Tim Schafer: Publishers Force Us Not To Develop PC Versions

On the company's website, Double Fine Productions boss Tim Schafer revealed that his development teams are willing and able to produce PC versions of their games, but publishers are constantly refusing to allow them to do so as they don't see "enough financial reward."

"As a developer we do not have final say in the sku plan for our games," he ranted. "That is the decision of the person investing the money, i.e. the publisher."

"We have much of the technology in place to produce PC versions of all these games, but there is still some more work required to make them shippable and that costs money. So far, our publishers have not elected to fund that work. Not because they hate PC Gamers, but because they don't see enough financial reward."

"Double Fine does care about PC Gamers, and we always push for a PC version, and will continue to do so in the future. If we ever get super stinking rich here, with enough money to fund PC versions of our games, then we will go back and make them ourselves! Oh man, wouldn't that be cool?"

Interestingly, Double Fine's latest games are published by THQ whose VP Danny Bilson vowed to release a PC version of "almost every, single console" they publish.

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Who Cares

I'll give a crap when the they make a good game that isnt 6 years old. Psychonauts is awesome, and was awesome back in 2004. Brutal Legend..... add it to the trash heap.....

This thread is Funny!! Too many morons know nothing about PC 's

Obviously the masses can't handle more than a simple push of the power button on their consoles or from their lazy ass controllers lol!.

For those that say you can't run 2D games are wrong!. I have lot of 2D games that works perfectly well on my ati 4890 card (199 or less now). I have built my computer 3 years ago and its about to be 4 years with this computer, and it is still going strong! and did not pay no more than 1500 for the entire build!!. IT PAYS TO DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

In fact i can emulate the PS2 and by accident gamecube and wii. LOL.

Whats more as PC technology becomes even more powerful Don't be surprised that pc's will be emulating your consoles at full force and it is happening and becoming a reality. Out of all the emu i am impressed with the gamecube/wii all in one emu.

Finally get to play the remake of resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero that was exclusive to the Gamecube on my PC!! Whats more it supports 1080P something that the original gamecube does not support. Don't believe me

[url removed]

and as for the PS2 emu goes. It plays Final Fantasy X just fine at a solid 60 frames a second!.

You want to talk about Piracy on the PC!! I find that to be lame excuse nowadays. Screw brick and motar retail stores.

PC gaming=all digital no more optical spinning discs!! one word! STEAM!! They were having a massive sale on over 1000 pc games Bioshock 2 cost 9 Bucks!!.

With steam no installation just download and play!!. Consoles are playing the "catch-up game" with the "install feature" even then it still feels like your limited lol. rolls eyes ENUFF SAID.

But seriously wonder how these console emulators will affect their bottom line lol. And I am sure PS3 is next. All thanks to the wonders of Core i7

I grew up on consoles and moved to PC's since this day haven't looked back. Fairness I am a tech savy person which keeps me on this platforms. So "limitless options" lol.

And for the record I don't pirate pc games in fact all my pc games are legit have their original boxes I respect this platform. Its that It is time to move into the Digital distribution era.


I have been hearing this for years, almost a decade now.

PC gamers dont have anything to worry about.

If you dont publish for the PC, you have stale old hardware and its as simple as that.I mean DX11 is now out in the world in PC land, because you know that itll go into the next xbox.

My dual i7 rig completely destroys the PS3 and sony/ms are trying to keep these consoles with us for another 5 years if not more.

Enough said.

If the big publishers do give up on the PC, all that does is open up the door for non-suits to make good PC games which arent driven by multimullion dollar budgets.

Keep the over engeneered reskinned dross like Blackops. Enjoy aying 60 notes a pop.

"The biggest problem is when

"The biggest problem is when one will buy a pc game it may not work on there PC"

That may be true in the old days of DOS where you had to configure your sound and graphics card. Not anymore, and that is a bunch of nonsense typically used by console users to bash PC gaming. I have never heard of a case where a new PC game "does not work" on a system. You are spouting nonsense my friend.

In fact, I have a copy of Mechwarrior 2 3DFX edition, way back from 1995. After downloading a Glide wrapper, I was able to play it again for the first time in a decade on my 64 bit Windows 7 setup. And that was for a game made only for 3DFX cards.

"Keyboards suck for games and only hardcore old school people will do that."

Right, because you get confused when there are more than 8 buttons to push. Try playing a RTS game on the console and get back to me. Oh yea, and using a mouse and KB setup allows for a more precise control.

Look, we get it. You love your console. Great! Stick with it, and stop spouting nonsense about PC gaming because you get intimidated with all those keys you have to push on the keyboard.



Steam is doing nice money selling games on the pc at competitive prices, while dumbasses pay 65 for the same game on console.

Keep slamming yer dick on your overpriced capped piece of shite, i ll stay with the PC.


PC gaming isn't financially profitable to them because of you freaking pirates. You want to know why they charge so much for everything? It's to cover losses from people who pirate. Stop promoting pirating, stop pirating, get a job and actually pay for something, and people may start taking PC's seriously again.


PC game sales haven't been accurately tracked for several years now. Online sales are almost never included in any figures. Publishers really have a hard-on physical stores for some reason, I don't know why. Probably because most of them are run by old guys that didn't grow up with computers and don't understand any current technology. Hell, they probably write in logbooks with a fountain pen.

It's a digital world now guys...adapt or die.

Tell him, tool!

Yeah shitbag! MS fixed the problem. I only had to buy six replacements. Now I just pretend that the five busted ones are action figures. Then I whack off all over my own face! I'm just glad I only had to buy one Crapstation, which has never failed and caused me to have to buy more. Cause those things are so error prone that I know something bad would have happened if I ever had to buy another one. They wouldn't make very good action figures either.

I don't understand how it's more costly

Because publishers have to pay all kinds of fees to able to put their games onto a console, but with PC there are no fees. Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are banking while the publishers pay-to-play.

Not only that, but 70% of my console game library is made up of used titles purchased from Amazon and Gamestop that the publishers made zero dollars on...same goes for many people I know.

Also, the mandatory manufacturing of discs/cases only adds to the cost of something that can be digitally delivered. And let's not forget the percentage taken by brick-and-mortar retailers.

Oh, and if consoles are so much more secure, then why I do see so many PS3/XBOX/Wii .ISO's on torrent sites, and websites that give free instruction on "homebrewing" your console?

Please explain to me again how the PC is more costly, because I'm not convinced.

Ok, do you NEED that 600

Ok, do you NEED that 600 dollar video card? Or has the thought ever crossed your mind that a mid-ranged card costing in the neighborhood of 180 will not only be more affordable, but run ALL of your games just fine? If you did your research you would realize that you dont need the latest and greatest video card with a monster heat sink to run all of your games.

Mid-range setups are very adept at running modern games at very good frame rates, and this setup would be good for 4+ years.

Everyone Pirate

If everyone learns how to crack and pirate then guess what maybe they will listen and start making games affordable again. Free Content less overhead of big brother. Cause you know deep down they want 60 bucks for an expansion pack. If we all pirate guess what Uncle Sam will start regulating the internet so they can slam us already. And the people pushing regulated internet are lobbiest fuck heads that are in charge of these high end companies. But if the developers were in our shoes what would they do. " What is developers were one of us, a pirate like one of us. Maybe they would see it our way."


More like the programers are to dumb to encode there software. Plus a pirated game is a happy game. Honeslty the only thing I hate more than anything is why developers put in a cheat console for aimbots...... Valve your retarded. I have to agree that console gaming is more competitve although there are still some hacks for gears and halo even on Xbox=failbox.
Anyways don't get me started on Call of Duty suck your money franchise, I remember when black ops would have ben an expansion pack for 20 bucks. Those days are over, o wait never mind I'm downloading games on my cracked PS3 right now. Stupid people dpn't know that all these systems can be cracked long as flash media is enbaled muhahahahhaha.

pc games

There is no money in the pc market. The biggest problem is when one will buy a pc game it may not work on there PC...consoles are the same graphics and power...there universal and thats a great thing. Keyboards suck for games and only hardcore old school people will do that.

Once the new consoles come out (one day) the AA will be better and screen size and pc gaming will not be needed. Consoles are cheaper than a pc and they have a lot of decent power for the $300. A pc is expensive.


WoW you have the ability to create the shit but head over heals turn sideways dumping it on the publishers?

Sound like a politician to you?

the og's get no respect from these publisher biiaatchzz!

What the hell does stupid fat tard fat black have to do with this story exactly? This is old news unfortunately for all us old school pc gamers ever since the xbox and ps2 started attracting the annoying 8-15 year old whiny gaming bratz that are now commonplace online in every multiplayer lobby in every major fps and gta title these days. Thanks to this friggin drm crap its more likely there will be also be alot less enthusiasm for pc titles in the future is they eventually get away with making it the industry standard.

Trolls gotta troll

That is a sad excuse. Pirates have been using that one to stave off guilt for a long time. I know. I used to pirate my games. But now that I have a nice high horse to sit on I can look down on the shuffling masses of game pirates, and you know what. If the PC game industry dies off, it's your fault. When these businesses see declining sales they don't waste any time in cutting off whatever cancer is eating at their wallets. And I for one can say that the demo excuse is mainlky bullshit. every game that has come out for years now has had plenty of information written about it, usually quite a few screenshots and videos and often times extensive forum conversations to go along with it. If you need more than that to decide wether or not you want the game, then maybe gaming isn't for you. Might I suggest you play some board games, or perhaps a tabletop RPG.

On another note, the caps lock key can be pressed once and turned off quite easily. When you learn to do this your mommy might actually let you wear big boy pants to dinner.

Copyin is not theft

Yesterday i download new need for sped.
After ... lets say 2 hours of playing i nuk that shajt from mi hard disk.

AE want 45bucks for this LOL

Several year ago I download GTA 4 after one weak of playing ( casual playing ) I buy it and now i buy re-edition with Ballade an Lost.
Yeh great game worth the Money GO Go Rockstars studio

PC publisher are not smart when the kill idea of demo and shareware games their force peoples to go Pirate like

I spend about 2500 US solars just in games of-line game I must Add.
My On-line gaming .. lets just say I rather dont star counting.


Look at Fablle 3 I was so exited i was 110percent surew I buy this game immediately because I love Fable: lost chapters

But now after pc delays
( I dont believe thee working on PC version it is just some marketing bull shit)
and after first recension and preview.

.... Sorry Peter but you dont get my money not for this crap.

Whats wrong with games this day Epic hip Epoic in game video Epic dev diaries

and in the End EPIC FAIL

You don't get it.

When you downloaded that copy of need for speed, installed it, and played it, you stole it. There is no gray area here. Doesn't matter if you played it for 5 minutes or 2 hours. Pirates need to stop lying to themselves about this, the old "I wouldn't pirate if it had a demo" excuse is bullshit. You don't like a game. Don't play it. It's as simple as that, you can't have your cake and eat it too. And perhaps if more people were buying PC games, the developers would listen when there were complaints about them from us, instead they pander to the console gamers, you wonder why? they buy more games.

PC is ahead of consoles, ALWAYS!

I download new games. But only because I don't have much money to spend on anything. Whenever I find a game I like that cost less than $30, I buy it. Problem is that games cost too much IMO. And a lot of the games coming out is not very nice at all. Or they have this stupid copy-protection like Ubisoft uses. BTW: Copying is not stealing, as the original that I copy from is still in the hands of the owner. NUFF SAID!!

Too true man. I buy a fuckton

Too true man. I buy a fuckton of games.. on Steam my acct has 200+ games and I've had steam forever (SteamID is 7 digits) and am proud to be a PC Gamer. I must admit that the piracy rates on PC is insanely high compared to consoles, and that's why I support Vavle and Steam cause they are one of the main ways PC gaming hasn't just out right collapsed.

Well its nice to see

Well its nice to see that you are understanding the situation, and yes I have a pc to but lets say a game like battlefield everytime I play it some prick with head bot kills me , even when there faced the other way!! Also you can play most games without a CD in the drive, so take your backup defence and shove it!! thanks for nothin shitbags lol and yes I wrote those negative replys because right when I see PC rules I no its you little basterds again!! SO get ready less than 1 percent by 2012 will make it to pc, All because you use your clone cd for everything!! LOL NUFF SAID LOL

PC is done!!

Well the truth is right when you buy a new video card or sound card or computer or OS you cant play your older games!! why because there not compatable with the old hardware!! PC GAMING IS DEAD!! LIVE WITH IT LOL


I can play almost any old game on my pc, however, those that have old DRM bundled aren't compatible other than XP, i.e. Republic Commando, Beyond Good and Evil.

It's DRM fault, not hardware.

It's funny...

Even though home computers and gaming are more ubiquitous than ever, gamers somehow seem to be much less tech savvy than they were back in the day...why is that?

When I was in high school my friends and I, with a little reading and ingenuity, had no trouble playing our DOS favorites on Win95/98SE. And when the NT kernel became the OS standard, we still had no trouble. But I talk to "computer savvy" high school kids these days, and they're like "DUUURRRRR HOW I WORK GAEM?" What happened?

I have never, never, never failed to make an old game work on a current rig if I've really wanted to play it, no matter the OS or the hardware. And if I can't get it work, then there's someone online who will tell me how. It's that simple. You have the internet, fucking use it.


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