Take-Two Is Set On Milking Duke Nukem Dry

Instead of giving the franchise the mercy bullet it desperately needs after Duke Nukem Forever failed to achieve a metacritic score of 50% in spite of its 10 years long development span, Take-Two Interactive announced that it will continue to take advantage / milk the Duke Nukem franchise in and outside of videogames.

"You will see future Duke IP coming from this company," Take-Two's CEO Strauss Zelnick told Forbes.

"Part of it is the economic opportunities that interact with entertainment are so huge," he added. "If we can take some of our intellectual property and bring it to another medium in an extraordinary high quality way, that delights consumers and represents an interesting commercial opportunity for us, we will."

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Duke Nukem Forever sucks.

Duke Nukem Forever sucks. It's just plain boring. The levels were boring, the boss's were boring, the graphics were pretty lame as far as todays standards go. If the game came out at a $19.99 price point, things would be different. If they're going to charge a premium price for a game that feels like a budget title created by an upstart company, it deserves all the hate it's been getting from just about every walk of life. The game sucks bad, it's really just that simple. Don't buy this game, rent it for $4 or wait until you find this shovel ware in a bargain bin. Even Daikatana was a few times better than this game.

it delivered precisely what

it delivered precisely what it wanted to deliver, a sarcastic and cheesy script. It was entertaining, it succeeded in that regards for people that didn't have high hopes in regards to a more developed story line. Did people like you thought it would be an in-depth game with a story line that had a point? Well, am afraid you just won the award for being stupid in believing that Duke Nukem would ever reach that goal. Notice how oblivious to the developers goals you truly are.

Fine that many of you hate it, but don't come trashing down people that enjoy the crude and cheesy script it had to offer us. Keep it shallow, and give us more one-liners to go with bashing in alien heads I say. As for you... well you should go play a meaningful game that delivers an in-depth script. Here is to us 20% that enjoyed it!


"Mercy bullet it desperately needs" -
Nah. The ones who did all the messing about with the game need that. If the game had been planned properly and they stuck to that plan we would have seen DNF 10 years ago.

"Metacritic score of 50%" -
I think the game has been criticised too harshly. Yes it is dated but it was fun to play. How many games have we played that were rated 7 or 8 but turned out to be utter garbage?

"10 year development" -
Not really. The head ones kept changing their minds about the game and changing game engines. If you look at the old trailers released over the years, there are probably two or so games worth of things that have been cut.
The DNF that was actually released probably holds very little code from the builds 10 or even 5 years ago. I just feel sorry for the developers having to put up with all the chopping and changing. Glad they hung in there though and got the thing out so Duke can finally move on.

"Take advantage / milk the Duke Nukem franchise" -
Really now that DNF is out the way, the series can get going again as see some good games. I'm looking forward to future games, especially now that Gearbox has hte rights and we wont have the "when its done" shit that we had with 3DR.


That's just untrue. For me DNF is a bad game, plain and simple. I enjoy modern games like Bad Company and CoD, but I still play (and enjoy) older games like DN3D, Quake 3, and UT99 from time to time, so I'm not incapable of enjoying simple shooters.. it has nothing to do with my taste evolving. If they didn't try to modernize DNF it might have been a much better game. I hope someone mods DNF to be more like DN3D.

Duke Is and Was...

Duke is still the same as it always was, which poses a Positive and a Negative.

Duke hasn't changed, it's still the great game it's always been, the only thing that's changed are the players.

The problem with that is in line with the same fact that has always been throughout history...
You've played and loved Duke since back in the day, but since then you've been playing all these new games that have been trying to survive one above the other by implementing new gaming styles, etc it's obvious that bringing back Duke, the same way you've known and loved him, will disappoint the New-Aged gamer.

They've attempted to bring back the old school by keeping Duke on path with the same recipe that Games like Duke, Hexen, Turok (old Turok:), Doom, etc have always followed but with Dukes own brand of "hail to the king" uniqueness...but, clearly because we're now all use to the 21st century way of things Duke Nukem Forever has taken a backseat to the ungrateful human kind, always wanting more and better (like that fat kid in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory)


Duke was worth it

For what Duke was back in the day, and for what it is now, Duke is exactly what it should be. I dont condone milking it till its dead, but i do want some extras and such.

I Don't Trust Take-Two Anymore!

"If we can take some of our intellectual property and bring it to another medium in an extraordinary high quality way, that delights consumers and represents an interesting commercial opportunity for us, we will.”

Sadly, I highly doubt that bringing the Duke to another medium will do him or the fans any sort of justice. For a character that is so much larger than life, turning the franchise into anything other than a videogame, can only be frought with folly. Not only will you destroy a loveable character from yester-year, but you will probably take another ten years to do it! Make another game if you must but follow the rules: make duke more badass, make the game as replayable as possible, and finally for christ's sake give him more than two guns. HE'S THE FUCKING DUKE PEOPLE. COME ON!

It's the DUKE

Part of the reason it's gotten such bad reviews is mainly because people are trying to hold it to a game of today's standards when that's just not the case when Gearbox got it they told everyone one that the game was almost complete and without re -writing over 70% of the game to get it out quickly when that code was 5-7 years old what you need to do it compare it with games from 5-7 years ago and as it would have faired then and it think it would have done great then but not so great now.

Dont get me wrong i though the game was alright nothing to write home about but i still played it and i may even own it one day but after playing the demo i cancelled my pre-order and i just didn't think the game was worth 50 bux maybe when it gets down to 20 ill pick it up


I hope they do, cause I like many think that the critics are wrong and that Duke Nukem Forever was awesome. You can agree or not, but that doesn't change that plenty of people enjoyed DNF and that as long as a game can make profit, they'll make sequels.

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