Stardock CEO Explains How Microsoft Held Back RTS Genre Advancement

Stardock CEO, Brad Wardell, believes that Microsoft’s decision not to release DirectX 10 and 11 on Windows XP has played a significant role in holding back the advancement of RTS (Real Time Strategy) games in the last few years.

In the company’s 2012 report, Wardell states that "For strategy gamers, the last few years have been a mixed blessing. There have been some great titles released, but the innovation in strategy games has been diminishing. This is not the result of a lack of game design or inventive thinking."

"The problem stems from a catastrophic decision made at Microsoft: not giving DirectX 10 to Windows XP users," he explained. "As a corollary, Microsoft continuing to sell 32-bit versions of Windows well after the hardware stopped being natively 32-bit has held back PC game development immensely."

"Game developers have been stuck with DirectX 9 and 2GB of memory for the past decade. While this hasn't harmed first person shooters (they only have to manage a handful of objects at once), it has been poisonous to other genres."

Wardell explained that ditching 32-bit Windows would enable companies to utilize 64 bit Windows’ larger RAM size and to take advantage of its programing APIs that allow multi-core simulations that are necessary for next-gen strategy games.

"There are whole classes of games waiting to be made that require these kinds of advances," he asserted. "Luckily, after a decade-long wait, we are nearing critical mass. The days of games supporting 32-bit OSes is, thankfully, coming to an end. DirectX 10 as a minimum requirement has also arrived."

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what a coward

No it's not microsofts fault, not this time. The guy is actually complaining about how microsoft didn't exclude people with older comps from new OSes, all because he doesn't want to be forced to decide to only cater to 64bit gamers. After all, if he makes the decision and it turns out bad, its his fault. Chicken...

Wait! So a no named, stuck up

Wait! So a no named, stuck up, empty promises holding developer is complaining about MS trafficking their god forsaken crap? We should give a shit....why?! The thing I hate most about Stardock is the effin ego, they act like they came out with everything. They should be barred from the RTS genre rather than be given a leg up.

Stop catering to the old

Hey Stardock maybe by Catering Towards the Gamers who make you your direct cash.. enthusiasts since most PC gamers Are.. where Console gamers are not... Would of kept your RTS accelerating as others have. By your decison to Stick with older technology YOU held RTS Genre back.. not Microsoft. They are moving Technology Forward as a software company moving ahead is the key to profitability. NOT catering to those who hold onto 10+ year old PC's. Those of us that Toss out tons of money yearly on games Keep up to date with Tech. We are not the Zynga Players or those bitching about wanting to stay back in the days of DX 8/9 I'm already waiting on DX11 to get fully mainstream and Kepler Architecture to really explode. Captcha is perfect for Stardock: Miles To Go

Fuck off idiot.

What a stupid reason to give. I love to blame M$ for everything, but this one just ain't on 'em. RTS is disappearing because it's boring & it sucks. 64-bit systems have been the norm for many years. They were available back in 2003, so there's that decade you mentioned. GFY idiot.

im sorry but its u thats a

im sorry but its u thats a idiot rts is not dead star craft 2 and to some extent lol are some of the berst and most followed games ever .. if u think that halo or perhaps cod are massive you do not know a thing bothe the games i mentionesd at anyone time has many times the amount of users playing than any console game .. the depth of star craft 2 is absolutely mind blowing

I agree with the developers

I agree with the developers being dragged down by hardware, but the #1 reason RTS games "died off" is the "Video Game Crack" that is MMO's and FPS's. They simply require a fraction of the mental energy to get the gratification out of. RTS's are making less money than their simpler to play cousins in the gaming world. In my opinion we are "de-evolving" from mental gamers of the past into zombi gamers. There is no depth in RPG's, and we dont like to invest the energy required by RTS games. It's "Fast Food Gaming", and were fat.

I Agree with you.

This is a good example of what's really happening with gaming. If we take the past let's say 1997-2003 there has been a massive release of great RPG games, now we get half of these and half as good except for a few of them. Most RTS games have died or turned to crap, C&C anyone? The RTS of today it's mostly MOBAS.

Is entertainment and "using

Is entertainment and "using you brain" mutually exclusive? Why should games with depth and games that require some mental investment be labeled a chore? I think you have a good point, i don't think that the simple easy to play games should be replaced. I like my mine craft, and simple to play games. We are talking about what happened to the variety of games, more specifically RTS. My answer is given the choice we choose the easier forum of entertainment, and that kills our opportunity to play something more substantial in the future. Maybe we can choose more wisely and enjoy both kinds of entertainment. :-)

Blah blah blah

I believe that the point is not the hardware limitations, for example if you see Total War series that is quite "old" it seems that runs very fine. The real deal is that RTS genre died when gamers tired of Command And Conquer and Warcraft went fully-online. Also same goes for Diablo 2 or Baldur's Gate for the RPG genre.

All I can say this guy is a

All I can say this guy is a complete retard to say Dx has held RTS genre back. Wardell is a moron to complain about MS releasing Dx 10 to a unsupported OS like Win XP. It's dead Brad, get your head out your ass, and make some better games. Cause the only good thing stardock has made is Sins of a solar empire that was worth a grain of salt. Everything else was garbage.

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