high end system could reach very high FPS.

Anyone who's card has been

Anyone who's card has been fried by Starcraft 2 should send the bill to Blizzard. Never before have I heard of a game that fries graphics cards.. Well done Blizzard, never expected this from you guys. We cannot be blamed for the game using more resources than it needs, it is a bug that has not been acknowledged and has caused some serious damage because of this.

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