Valve's prototype SteamBox looks like a 360

At least it does in this first image that the Seattle Times seems to have gotten ahold of. It's black sure, which isn't the typical 360 colour scheme, but the latter versions all came in that hue and the circular bottom/left hand portion is very reminiscence of the 360's green (or likely at some point, red) ring.

This is apparently the high end version, with all the really expensive hardware, featuring some really powerful stuff. We're looking at a GTX Titan, an i7-4770 CPU, 16GB of DDR3-1600 and a terabyte of storage with an SSD for caching the most often access files. This isn't the final spec or even the guaranteed specifications for this box, but it's likely to be something along those lines, as that's what Valve previously said would go out in this early beta test hardware. Other options will include cheaper variants, featuring GTX 780, 770 and 760 GPUs, as well as weaker CPUs and less RAM.

Unless one of those 300 feels like breaking the presumably iron-clad NDA Valve will have made them sign, it's unlikely we'll hear any more about this hardware in the near future. However, it seems likely that CES next year will see the unveiling of either some official hardware, or at least more concrete versions of the final release systems.

Along with these 300 systems (and the several hundred differently spec'd SteamBoxes)Valve is also sending out hundreds of its prototype touch pad controllers so people can have the full Steam living room experience and report back on what they think.

Next year certainly is going to be an exciting time to be a PC gamer. Will we all move over to Linux? Will we all begin playing our most beloved games in the lounge and will someone finally have created a controller that can rival a mouse and keyboard for FPS and RTS titles?

What do you guys think?

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Just wanting to know if its

Just wanting to know if its all slabbed into an integrated motherborad, or the parts are separate. And it would have to be priced lower than normal, because ****, I can just build a custom PC to my liking and put Steam OS onto it. If it is very PC like. Could I buy a few of these for the cheap strip out the graphics cards and plug em into my pc to save a few hundred dollars? ----- Interesting indeed.


I have to confess. I came here to see if you had anything stupid to comment today. It boost my intellect for the whole day to know some people are THAT low below me. (-:


This isn't a PC, this is a console. Blah blah blah a Console is a PC (I know that). But valve is making what PC gamers don't want....a console! Who is their audience? Console gamers? Console gamers wont be swayed with expensive hardware... =\ ...good luck!

I don`t know if this will

I don`t know if this will really work. People buy consoles because its straight forward. You buy one console and it will running all the games made for it. Having so many different versions of the steambox will confuse the target audience and buying the cheap low end versions won`t run most games very well if at all.

I think you gave a very Key

I think you gave a very Key word here: Confuse. I also believe this is the biggest problem with their Steambox right now. Most people are not experts in gaming and they will hesitate if they don't know what the product does exactly. The WiiU is the best example, most consumers thinking it was just an add-on for the Wii. If they make a marketing campaign claiming it is more powerful than a PS4, no monthly fees, cheaper games, 50x more games available, ready to stream through PCs THEN they will have a chance to get through this enormous/lucrative market. But from my perspective most consumers are too ignorants, they will buy the dumbest thing available, which are ps4 or xbox1 (what a stupid name for a 3rd one). History proves me right.. unfortunately.

I think......

A dedicated video game box that is supposed to compete with already established dedicated video game boxes is gonna have to be competitively priced & if you wanna be competitive in the pricing department, you don't use Intel & Nvidia hardware. Whatever Valve does with this thing I can still easily go build a way better machine for less that does more than just play games. The R9 290X is par with a Titan & a few **** hairs more than half the Titan price. C'mon Gabe!!! WTF ya doin' here? I think peeps that use consoles want cheap & hassle free gaming performance. People that want the best there is, run Windows (currently & unfortunately) PCs. If you're gonna pay greater than Windows PC price, you **** well better have greater than Windows PC experience. I can build whatever is in that Steambox on my own for less & it'll do so much more, so WTF's the point? I'm diggin' the controller idear though. That **** looks gooooood. Like almost Briana McIvor fart **** goooood. Almost. Mmmmmmmm.

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