Ubisoft On Its DRM Future

Assassin's Creed III DRM

Ubisoft's reputation as a company that makes use of draconian DRM, was pretty well cemented until recently when it began relaxing some of its more disliked protective features. Looking to the future, it plans to go a step further and make its games almost DRM free, requiring only an online activation to play and with unlimited installs.

Speaking with Rock Paper Shotgun, Ubisoft's worldwide director of online games, Stephanie Perotti and corporate communications manager, Michael Burk, said that the company had listened to feedback - though gamers would suggest that it took a while - which is what led the company to remove always-on DRM back in June 2011. They also said further consideration had led Ubisoft to implement a new DRM setup for its forthcoming games: practically none. "If you want to enjoy Assassin’s Creed III single player, you will be able to do that without being connected. And you will be able to activate the game on as many machines as you want," said Perotti.

However even with a statement like this, RPS didn't let up the pressure, pushing Ubisoft to admit failure on the part of the heavy DRM employed in the past, as well as to show some sort of figures about how it helped reduced piracy - since Ubisoft still claims that the always-on system worked very well in that respect. Perotti seemed to lose some of his patience towards the end of the interview, stating: "We’ve heard you. We’ve heard customers. We want to find a balanced way to protect our IPs and our games, and at the same time trade off frustrations or issues for PC gamers, and improve the policies of our games and services. But I guess the answer is, we’re still discussing it."

When asked if Ubisoft had any regrets about its DRM past, Perotti said: "Again I would just say that we listened to feedback, we adapt, we will continue to listen and adapt, and hopefully we will continue to prove to the PC gaming community that we listen."

So what do you guys think? Does this make Ubisoft look a little better in your eyes? Or is it still a company to be avoided?

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One thing i do not understand

One thing i do not understand what i have learned from latest "ubisoft" account problems is "you can't even activate your game" because of "their servers are allways down". So should we go "old-school" completely without anykind "online" thing. Just insert cd in and start play game. (Of course install first but no need for "make account for game you bought, login, add numbers in the server.. I remember old games what you just installed when you wanted and where you wanted. No logins) But don't worry over 4000 companies start making games so you need to "login all those 4000 companies", so on you need to make account for those 4000 companies. One online company more... More accounts to be created, if you don't then "stay on one service". (Isn't today games fun!!!! Login, login, login, login, login, login....... This person disappeared from this realm to the oblivion during login, connection lost.....)

....so pull your head out of your ***.

It doesn't matter. Yesterday I installed Assassin's creed revelations, I patched it up, and got it working through steam. I then completely severed my connection and launched the game. It worked. All i had to do was click a few buttons telling me i was in offline mode and i wouldn't get access to online features (no surprise). so your online platform argument is a waste of breath. If your looking for an excuse then I suppose that'll work for you, but there's nothing wrong with the system as it is now. This is the way it should have been, and it's reasonable to have a 1 time activation.

It should always have been this way

Good to hear, but like the guy above i had no idea they had updated the policy, lost interest in all Ubisoft titles when they decided they needed to keep a close eye on me to make sure I'm not a pirate. It's obviously affected their bottom line and that makes me happy, I can now start to take some interest in their titles again too which is cool, but i assume you still need to create a Ubisoft account for the initial activation and I hate having to keep track of numerous account details just to kick back and kill a bit of time gaming.


I first learned of this DRM when i bought one of the Assassins Creed titles. Thought 5 months research gig in Antarctic why not take along this game to pass the time during storms. Then i found out i couldn't play at all without being connected. It was opened so couldn't return but more the point where would i exactly go to return it? I was at the South Pole... My friends suggested a no-cd patch, which he sent on a usb drive through the mail...

I'm curious. What do you play

I'm curious. What do you play? I can tell you obviously don't play ubisoft games. EA sucks right? so I'm guessing you don't play them. Activision? pfft, D3 is the only excuse you need right? I bet you don't have a steam account because Valve uses DRM. So I guess you play.... what? indie games?

Pffft whatever...

Don't be fooled, we're nearing the cloud front that is the only reason DRM makes no sense. It's just a new form of locking us in, considering the fact software and games will now be a utility. Killing DRM is just a bad pun, there to laugh in our faces as we ready ourselves for a new form of control.

Bout Time

I've been avoiding 'Ubisoft' for years. I can't stand them. Just the name alone makes my skin crawl. 'Ubisoft' finally realizes the PC market is huge and growing while the Console Market is slowly going way of the dinosaur. I don't care what you do anymore UbiSoft, ever since you put in that ****** DRM and refused to remove it, I'll be pirating your games until the day your company goes belly up. I do purchase plenty of games but your games for years were full of nasty drm and thus i refuse to buy any more of your games drm or not, your company are greedy **** holes who have been ******** on the pc market for years while making billions on your ****** console games.

At least they're listening,

At least they're listening, not like EA who admits they hear consumer complaints and feedback but just doesn't care or listen. Still Ubisoft has shown what they're willing to do for their greed, so we can't really trust them to do the right thing unless by gun point as it were.

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