Toshiba To Launch First Glasses-Free 3D TV

Consumer reception of 3D TVs has been disappointing to manufacturers and analysts who anticipated - and pet large sums of money on - it being as successful as HDTV. There are two main problems facing the widespread adoption of 3D TVs, first: their price is still too high for most consumers and second: most viewers don't like wearing glasses to watch movies in their living rooms.

Japanese newspaper, Yomiuri, reports that Toshiba might have solved one of the aforementioned problems.

According to Yomiuri, Toshiba has managed to develop the first 3D TV that doesn't require any special glasses, and is about to unveil 3 models that utilize the new technology before Christmas. The expected price range for the new sets will be around $7,000.

The new technology involves transmitting different images at different angles in order to create the illusion of depth. According to our experts, this means that the 3d effect will be viewable from a set predetermined "sweet spots" only.

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Lol 3d. I goto bed each

Lol 3d.

I goto bed each night and pray that it fails. I dont really...

But no one cares. Its not even 3d, 3d tvs will be large areas that you can walk through inbetween the action. Not a fake psudo 3d image for 7k.

Again, people who pay this money for so little really need to take a long hard look at themselfs. They should be ashamed.

The only way im getting a 3dtv is if it comes with a normal price tag and its not the main feature of the TV.


Has any one forgotten the Nintendos 3DS? Guess nintendo still has that down packed from what ive been told. I would have thought nintendo would have jumped the gun on actual "no glasses" 3d tvs. One factor that the 3ds has that those tvs may not have is an adjustable depth slider on the side of the unit. everyone percieves 3d differently.


3D angled projection is a start but surly it would be easier to use the polarising material used for the glasses and have a sheet over the screen if that works, just a thought I could be wrong.

Glad to see Toshiba stepping up.

Too bad though, there's already a way to have 3d tvs without glasses, with no sweet spots. Not to mention it's technology that can be used in everything from tvs and monitors, to cell phones, GPS systems, mp3 players, and even digital cameras and digital picture frames.

Think about it, being able to take a 3d picture with your digital camera and put it on your cell phone or iPod, or a digital picture frame and be able to see it in 3d from any angle, no matter where you are in the room.

The technology is there, and it could be out by next year. It's just too bad no one has the ideas on how to make, or make it work.

One day...

I think the one technology that will remove both the "3D Glasses" and this apparent new "3D Angled Projection" will be when they are able to develop hologram technology. One day folks; One day.

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