Virtuaboy Emulated on the Oculus Rift


While Nintendo isn't exactly doing particularly well right now, one of its biggest historical bungles was the Virtuaboy. It was a 3D headset back when 3D was a fresh new idea (that's right kiddies, 3D has been tried before). However it had a monochromatic red/black colour scheme, the device to view it in was huge and had to be placed on a desk and within minutes of using it, most gamers reported horribly painful headaches.

However, one user has taken this backwards technology from yesteryear and emulated it on the Oculus Rift, the 21st century's answer to the future of 3D gaming and apparently, it works very well.

According to Cymatic, while there is no head tracking, the image is in great clarity and the 3D looks good. He said that it actually works so well he spent a few hours playing the pinball and red alarm games - which could be the longest anyone has ever spent playing a Virtuaboy game with a head mounted display.

In order to get everything working, Cymatic used a modified version of the VBjin emulator, called VBjin-ovr. Apparently it's pretty simple, you just select Oculus rift mode from the menu and load the rom.

Any Megagames readers get an early dev version of the Rift? The more I hear about it the more I want one.

NB. Skip to 3:00 to watch the Virtuaboy section of the video.

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VirtualBoy success, the fate of Oculus Rift

Can`t wait to see if the Rift will actually fare any better then the virtualboy, 3D is a big hype word that been overused by Hollywood, I'm really wondering if there will be enough of a market base for this gadget. (I hope it fares good don't get me wrong, but I feel it will suffer the same fate as other 3d devices).

Well my 3d tv is amazing and

Well my 3d tv is amazing and happy with the purchase, so the only fate it suffered was because high price and costly blu-rays. I was lucky enough to experience the rift in all its beta glory, and let me tell you.... THIS IS THE NEXT STEP! if gaming and even movies don't get on board, were all gonna miss out some really ground breaking tech. Don't **** this one up consumers.


I'm looking forward to go at war at Mount & Blade Warband, running from zombies in Dayz, racing online and flying a boeing on simulations with the appropriate field of view.. This device seem to literally redefines gaming on pc. Now.. WHEN the final version gets released?????????

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