Steam, Origin And Fall Victim To DDoS Attacks

Three of the largest online game platforms have fallen victim to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks this week.

DDoS attacks involve a large number of computers connecting simultaneously to a specific system and consuming its resources such as RAM, CPU and bandwidth thus making it unavailable to legit customers.

At least EA's Origin, Valve's Steam and Blizzard's have been confirmed as DDoS victims. A group called "DERP" claimed responsibility for the attack that prevented Origin users from logging into the service. Two different groups claimed responsibility for similar attacks against Steam and

None of the three companies admitted to falling victim to denial of service attacks, however EA did acknowledge that it is "working to resolve connectivity/login issues affecting various platforms/games."

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I call BS on this claim and question anyone who believes its validity and any site that would post such rumors. Megagames youve lost your credibility... hahaha like it ever had any.

It must be difficult to

It must be difficult to overload the servers of Origin, as the platform doesn't have any traffic already :P I believe that there are much more devilish websites in the world than those selling pc games.. why doing this????

Yeah good job. And it doesn't

Yeah good job. And it doesn't give any credit to those making the games you enjoy, so they'll end up doing something else than creating games. Just buy the games you enjoy in this day and age where good games cost less than 5-10$ on sales. Capcha: Lame Duck

You make it sound like a

You make it sound like a pirate is someone who has never purchased a digital copy hard or soft ever. That is statistically impossible, on another account why do software companies expect people to pay for literally something that costs nothing in time or expenses to create? If I created a physical object using physical tools I would therefore be due the costs involved in creating something that takes real labor to make. Where as software depending on where your coming from takes zero effort in the same sense. What we are ultimately trading is virtual goods for real world currency. Perhaps in my oh not so distant world, I would think virtual currency would make better sense trading for virtual litter. If they want my money so bad they need a better excuse to earn it!

"That is statistically

"That is statistically impossible" - How is it impossible? Can't I get a pirated version of an OS from a friend? From there I proceed to the internet and download everything for free without ever purchasing anything other than a computer.

It's like the fucking Matrix man

you're crazy. Shit is worth whatever the fuck people are willing to pay for it. YOU ARE NOT FUCKING DUE ANYTHING. If you make something people don't want you'll fucking lose your labor and your material. If you make something people want you could charge ten times, a hundred times what it cost you to make it. It's what they're willing to pay for it, not what your willing to sell it at or what it cost you to make it. The price of something is not the REAL value of something. You make the error of believing that ANY currency is actually real. Money is not real. Words are not real. It's all symbolic. Don't think like the niggers do.

Artificial value or even

Artificial value or even stimulus is not real world economy, you can inflate a sink hole with artificial numbers. But until a court would recognize "value" you can't really establish the worth of virtual ware. Just look at the long list of Napster and RIA cases in most cases courts were not able to come to settlement suits for fraud, where in other cases they were forced to tell the companies to either trim down their legal fluff or the case is dismissed. Your right in that currency is not real but the weight and value it carries in trades is, where as digital goods cannot "really" be defined in the same context. That is why companies create patents or licenses, to obstruct human stupidity with conformity. Welcome to the real world!

Fuck them...

I only pirate games i would never have paid $$ for in the first place. How are they losing out? i didnt get a game box and disc, so there is no material cost loss there.Games cost too much to make, too much to buy and they're only good for 10-20hrs game play. waste of money. PIRATE EVERYTHING!!

There aren't many forms of

There aren't many forms of entertainment that are as cheap as a game. $60 for 10-20hrs is far less than you'd pay for just about anything else. It's not that games are expensive, it's just you making up excuses for being cheap/poor,


They deserve it. All of those companies have become complete shit and need to clear the seat for a company that works for their gamers and not their profit.


They must not of been very good at DDoS attacks or had very small botnets, because steam has been fine for me and my friends all week.


Actually no. Steam had several issues over the course of 1-2 days. I use steam every single day. So when the whole place goes derp it's not hard to notice. I originally though steam did it to themselves when they announced L4D2 for free (That's just asking for a DoS attack by just the shear flood of normal users).

I Agree with OP, I use steam

I Agree with OP, I use steam every day as well and didn't feel a thing. As a reminder, with about 7 million users and winter sales steam needs pretty beefy servers distributed all over the world, which means a botnet to bring down all of steams servers would have to be at least in the tens of millions of computers. Since it seems not everyone felt this ddos attack hackers might have taken some servers down but far from all of them.

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