These 3D Printed FFVII Characters Are Badass

3d printed

While 3D printers might be coming on leaps and bounds in the quality that they're able to output, we're still a far way off from them becoming the way that most people produce figures or models - because the level of detail just isn't there yet. However, when it comes to late 90s video game characters, 3D printing is more than capable.

Take for example, these fine Final Fantasy VII characters, complete with paintbrush hands and all.

It's ironic really, that while the battle sequences of the game were far superior in graphical quality and the cut scenes even more so, it's the crude (by modern standards) chararacter models that are most memorable - perhaps because they told the story so well despite their lack of detail.

And it's that lack of detail that lends them perfectly to 3D printing. It would be great to see some larger builds based in the Final Fantasy VII universe. Perhaps a chocobo or one of the weapons?

Really, I would love a set of these. If any of you has a 3D printer, want to hook me up with a few?

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I have one small purchased 3D

I have one small purchased 3D printer and am in the final calibration stages to finish building my second, larger printer. One thing I can say about the article is that the detail is not there for small models printed on standard printers. I modded my small printer and moved from a nozzle with a hole 0.4mm wide to a 0.1mm nozzle, that gives me very fine detail in models that are between 3 and 4 inches tall/wide. Even if you stick to the standard 0.4/0.5 mm nozzles you can still get pretty good detail if the model is big, think 6 inches or more. If anyone is looking to get started I can easily recommend a small unassembled printrbot (jr or simple). Unassembled makes it cheaper and assembling it gives you the knowledge you'll need to perform maintenance and mods later on. It's small enough to sit on a desk next to your pc/laptop like a regular inkjet printer and the plastic it uses (PLA), although a bit harder to work with than the standard ABS, isn't petrol based and therefore doesn't smell bad when melted, it actually has a slightly sweet scent reminiscent of baby powder but even that vanishes as soon as the print is finished. As for making a set like the one show here, full color 3d printing is still in very early stages and is quite expensive, the cheap alternative would be to print all of those in white plastic and paint them by hand afterwards.

some help

I'm looking for some help, so I'll take you up on your offer below. and Thanks ( If anyone is looking to get started I can easily recommend a small unassembled printrbot (jr or simple).


3D printers ain't new technology, but it's nice to see they are becoming more mainstream and streamlined. Been following this for a while now and wouldn't mind getting one. But still to expensive for me.

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