Thanks To DRM: Most Ubisoft Games Will Stop Working On February 7

Thanks to its dreaded always-online DRM systems, several Ubisoft games will stop working completely starting February 7th and for a yet-unknown period.

Additionally, multiplayer will stop working during the same period for all Ubisoft games except Assassin's Creed Revelations, Anno 2070, Driver San Francisco, Just Dance 3 and The Settlers Online.

This downtime will take place while Ubisoft transfers the hosting of many of its online services from a third-party data center to a new facility. Normally, this would never affect simple player games but Ubisoft has adopted a (much criticized) DRM scheme that requires constant internet connection throughout every gameplay session.

According to our data migration engineers, warehouse migration is a complex and lengthy process but if planned and executed correctly the user can see downtime of less than five minutes. Sadly, this doesn't seem to be the case here.

The following games will be 100% unplayable (unless a cracked exe is used) during the transition: ASSASSIN'S CREED, Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2, Might & Magic : Heroes VI, Splinter Cell Conviction, The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom and The Settlers.

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what's the point?

why have I bought this game? To play it. Now ubisoft tells me I can't play it. Which is funny because the last ubisoft game I played (forgotten sands) I couldn't play either because a crucial point in the game had been left unprogrammed (fixed by patch only). It seems a little bit of an insult to myself as a gamer to pay for a company to issue me, first, with an unfinished game, and second, with a game I can't share with my own sister or mother.

I'm fed up with this money grabbing company. When are they going to realise capital doesn't equate to quality. And the more they try to skimp the customer for an extra buck or two the more that customer is going to flip em off.

Fuck you ubisoft. You used to be cool.

you get what you paid for?

paid $60+ dollars for a legit copy of the game and cannot play it
downloaded a bootleg copy of the game, not only can i play it whenever I want but I also saved $60.00,

thank Ubisoft that a great way to keep you customers happy, and buy more games

If i can share my food with other people why cant i share a game

I can understand there loss of profit but even i cant keep a constant connection! If i can share my food with other people why cant i share a game? lets have a system where if i buy a can of coke it will explode when I give sombody else a drink! people will always download games but if they like it they usually buy it! tip Ubisoft..dont release so many bad games!

Unfair comparison

It's not accurate to compare intellectual property with physical property.

When you buy food you have paid for the ownership of that food. You can only consume the food once.

When you buy a game you do not consume the game. It can be copied indefinitely, and thus with no protection theoretically a game may only be purchased once and then copied to everyone else.

To allow such a system would ensure that there was no financial incentive to EVER make a game (at least from the purchase price perspective). This would mean that single-player games would go extinct, and online games would require monthly or micro charges in order to be profitable.

Did you enjoy any single player game, EVER? Kiss them all goodbye under your system.


Would you pay for games if they didn't include DRM? There is a redundant thing about piracy, it does not care about laws that is why its called piracy!


It's called "piracy" because the greedy developers equate software copying, which is all it really is, to piracy because they want to make more money.

They call it "piracy" even when it's not against the law. It has nothing to do with laws, and laws have little to do with right & wrong much of the time. If the price/experience ratio is acceptable then more people will buy the game/movie/cd/song etc. The guy I get my copied games from actually buys some of them even though he already had a working copy. He just bought Dead Space 2 for $6, on disc. I'm like "WTF for?". The truth of the matter is that the novelty of looking at the game case was probably still worth $6 to him. Video games are novelties for everyone except the rare basement dwelling weirdo who has no other use for life. When software companies make it easy enough for use to consume directly from them then we will. When it's easier to go elsewhere, then we will. Path of least resistance. It doesn't just apply to fluids & electrons. I don't want to play most games bad enough to part with $60. For some people, it takes longer to make the money to buy the game than it does to play through it. A lot of those people are the hardest working in society. Software "piracy" doesn't exist. It's almost the same as a police officer giving you a fine for not wearing your seatbelt. Just because you broke the law, doesn't make it wrong. What's wrong is someone telling you what to do, that you're the bad guy, even though you're not hurting anyone. I can never say that if I didn't get a game for free that I wouldn't have bought it anyway, but I can say that of most of them. The ones I would have bought I can say I probably would not have paid more than $20 for & definitely not more than $30. That's me, but my tune sounds about the same as many others. DRM eliminates all production & delivery costs & hassles except writing the code, and running the servers. A disc can not be replicated indefinitely but code can. The same thing that makes it so easy & perfectly fine to replicate is the thing that makes it so profitable & attractive to those that produce. Something that can be infinitely replicated, that can become 100% common without expense, has no value. A diamond is not expensive because of the job it does, because of its physical properties. It's expensive because it is rare & hard to get at. It takes huge amounts of labor to come up with a relatively small amount of it. Gold & platinum are the same way. Code can be infinitely reproduced, and regardless of the labor it took to produce it, when you divide by infinity your answer is zero. Producing games is a luxury. Just like playing them. It is not something that is needed, it is not something that is limited by finances or resources. Game companies stay in business, and make money largely for the same reasons that we can save money, because it's so easy to copy & distribute. Our advantage is also theirs. It is what it is, and it is not "piracy".

I don't get it. I own

I don't get it. I own Splinter Cell: Conviction and I can play it offline no problem without any Crack or Pirate version. Yes, I had to register it online but since I did, it worked fine in offline mode. Same goes for several other games.

The Sad Truth

It's very sad how bad gaming has arrived these last few years. Almost every drm'ed game has been cracked.It's just frustrating honest gamers and promoting piracy as if they're saying: Please use pirated versions those are more reliable than us. What pisses me off how can the other companies be so stupid to follow drm like a bunch of sheep. Sometimes I say to myself, it was better when games had a robust non drm copy protection, wouldn't keep off anyone at bay but it would still catch the less techie ones. Last thing: always online is for multiplayer games. Sometimes I wish ubisoft would get a harsh beating from their customers maybe they'll wake up that drm isn't the solution.


DRM = Doesnt Really Matter

it never worked, its been cracked 100% every step of the way. they were stupid to use it and wasted lots of $$ implementing it.. just bullshit company!

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