Street Fighter IV Console Exclusive Content Detailed

In a recent interview Street Fighter IV producer, Yoshinori Ono, revealed that in addition to the new characters and online internet play exclusive to the consoles and PC versions of the game, those versions will also include bonus stages as well as fully animated ending sequences not seen in the (original) arcade version.

Yoshinori Ono cited capitalism as the reason behind stripping the car and barrel kicking bonus stages off the arcade version. The way Capcom sees it, time spent kicking barrels and cars is money out of arcade operators' pockets.

Instead of the gorgeous fully animated ending sequences featured in the PC and consoles versions of Street Fighter IV, the arcade version's endings will consist of still screens. Ono blamed budget limitations for the compromise.

Finally, Yoshinori Ono revealed that Capcom is currently in talks with a peripheral maker in the U.S. to release "arcade perfect" controller, an arcade accurate stick with a steel base plate, steel shaft and arcade style buttons, possibly to be bundled with a copy of the game.

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