VR only The Stacks game offers Rift puzzling to Ready Player One fans

If you have an Oculus Rift, then you're currently at the forefront of the VR revolution, ushering in a new age of gaming via virtual reality. Chances are then, you've read Ernest Cline's excellent Ready Player One (and if you haven't, go and get started now, you'll love it). With that in mind, you'll want to check out "The Stacks," a new freely available VR game from Sean Foreman, an indie VR developer.

The game charges you will collecting QR cubes from eight different worlds, each inspired by sci-fi, books and movies, with one specific scene relating to Ready Player One. If you've read the book, you know which one already.

Since Foreman describes the game as an homage to VR, it's no surprise that each of these different digital worlds is connected through a hub world, which you can walk in and out of in true VR using your headset. Other levels include one inspired by The Matrix, Trantor and several other universes which you'll have to take a guess at when you see them.

In keeping with Ready Player One, Foreman has also hidden some Easter eggs within the game. If you manage to find the three keys and the hidden egg before anyone else - so far no one has found them all - you'll get your name added to the credits before the game is sent to Oculus, giving you a place in gaming history. Albeit on a small scale.

All in all the game took over a year of development and 2,000 hours of time and effort. Hopefully it's worth it.

You can download the game here.

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Guys, Im telling you it will

Guys, Im telling you it will fry your brain. The brains of human males never stop developing, its a danger to both children and adult males. If you trick your eyes, which doesnt happen with 2D screens, your brain will learn from it and once you get back to the real world, you will be mindfucked, going back in forth and forcing the brain to do things it shouldnt is a no win situation. Why do you think nobody is talking about this but they do talk about the medical applications as research? Everybody wants it but nobody wants to see it for what it is. I explained it in a simple manner in another post, dont be a fool. Dont let your descendents natural development be under this effect. VR must be used for education, communication and so forth, not for games. I have seen private studies, I was there looking at Penn and the guys who helped him while he was in a garage, which he never placed credit to. Everyone is so excited about the idea that they are simply brushing off the side effects, and they dont even know 1/4 of the story. Trust me, its not the way to go.


Just like 3D VR happened before, new generation that hasn't seen it will find it intriguing, it will last 2 years, then go away until the next generations think it's cool and new... rinse and repeat the cycle.


"you're an idiot to even compare past vr to today." And just like you say that today, someone will say that exact same thing 20 years from now. Motion and graphics is the only thing that changes, have fun walking into a wall, or falling off your bouncy ball trampoline, I can't way to see those videos on youtube.


bouncy ball trampoline treadmill* I forgot to add the treadmill part, I'm sure some nerd will incorporate one of those, perhaps hang from some bungie cord, that way you're not actually going anywhere when you walk.


Maybe add a pine car air freshener or some glade plugins to simulate actually being outside! fuck I'm full of ideas. If I ever see someone home alone through their window playing with VR, I'm going to enter and rob them blind, they'll be so busy masturbating to their virtual nazi women they won't even know. Maybe they'll add a flavor tube you stick in your mouth so you can taste that dog poo you pick up off your virtual lawn.

Can't wait to put my hands on

Can't wait to put my hands on a VR.. hoping it'll be this fall. Depending of your taste in gaming some might not be interested and I understand that.. like strategy games fans or the likes but if you're into some realistic FPS like ARMA, horror games aficionado or better, a sim flight/racing enthusiast, then VR is the next big revolution in gaming.

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