Study: Most Gamers Are Not Bothered By 3D Glasses

Contrary to most polls and contrary to Microsoft Game Studio corporate vice president's opinion a new survey conducted by U-Decide company found that 80% of gamers are willing to wear 3D glasses in order to play 3D games and watch 3D Blu-ray movies.

It is also worth noting that 65% of the survey participants stated that they already own a 3D HDTV and 35% indicated that they intend to buy one in the next two years.

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Strange poll

What the hell is up with the poll? How do you get on a 2 question basis 92% of people not wanting to play games with 3d glasses and 80% wanting to play? Does that mean 80% of people were happy to do both, 12% didn't want 3d and 8% weren't even polled?

Lovein 3d too

Well, I own the nvidia 3d vision kit and I love it. I don't mind wearing the glasses, as I'm usually so immersed in the game I forget I'm wearing them. They're very light comfortable. I plan on getting a 3dtv for ps3 3d games/blu-rays after my current tv dies. 3d is just so awesome for gaming. Way more so than movies.

you also love your frame rate

you also love your frame rate getting chopped in half? meaning either games run slow as shit or your lowering the graphics settings? oh and don' forget the eye strain that can fuck your eyes up permanently and the huge price tag for something so pointless... whats not to love!


You've obviously NEVER played with the Nvidia kit. I've never had eye strain. 3d is completely adjustable. I'm not worried about my framerate cut in half, as most games run at over 100fps. big fucking deal. EVERYONE here who trolls 3d has never even tried it. Thats great! Voice an opinion about something you've never tried! fucking retards. LOL. I game in 3-fucking-D. You don't LOL.


65% own one and 35% are looking to buy one. well thats clearly an unbiased survey xD rly were do they get these numbers. of the many gamers i know about 3 care about 3D and only one has a 3D tv

That's because...

the many gamers you know are all a bunch of console sissies who play on Xboxes that can't do 3D. Which also happens to be the reason why the MS dork tries to down play it. They don't want the PC to kill their "obsolete before it was released" console too soon.

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