Suspension showcased in Carmageddon: Reincarnation

Of all the games to feature realistic driving components, you wouldn't have expected it from Carmageddon, but that's exactly what we're getting in the remake of the classic vehicular manslaughter title.

In a new video of pre-alpha gameplay, the developers (of the original as well as the remake) Isle of White based Stainless Games, show off the in-depth suspension physics system that will govern how exactly your vehicle will handle and keep to the road.

In it we see various systems working in tandem to control the wheelbase and the individual wheels as they shunt up and down at the behest of the varied surfaces it travels over. It's quite in-depth for something you'd' expect to be very simple and arcade like.

Forget running over pedestrians, this looks like it might be a fun racer in its own right.

If this trailer or any of the others that Stainless has released has gotten you excited for Carmageddon: Reincarnation, then you may not have long to wait. While the game itself isn't expected to release for some time, the early access alpha is set to debut sometime in Q1 this year, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Carma at the time was the

Carma at the time was the best racing games could offer. You could race, you could explore awesome maps with a lot of humour, you can go all about destruction derby and it was the first game on a PC to take physics into the world and offer things as front or rear wheel driving, actual car deformation, interiors for every car, a working hand brake that actually let you slide with a certain degree of realism due to simulated weight. In proportion tech wise, it was a Crysis when it came out. It wasnt grand prix but it had more than its share of things going on at the time. I would make it physx compatible, single and persistent online multiplayer with public and private servers with about 200 players per server. The engine looks great for an alfa and I loved that level, its a copy of an original. Seeing the physics I suppose we will get C1 with better handling and gameplay. Which isnt bad. If they add OR support and working interiors it would be awesome.

About the physics..

Wouldn't expect Carmageddon to feature realistic driving components?? Are you serious!? Carmageddon 1 at the time was truly a unique racer due to having (at the time) the best car handling and physics in a racing game. It only makes sense that once again they are pushing the limits on vehicle realism....

Um, yeah...

There's nothing realistic about either the first or the second game regarding vehicle handling. It's a colossal waste, because the concept had some promise of actually being fun, a long time ago. But they've continually decided to make a 'melting butter on a hot pan' simulator, rather than even a somewhat acceptable arcade-like handling racer/runner-over(er). Even in a strictly arcade racer, you expect that the tires will have SOME grip. There has to be at least a HINT of reality. Otherwise, you might as well just make a hovercraft game. I won't hold my breath that these bozos will finally realize that people don't like sliding and spinning around out of control 99% of the time.

Are you completely dumb?

Are you completely dumb? Carmageddon is an arcade game, not a racing simulator like the Grand Prix series or all those sims Papyrus made in the Carmageddon days. Best car handling compared to Mario Kart or Need for Speed yeah maybe!

Very few realistic ones

There are very very few racers that even try to be realistic. Heck, gran turismo series is one of the biggest franchises and it is one of the most unrealistic pieces of crap out. Coders just don't understand that steering a car isn't about just turning a wheel when going high rates of speed. Codemasters have done the most to achieve a realistic feel for a couple of their titles but still even the best fall short. They seem to be the only company that understands the principle of shifting weight and breaking traction on purpose.

You're an idiot

The GT series is one of the most unrealistic pieces of crap out? Have you ever actually driven a car with a race suspension setup on a track? Or have you even played the GT5/6 with a proper rig? I can assure you it's pretty damn accurate compared to most every other racer.

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