Ubisoft Blames Piracy For Cancelling PC Versions Of Their Games

It is no secret that Ubisoft is obsessed with fighting PC piracy, even at the cost of harassing their own fans with always-online DRM systems; and now they've gone all the way to cancelling the PC version of "I Am Alive" just out of fear from piracy.

"We've heard loud and clear that PC gamers are bitching about there being no version for them," said I Am Alive creative director, Stanislas Mettra. "But are these people just making noise just because there's no version or because it's a game they actually want to play? Would they buy it if we made it?"

Mettra conceded that the effort needed to port the game to PC is minimal, but he argued that rampant PC piracy still makes it an unworthy investment.

"It's hard because there's so much piracy and so few people are paying for PC games that we have to precisely weigh it up against the cost of making it," he said. "Perhaps it will only take 12 guys three months to port the game to PC, it's not a massive cost but it's still a cost. If only 50,000 people buy the game then it's not worth it."

Ubisoft is perhaps the only PC developer that still uses DRM solutions that require constant internet connection despite the fact that they have been cracked and that hackers have made a habit of attacking its servers to stop legitimate customers from playing at launch.

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The Method: pirate -> like -> BUY!! or if dislike -> u know it..

Very good debate we have here from both sides gentlemen. True pirates are everywhere, and ubisoft did make very shitty games of late. Man.. i remember FarCry, PoP:WW, and other timeless ubi titles, but now.. nothing worth buying from them in my opinion.
PC user myself, seen all the hype so i tried a pirated version of Skyrim, didnt like the 1st 15 minutes of it so i deleted it from my hard-drive. Before all of you call me a stupid passive agressive hipocrate, think, piracy saved me cash i would have wasted coz i didnt know RPG wasnt my cup of tea. I still love the Witcher 2 tho:D:D:D ;
Same method there too, pirate -> like -> BUY!!!!!!

Real Me

I totally agree with u. If prices were 50% cheaper then I would not download the pirated game I would buy it instead. They make billions and that is not enough ?? They are using the same game engines since the crappy consoles arrived and its "hard" for them to change the character models and levels?-yeah right.. When PC was the main platform things evolved every 6 months not every 10 years They slowed the pace to the max and they UP-ed the Greed factor to the max Todays game-developers are lazy just like the damn politicians

I just bought a whole lot of games throu steam

I just bought a whole lot of games throu steam last week and not one was a ubisoft game. WHY?! Well for one there wasn't anything they made I wanted. For TWO it's because I'm boycotting them for the always online drm BS. Apparently I can forgive EA for the money making used game market destroying BS there doing. BUT always online BS is a no go and I will never buy that game. Even if I pirate it and like it. I will never buy it. NEVER.

Piracy and wasting money

They talk about piracy , (example of a game) Strong Hold 3 , how many people went to buy that game and wasted their money , people spent their money on that game cause the previous games where excellent , this is an example of why people do piracy.Genrally if i play a good pirated game i go out and buy the original (cause there are no demos,hence people turn to piracy,is one of the reasons).

People who are so dedicated

People who are so dedicated to console and bash pc are retards. How much do you think the next gen console will cost? ps3 was 600 when it first came out. I can guarentee the next one will be 800. You can buy a sweet gaming rig for 500. Theres so much more you can do with a pc. Having the eye infinity is nice. Directx 11 yah not a huge deal but a pc can handle ANY ps3 based game and then some if it was ported properly.

OH and back to the original topic, I refuse to spend $60 on a pc game that ive never been able to try out previously and just take gamer sites words for that it's a good game. They need to release game demos again.
Alot of the new games don't hold there excitement very long.


The console market has saturated the PC market or what we should say is made it cheaper, to remove consoles entirely out of the picture will only sky rocket costs of games on a PC. I hate consoles too but reality is it could be worse. I say let the babies have their bottles, desktop computers were never designed for morons anyway.

the problem

the problem might be that many gamers don't have a lot of money to be spending on games. if we made a lot more money, we would be purchasing more titles. the fact that games cost $60 a piece and I am in debt with a minimum wage job doesn't help. I haven't been downloading any games, but even If I made good money and wasn't in debt, games at $60 a piece mean that in reality we are only able to purchase like 10 or 20 percent of the games that we want to play. I have purchased two full-priced games in the last year, before that, I bought Battlefield Bad Company 2 for $8 on a steam sale and put 400 hours in. I have wanted to play or at least see many new games that have come out but the money factor is just not there. The companies seem to bitch about some people downloading a game when they wouldn't have been able to purchase it to begin with. If someone does download it, they experience it, become fans, show their friends, develop ideas for the series, and will eventually come to buy the game along with supporting the franchise and producers. This is just what I think...and it is open for debate. - Doug Rochford

Lucky bastard

It seems like everywhere else in the world is cheaper than here. Do you know how much a popular release cost in NZ? $100-130. Our market is shit, our food in through the roof, our rent is high $300 Up per week, our adult starting wage, unqualified, is $12,75-13,75 per hour. You bastards really don't know how lucky you are having so much market competing with each other to keep prices down.

we warned u Ubisoft

Last year 10's of thousands of people formed blogs petitions about UBISOFTS always on DRM. We as a collective warned them if they didn't drop that crap in their next game, we legit buyers of their software would pirate their next software and email them when we have done so. I'm pretty sure they received thousands of emails as soon as their latest drm always on game came out. To bad UbiSoft, we hold the money, you screw us over, we will screw you over and shove and extra boot in your ass to teach you a lesson. I guess that boot in your ass hurt cuz your now wanting to exit the pc market. Good. Get the Phuck outta dodge bitches because no self respecting PC gamer really gives 2 tosses about your PC titles.

what if you didnt get paid

what if you didnt get paid for what you do, would you still work there? Jesus people get a fucking clue. Everyone person on here thinks they have some great understanding on corp greed. When you all greedy bitches yourselves. They really just need to make a law to where the ISP blocks all those sites.

I think you're missing the

I think you're missing the point some people are trying to make. Generally they're not saying that they deserve copies of Ubisoft's games for free, they're saying that even if they weren't being pirated they still wouldn't sell because they aren't any good. Some games still have huge sales, and if piracy was really killing PC games, that wouldn't be true. It's one thing to not get paid for doing my job, it's another to really suck at my job but still expect people to buy my products when they have the option not too. You see? It's not that the games are being pirated, but the fact that Ubisoft is trying to blame piracy for poor sales. Also, the Government doesn't, and never should, have that power, they cannot be trusted with it. I'm not kidding, they're not responsible enough.

Thats not what they are

Thats not what they are saying man, they are saying is that they cant make sales because of people stealing copys of of there products through torrents. And how can you make your statment like that it makes no since. If the game was really that poor then why even bother to take up the drive space with even a torrented game thats "poor". And people have abused the use of the internet by doing all this illegel downloading so yes the goverment should intervene. People have been spoiled with the idea of getting shit for free now. So some how in your fucked up head you think you have the right to do what your doing.

Wow, that's sad.

Wow, I'm about to ask you the same thing, what the hell are you talking about? At no point did I attempt to justify piracy. My comment also wasn't talking about Ubisoft and what they were saying, but the people commenting on this article. What I said was that people commenting are saying that the games aren't selling because they aren't any good, not because of piracy. True, some people may download a game and not buy it, but that's because the game costs 50 or 60 dollars and hard drive space can be freed up by deleting it, it's not really the same, besides, even if someone isn't willing to pay money for something it isn't the same as if they think they can get if for free. So some people may pirate a game if they don't think it's worth the money, or just because, but many other people will wait until it's cheaper or just not buy it. But the fact is that many great games still sell millions of copies and if piracy were so rampant I don't see how that can be true. In other words a better game will sell more copies, so if they want to sell more, they have to make better games and not institute DRM, that just causes people problems, which drives them to piracy where they don't have to deal with DRM. The reason I said the government shouldn't have that power is because he was talking about forcing ISPs to block certian websites, and since neither they, nor, in many cases, the people running the servers the website is on, are responsible, they don't have the right, nor should they have the right, to stop them from linking to the site. The people running the site are already doing something illegal so the government can already get them for piracy. Also, at no point did I say I have ever pirated anything, so I'm not sure what it is that I think I have the right to do in my "fucked up head". Learn to read properly and then comment like you got some fucking "since".

They hate piracy because we

They hate piracy because we people get to see if there software is worth paying actual money for .fact is most are not those that are make a mint!! i love there attitude give pc owners a crappy port and expect good sales yeah right no self respecting pc owner is going to buy a port let alone a bad port wich seems to happen more and more
oh and by the way thumbs up to sega and capcom who on a whole give really fast optimised versions of there games

Truthfully I haven't bought

Truthfully I haven't bought too many Ubisoft games in the past, but the instant I heard they were using Constant Connections DRM for AC2 I decided I would never buy another game from them until they had some sense and dropped it. The main issue I had with DRM getting in the way of my gaming was with Steam. I finally have high-speed internet now, but for years I was stuck with 56k because of my geographic location. Numerous games I bought, that used Steam, wouldn't install because it had trouble verifying files over the internet, then they would take forever to patch, which I had to do so I could play them, and half of the time I would lose huge chunks of the patches the next time I started up Steam. I looked on the internet and found programs to install, patch, and crack Steam games without having to use steam and never went back. It's funny, but the more developers try to use DRM to stop piracy, the more trouble they cause for legitimate gamers, and they drive more of them to piracy so they don't have to deal with it, which causes them to create more strict, and troublesome, DRM. It's a sad circle, but one that would be preventable if they would just pay attention, and use some common sense.

Do they even pay attention to

Do they even pay attention to the fact that Xbox games are pirated more frequently then any other platform out there, or the fact that PS3/Xbox games are always leaked 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule and that PC pirates usually don't get the game until 2-7 days after the release. Also that most games actually sell more on the PC then Xbox or PS3, yes combined PS3 and Xbox all most always sell more, but how is it fair to compare one against two.

dont be ridiculous

sir. dont you realize that xbox 360 games were leaked early, and that they are on warez sites and torrent site as many as pc games? tell me, we got pirates of for example NFS the run, for pc, ps3 and xbox. they were pirated, yes? but do pc got uncharted? gears of war? now, this come to a fact that though many games are multiplatform, many more games are NOT on pc.
therefore, how can u say pc games were pirated more than console? when the amount of console game is far more greater than pc?

moot is good

very funny. like all the comments here.
xbox 360's is king of leaked / early games.
MW3 , Gears 3, were out earlier on pirate sites.
even Ubi's AC Revelations is out earlier than
the release date. Ps3 is also jailbreaked.
piracy is everywhere. if they think pc is the
mother of piracy, then they have a shallow mind,
and not suitable to be a game developer.

very funny. like all the

very funny. like all the comments here.
xbox 360's is king of leaked / early games.
MW3 , Gears 3, were out earlier on pirate sites.
even Ubi's AC Revelations is out earlier than
the release date. Ps3 is also jailbreaked.
piracy is everywhere. if they think pc is the
mother of piracy, then they have a shallow mind,
and not suitable to be a game developer.


Well I pirate ubisoft game, but I pirate them on consoles (360 in my case) as they are available quicker and tend to work where as ubisofts pc games tend to be bug ridden.

I used to buy ubisoft games but have been hit with DRM issues, it happened several times and I had enough. I was a paying customer yet I had to put up with an inferior product, their DRM broke to many things, didnt work thus making it so I couldnt play and a few times I had to get a pirate copy to just play. So I decided to hell with it if I have to pirate it anyway then I will do that first time on their games from now on.

I spend a lot of money on steam and other legitimate sources but I will not put up with DRM it only punishes the paying customer as the pirates have ripped it out, if im going to get treated like a thief anyway then I may well pirate it.

So lets do some quick math here

50 000 sold copies x let's say 49$ = 2 450 000$


12 people at let's say an average of 75 000$ working for 3 months to port the game = 225 000$.

let's add some side costs and bring the amount up to an investment of 750 000$.

2 450 000$ - 750 000$ = 1 700 000$ profit for 3 months work.

Am i totally on the left field with the numbers or are these people's greedyness more of a problem then the actual piracy issue?

12 poeple? have you ever been

12 poeple? have you ever been to a gaming studio? lol I work at EA Games in Orlando has a character 3D modeler and texture artist and we have over 300 people here, we did have more before they laid off over a 1000 people from the company as a whole. My guess is people steal are going to destroy the very thing you love to do in you down time, and put me and alot of people out of work.


u got a good point there.

Further more its not even as much about profit as it is about keeping ur clients happy. What that dick is saying is " f u legit clients and fans, we blame piracy, return value not worth our time" - f u 2 ubi.

I hope the game fails on directing/gameplay/value part ;) Wouldnt be hard to imagine that with such a dick statement made by director


bought HOMM6 from ubi(60usd) and 2 months later still waiting for a patch for the game to be PLAYABLE. what the fuck. it didnt even start when i bought it conflicting with that DRM crap gamelauncher just because i installed HAWK demo before. Same way you locked me out of legit ASSASSINS CREED 2. Ubisoft, i payed for ur games time and time again. NEVER again! Why should i throw away 60usd and be left with pain in the ass nonworking experience 50% of time, other 50% of time DRM assfuck.

For some reason VALVE can do it, BLIZZARD can do it. What the fuck is ur problem? Take that DRM and stick it up ur ass. While at it, try complete ur stupid games before you launch them, otherwise ur just skinning the clients and calling them theives.

Only ones they should blame

Only ones they should blame are themselves, Ubisoft has talent and I credit them for that but this obsession with piracy and always online drm is just making them look pathetic. Face it ubisoft, piracy is everywhere not just pc, I don't think they are aware of the large amount on consoles. Unlike pc's where you have multiple types of piracy, on consoles it's much narrow thus easier to pirate.

Recently released games such as Skyrim and CoDMW3 have gained massive profit and still were pirated even before day 1. They don't have always online drm which in the end makes customers more encouraged to buy.

I don't like steam personally but I still bought skyrim simply because steam's drm isn't intrusive.

At ubisoft: remove the always online crap and your sales will be better.


Far too common to hear this. Pirating is in all sense wrong, but back in the days when i wasn't almost close to my 30's like i am now, i use to pirate. I was too young to buy a game, and if i could buy it, it would take me weeks to even months before i could even buy one. So i turned to torrents and my life was engulfed with 100's of games. Back then i thought the games looked more shitty because of the fact it was a download but in reality it was because most of them were shitty games. I don't pirate anymore, but piracy won't even die, and if they want not make games for the best platform out today then thats there own fault. You can make dated DX9 games that look like the last game that came out in 2005 or you can step up with the big dogs and make an amazing DX11 game that can look almost ultra realistic. In all regards I'm happy we still have a few dev's that make PC games that are actually awesome. Oh and about there DRM, they can shove that stupid software shit up there ass. No one likes DRM especially us PC gamers. UBISOFT, grow up, and get your act together. Delays, delays, and now no more games. You guys suck, I saw the latest video on Rainbow six, what year did those horrible graphics come out, 2005? Yea most likely, you guys need to get with the time you old farts. Just my opinion. Bye.

Bad and mediocre games =

Bad and mediocre games = piracy. Nobody in their right mind will buy a Ubisoft game these days without pirating it first to see if it's playable, because everyone knows that Ubi has switched to the conveyor belt equivalent of game design. Their only successful franchise currently is Ass Ass Creed and even that won't last long. Of course they're too embarrassed to admit that quality is the real issue, not piracy.

This I Am Alive game looks like it's going to be a short, mediocre 60$ title for the konsole kiddies, so PC gamers are not missing out on anything good.

Since Ubi started using that draconian DRM software, I've sworn to never buy a Ubi game unless it's really really really good. I don't think that'll happen any time soon :)


To those people saying they have turned to console coz its easy and you get more support (ohhh there there pat pat) dont you relize ur being round up like stupid cattle, they have you right where they want you. Same mindless games over and over that you pay way to much for

Dead Island for PC???

All I need to say here is... Dead Island for PC.

I actually pre-ordered that mess, thinking it would be a well developed PC game like Left4Dead 1/2 was.

Companies blow off PC gamers like we're a joke. Piracy is all we have to make sure we have a good product that is worth our $$. We can't rent a game from Redbox to test it out. Pre-ordering is a joke, you know it's going to have bugs. It's sad when people just play through the bugs and say "It's not that bad" Well it should be a final product that is worth $50 and bug free. $50 is a lot of money to be tossing around these days, we demand quality products!

If developers spent more time

If developers spent more time making sure that people got quality, as near as bug free as possible games, and a better experience, then i doubt piracy would be as much of an issue as they make out. ------------------- Developers have blamed piracy for years but they think it's perfectly ok to palm off their wares in a bugged up state and rely on the internet as a backup to correct issues that should have been dealt with before a game is even shipped. Also, what they don't say is how sales of games are at an all time high. --------------------- The real issue is that people are beginning to wise up to there practices of shelling out 2 or 3 top quality titles around the Christmas holiday period and during the previous months knocking out utter rubbish to top up their revenues until the big titles come out. --- And when we get those top quality titles, we can almost guarantee that there will be some major bug that limits our ability to get the best out of a game. Especially when those issues revolve around DRM crippling your ability to even read discs in some cases. ------------ If they think that cancelling this game on PC is going to make any difference then i think they need to look again. --- Anyone will tell you that they can easily get their hands on whatever game they are planning for Xbox360 and, if like me, you never ever connect your 360 to the net then you can play pirated games at any time. --- Does that mean Ubisoft will abandon development for the 360 too? --- Doubtful. -------------------- Wasn't one of Ubisofts development studio heads quoted as saying that pirates offer a better experience when installing and using pirated software? --- i know a developer from a well known studio did but can't be sure if it was someone from Ubisoft. ---- Anyway, whoever the developer was that said it, maybe Ubisoft and other developers should take note and make our overall experience better. -------------- Don't blame the pirates, blame yourselves.

Oh, i forgot to add,

Oh, i forgot to add, developers/publishers should also make games much cheaper than they are today. ------ If i go onto Steam or Origin i have a choice of games i can buy and it's quick and simple and i get to download the game at the point of purchase. ---- That's great you may think. But, what if i was able to buy the same game from Play.com or Amazon for instance at a price which can be as much as £10 cheaper? and all i have to do is patiently wait a day or two for it to be delivered? ----- That is another example of why people get pissed off and decide to pirate instead. ----- developers/publishers want it all handed to them on a plate so they can satisfy their needs for wealth and look after their shareholders but when they fuck up and people complain the first thing they do is ignore us. And worse still, game crippling bugs which they must have known about prior to release take weeks before any acknowledgement of the issue being worked is announced. And they wonder why people opt to pirate games before deciding to purchase, if they do? ----------- Everything that Ubisoft is complaining about is their own doing at some measure. Ok, i agree, there are those who will pirate a game and not even want to pay for it regardless of how cheap the game is to buy, but with that being said, the cheaper a game is the more it will sell and that's a fact. ---- Play fair with your customers and your customers will play fair with you.

ubi should ask why piracy

ubi should ask why piracy overtaken the pc games. its drm and other protection again and its is annoying. so what did ubi expect? shut off the copyprotection shit.
the real buyer are always the dumb heads at last.
same with EA´s nu ORIGIN shit. it an corollary and solution using copys instead original.
they should start to think about it.


BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA a console comparable graphically to a PC you are retarded my friend and know nothing about computers. you probably also buy shitty 100 dollar graphics cards and have a shitty 100 dollar monitor and expect to be able to max out all your graphical settings in game. go look at some screen shots of xbox or ps3 compared to a PC game a good graphics card of the latest ATI or Nvidia generation runs double to tripple even quadruple the textures an xbox or ps3 does this makes a big difference. i cant tell you how many times i have hooked up my laptop running a gtx 560 Nvidia graphics card through HDMI on a good HDTV and wowed the shit out of my console brethren because yes it does look that much better.

Shitty $100 video card?

A $100 video card will do the job pretty well actually. I only paid $190 CDN for my Radeon 4850 512MB about 3 years ago when it was the newest gen' & it'll kick the shit out've any console that's for sure. It runs everything just fine w/a decent amount of AA & AF @ 1280x1024. HD is only 1080 so really, if this card were still available new it would cost no more than $100 that's for sure & it is about all that's needed now, but I think more memory may be in order soon. Also I still run XP so DX9 is as far as I go, DX11 effects would probably tax the card more. Falout 3 looked & ran way better on my comp' than on my friends Shitbox 360 & that's because my 3 year old comp' is the better machine, in every way, hands down.

Its a bad idea to water down

Its a bad idea to water down your product when it is struggling against piracy. People will always buy a good game, this is a fact. My examples are PC only games like Total War and Starcraft 1/2. So now that we know that PC is a safe place to make good games, it is only logical to say their problem lies withing themselves.

I also have to bring up games like Demigod and other that were great games that suffered from piracy, just to be fair. But a certain amount of piracy is unavoidable on PC and Consoles, your profits will reflect your games quality... For the most part anyways... :S


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