Team Meat Uses Teh Internets To Sneak Free DLC To Xbox LIVE

Valve and several other developers have expressed their dismay over Xbox LIVE's lengthy DLC authorization process which makes it almost impossible for them to offer frequent updates for free. Team Meat developers seem to have found a loophole around those regulations and they intend to exploit it in order to give Super Team Boy fans free levels and chapters.

The new chapters are accessed in game through an area called "Teh Internets." Each internets chapter contains 20 levels and can be tailored to allow all characters to play them, or lock in a specific character allowing us to create levels that only certain characters can defeat using their special abilities.

"In a world where it costs $2 to unlock content in a game that you've already purchased it is nice to have the power to totally say "fuck you" to that system and go our own way," Team Meat wrote on their blog. "As we upload content there are no micro transactions to play new chapters and we can basically do whatever we want with these chapters and it costs you, our adoring fans, nothing. We love you."

Teh Internets is exclusive to Xbox 360 and Team Meat plans to support it for as long as they have new level ideas.

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I love it! If only the gaming

I love it! If only the gaming community as a whole would take the same "fuck you" stance. Buying a 60 dollar game just so you can spend 60 more dollars to get all the add-on content for the title is Bull. I want the whole game up front. You want more money from me after that give me a full fledged sequel. otherwise , fuck off.

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