Study Finds That 95% Of New Social Games Players Leave Within A Month

A new study that monitored several social games from July to September 2012 found that 85% of new players don’t ever play those games again after the first day.

Moreover, the study found that 95% of the players who started playing during the first half of the study period became inactive before it ended.

The study was performed by audience management firm Playnomics. Other insights it exposed include the revelation that casual gamers spend the least time and the most money on their games on Fridays and Saturdays. The exact opposite happens on Mondays and Tuesdays which see the highest average play time but the least amount of money spent in the week.

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They pumpet Facebook value

They pumpet Facebook value for the whole social-game market ****...and now they show that casual gamers...are just...casual. I hope Facebook scam will burn in its the social game resources will return in the real video game industry.


This ain't good for devs since it destroys the idea they've been selling to advertisers, that in statistics there's a lot of sign-in's but in fact little long-term audience. Most games that make us subscribe and **** are mostly to show off to advertisers and buying ad space.

Just my opinion but as a

Just my opinion but as a gamer I don't find these games fun at all especially in the case of adults. Personally If I want to play a social game I'd go for an MMO which I find it much better than those facebook games. Very recently I've had a case where my friend's 9yr old kid started playing farmville and I suggested her to bring him to play GW2 with us. When asked which game was more fun to him, his reply was: GW2

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