Stunning Oculus Rift game Technolust is on Kickstarter

If you've been keeping an eye on both Oculus Rift development and Megagames, then chances are you read my recent editorial: the best VR demos of 2014 so far. While there's a lot of great stuff out there, one that I particularly like, is Technolust, partly because it has some legitimately challenging gameplay - in the form of a hidden item puzzle - but also because it's absolutely stunning to look at. And now it's on Kickstarter so the developers can make it into a full game.

Technolust is a techno-thriller, in a futuristic, oppressive world, where intellectual property is locked down so tight that no one can make anything without permission. But making things is so easy in other ways, since 3D printing is now commonplace - it's the blueprints that are hard to find.

As a contemporary hacker in the world, its your job to find blueprints and materials in order to make what you need to take down the corporations behind it all.

Heavily inspired by 80s and 90s techno-punk, the gameplay is puzzle based and designed with the Rift in mind right from the start and it's excellent. The environment is specifically created to look fantastic in virtual space, with a lot of close up action making sure that the Rift's problematic screen door effect is minimised.

And it looks stunning. It's easily the best looking Rift game out there at the moment and I can only imagine how good it'll look on the Devkit 2.

If you want to help the creators out, you can read more about the game and pledge some cash here. It currently needs another $19,000 CAD to succeed, over the next 25 days. Let's help make it happen.

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Megagames sellouts

Looks good hell I would be interested in developing that game, the only thing that worries me about kickstarters is when they get the money then realise they have no obligation to finish the game would they? or just take off with the money and say there was some problem. If their heart and minds aren't in the game I wouldn't give them a cent its whats giving kickstarters a bad name.

Typical negative comment here

Typical negative comment here. There are tons of garbage on Kickstarter, this one doesn't look like garbage at all. They have nice features such as using streaming media to keep the game alive and dynamic but my biggest concerns is that they are only two guys working on it and that it won't sell as much if the game is exclusive on the Rift..

Why would any game be rift

Why would any game be rift exclusive? Depiste beign pretty good if you implement a game that can render images for the rift then it can render images to a monitor. The difference is that you only have 1 frame instead of 2.

So? Why would somone fund a

So? Why would somone fund a game that requires the OR while it is still in development. There is no definate release of the OR yet for the public. Nor do most of the consumers know if its what they enjoy. Sure, a great idea... but Kickstarters need to stop. There is so much garbage in productions already.... nobody needs to try anymore. Just show us fancy CG and tell us if we give them lots of money they will make it....with no gurantee.

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