UK Group Reporting Activision To Fair Trading Office Over Black Ops Bugs

One month after sending out an open letter to Activision asking for Call of Duty: Black Ops to be fixed and its fans compensated, Independent British consumer group Gamers' Voice announced that it is preparing to submit a formal complaint to the UK's Office of Fair Trading.

In their letter, the group alleged that the PC and Xbox 360 versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops are plagued with performance issues as well as persistent problems with freezing and online multiplayer log-in, to the extent that the game did not function as intended or advertised.

The letter asked Activision to explain how those problems came about and to detail how they plan to fix them and compensate their customers. The company failed to respond for a whole month, so the group decided to "test the might of government agencies against Activision. ... These agencies do exist to protect our rights as consumers, let us see if they can fullfill their remit on this pressing issue."

Gamers' Voice Head of Industry Relations Chris O'Regan concurs that a formal investigation would take months, but he hopes that it would set a precedent and help "ensure [future] games are not released in an unfinished state."

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finally, stick it to the

finally, stick it to the man.

Sick of, especially PC versions being poorly made and they fucking charge us $60!!!! Yes we do not have to buy it, but it is advertised as a working game that would catch our interest, more of a scam if you ask me. Activision especially ruined PC gaming by making MW2 $60, since they got away with it they continue to do so and other companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

I have to agree with you on this.

MW2 was an absolute shambles of a game and all the problems that it had defied belief.

The problem with big corporations like Activision is that they operate their businesses as though they're untouchable. And in part it's true.

Before MW2 came out there were already a lot of people stating that no one should buy the game because of the lack of dedicated servers, something which was to be included at first then dropped. And when it was released i don't think i'd ever seen a support forum where there were thousands of complaints coming in by the hour.
It was a continued barrage of complaints about connection issues, hacks, cheats, server lag, match making etc. and there was practically no response from either Infinity Ward or Activision.

The amount of people cursing about the lack of fixes was incomprehensible and yet both Activision and IW eventually abandoned the PC version of the forums and seemed to concentrate their weak efforts on the consoles.

The reason why corporations like Activision can get away with this kind of behaviour is because no matter what people say they know that they will always buy their games.

Again, look at MW2.
I must have read hundreds of threads about how people were never going to buy another IW/Activision game again and as soon as the map packs were released more than 90% of the complainers bought them.
Then, they were back online within hours complaining over the same issues as before and about some of the new maps and that they were never going to buy (again) another product from IW/Activision.
And again what happened when the second map pack was released?

Yes, you guessed it.

Ever since the internet became widespread in the home, the software houses would begin to release games in a highly bugged up or incomplete state with the intention of releasing patches shortly after a games release. Anyone remember Sin?

Since then it has almost become the norm for a game to be incomplete. Some of which have had patches released for them before the game has even hit the shelves.

Consoles used to be relatively closed systems and when a game was released it had to be at least 98% bug free but since they had become internet dependant that has changed too.

The issue here is that WE as the consumer are the makers or breakers of business and WE have the control to dictate the level of quality and service given to us after a product is purchased.
Somewhere down the line everyone forgot that.

If you feel that these companies are taking you for a ride then DON'T buy the product.
The chances are that you will not be alone and if they continue with their business practices then in time sales will drop and when that happens i guarantee that they will bend over backwards to appease us.

Not bad

At least someone is trying to do something about the "release first, fix bugs later" mentality that plagues the gaming industry nowadays.

GOOD! I own black ops on PS3


I own black ops on PS3 and it is SO FRUSTRATING. Online games are always dropping out and sometimes the entire PS3 system freezes when trying to load a map!

Today I joined an online game, the game started loading, and it froze. So I rebooted my PS3, logged back into Black OPS online, and the system said 'your online stats have been reset' - What the HELL?!

I've been set back level 1 with all my stats gone because the game FROZE!

I am never playing this game again!

Good Idea

Games these days have budgets comparable to hollywood films, there is no excuse for the absolute bug-ridden shit-fests that we end up paying through the nose for.

It's about time people actually tried to take action.

I couldnt agree more, the day

I couldnt agree more, the day the game came out i tried to get in the the 'levelling war' nice and early only to find myself staring at the desktop or a locked screen longer than i spent actually playing the game. Hope this hits activision hard enough to make every game developer finish a game before it is released. To the people persuing this (highfive). Im sure if this class action was advertised 80% of the gaming community would back it.

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