Watchmen Director Believes It Is Overpriced

The first episode of the downloadable game series, Watchmen, retails for as low as $20 but the game's frank director, Soren Lund, believe that it is overpriced.

"I think it's a shame that Warner [Bros.] priced it at $20," Lund said. "It should've been max $15; ideally $10."

Lund then explained that Watchmen is Warner's first downloadable title and so they "didn't have any previous knowledge as to what would be the right price point."

Lund believes that the upcoming second episode, which is due in July, has less content than its predecessor, and so he expects that Warner would price it at $10. "We have maybe a little over half the size of [the first] game, so I would expect them to put it out at about half price."

"But then you could argue whether two hours for $10 isn't too much also," Luden speculated.

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