Wide Spread Hack Generates Free Microsoft Points

Hackers have managed to scam Microsoft out of $1.2 million in virtual currency after they devised an algorithm which allowed them to generate new Microsoft Points codes from old ones.

The hack was hosted on a website which gave out 160 Microsoft Points for free - and for real - each time the user refreshed the page. The site was overwhelmed with users' traffic that it started to return the famous page not found error 404 to a lot of visitors.

An exe (executable program) version of the hack has also found its way to hacking and file sharing sites. One of the pirates who used the program reported that he managed to rack up $150 worth of Microsoft Points in 20 minutes.

Microsoft noted the exploit and stopped it but not before hackers managed to steal $1.2 million worth of Microsoft Points according to a source at the company. Microsoft didn't issue any statement regarding the matter yet, but it is unlikely that it would be possible for the company to sort out hacked codes from legitimate ones.

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Wow x2

Like that poster who said WoW...

I'm impressed with these hackers, yet disappointed. I've bought fullcopies of BiA:HH, FarCry2 & Crysis... but unfortunately due to DRM I don't OWN them. (which is why I moved to consoles) Good on them hackers finding a loophole. For SHAME on M$ in allowing this to happen.

Serves those stupid fucknuts right.

I love it when ones own stupidity comes back to bite them in the ass. I wonder who the buttnut was that come up w/the idea to pay cash for some stupid points & then pay points for DLC? I wonder if one of the buttnuts above him/her has the material to fire the stupid shit or not? Maybe all of MS thinks it's a better idea than just paying cash directly for the content. Knowing MS, I'm sure it took more than one retard to approve the idea. Probably took more than one of their stupid crew to think of it in the first place!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

it sure does

"I wonder who the buttnut was that come up w/the idea to pay cash for some stupid points & then pay points for DLC"

A buttnut who's filthy rich due to his dumb ideas while you, with all your intellect, are not and never will be.

People these days seem to be unaware of their own situation... -_-

They aren't stealing codes

They aren't stealing codes, they're generating them, if I can develop an algorithm wich can generate this codes is my business and I'm not violating copyright of anyone and if those codes can be used to download content from Xbox Live it's a system flaw of Microsoft not mine.


So what your saying is, that if I make a random code generator to unlock your car and then start it to drive away i'm not stealing? Wow, Your parents should be ashamed to have you as a child.

That's right.

That is so right. Same w/my satellite receiver. Bell, Shaw, Direct TV etc. do not own empty space. If I buy or make a device that can decode their signals, that's MY FUCKING BUSINESS. FUCK MICROSOFT!!!! LMFAO!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

At Least they work?

At MicroSoft, at least they work for the money they make! How many people do you know, sit on their butts all day and "steal" money from our taxes? If you are tired of bad games, then pay the people that make them! just like with anything else in the world. if you want just a cheap burger mcDonalds will sell you one for $1, but if you want a really good sandwich, you are going to have to pay $5 or $6 at B-dubs or apple bees...



The difference between plain out theft and software piracy is the degree of law enforcement, there are laws against piracy yes but there are just as many zero laws against anyone demoing or extending their right for a backup copy. Those are things the industry has tried patching a law against and they have failed, now they use DRM and online tactics to circumvent laws pertaining to end user rights. Thus we enter the realm of what's what, in the end however its the developers and paying customers that end up sacrificing something.

There are worse crimes in this world than software piracy as hard as that might be to swallow!

You'll have the same heart attack either way.

Why pay $5-$6 for a 2 week dose of sat. & trans fats, LDL cholesterol & sodium when you can get it for $1. @ 20% of the price, you may be able to A: bring about a heart attack 500% faster or B: make it 500% more severe, or C: something in between. I personally like to be as fat & greasy as possible when I have heart attacks so I'd go w/McDonalds 'cuz I just can't afford it any other way.

I told ya so

I said when the PS3 was hacked and everthing regarding that. that the Xbox would be next. I told you so!!!

The wii is next, they are not fans of the Ps3 or Xbox. they only wish to destroy the rep behind each console and will find away to do so.

The one post that who ever made.
" stealing xbox codes is stealing money and hurting developers."

i argee with you totaly. Im a Ps3 fan, but please dont let that get in the way of me saying what is going on. this doesnt just hurt the Devs it hurts everyone even us "REAL" players. that is not putting hackers in to the mix of Real players.

i support both the PS3 and the Xbos. I dont own either ( due to money issues ) but the point is that we need to end the war of which is better and band toghter against the hacekrs. they will not stop at nothing but to destroy the consoles that are made for us to simple enjoy our games on.


U stated that u don't have money to purchase a system . We should band together against the hackers , well the hackers are the ones who r truly helping normal people save some money. These mutli billion dollar corps are sucking our money left and right so shut ur bitch ass mouth. People like. U who r stupid and ignorant and can't see the big picture


Yes, helping people save money by assisting them in stealing from others is good for economies right? Because its not the flow of cash that keeps economies healthy. Seriously, you need to study kid.

Talk about stupid, ignorant and big pictures...

Get a job and you wont have issues buying games ever again (unless you don't study much, then you will always have money problems).

Wait, generating false MS

Wait, generating false MS points is considered stealing? That's even more retarded than the anti-piracy bullsh!t. I bet most of those people wouldn't have bought that much MS points to begin with if any at all. Especially since they weren't afraid of getting banned. Also, the game.

your wrong

so what you are saying is I take my handy dandy printer and print out some 100 dollar bills then go buy a ferrari it is not a crime in any sort of way because I would not have bought the car before I made the money. MS points are currency. Making fake MS points is a crime. Do I think the points should be cheaper?? Yes I do. So I dont buy any points or sign up for a gold account. How can MS be ripping people off if the people know the price before they buy?

Nobody's talking about crimes fool,

they're talking about stealing!! Of course counterfeiting's a crime because it's against the law. It weakens economies. Just 'cuz it's a crime doesn't make it wrong. Doesn't mean it's stealing. The Ferrari dealership has a responsibility to check the bills. If they don't, that's their problem. They agreed to trade what was offered.

Maybe if Ferrari didn't charge $600,000 for a $60,000 machine, they wouldn't have to take such precautions. But it's their responsibility to do so if they want government approved paper, & I bet they would do so. Do you require a breathing tube in your asshole or do you pull out for air when you need it?

By the way, countries print as much money as they want. They manipulate their own currency all the time. It's just a note, it has no real value. Goods & services are all that's really being traded & if I have a billion dollars "real or fake" & there are only 10 loaves of bread left in the world, I bet I can't afford any of 'em. It costs MS nothing to replicate & distribute code an infinite amount of times, yet they think everyone should pay infinitely for it. Everytime their product is not being bought is another time they're being told their product or service is not that important. If it ceased to exist & enough people were bothered enough by that, they would start to trade their own product or service for it again. Unfortunately, video games, music & movies are not necessities & I refuse to trade $60 worth of my labor for any one of them. Fortunately, they're some of the most profitable industries in existence & are in no danger of diminishing, even in a shitty economy. So quit your whining & go get bent for Bill.

You dont have to talk about crimes to commit them

"It costs MS nothing to replicate & distribute code an infinite amount of times, yet they think everyone should pay infinitely for it"

You're extremely wrong there. What you don't seem to realize is how their market works. You buy points which they generate for free, true then you spend said points to get a product that has real value. You don't have to be a genius to figure out that something like this happens:

you pay MS -> MS gives you points -> you use points to get a game not made by MS -> MS pays the developer for the game.

So by using fake points you make MS buy games for you against their will or consent. That IS theft. It's worse than regular piracy because someone is actually losing money over it instead of simply not making money.

Yes, it's stealing. Just like

Yes, it's stealing. Just like generating a false credit card number and using it to purchase things. It is stealing. You are taking something that someone is charging money for, and not paying the money. This is called stealing.

No it's not stealing,

because there has been no loss in a case where someone wouldn't have bought them anyway. The content does not deplete as it's consumed. It can be replicated & distributed freely, so the provider loses nothing, & so nothing has been "stolen". Get a clue.

its wrong to steal

No matter how much money they make or people might hate them...xbox offer great products for great value.

stealing xbox codes is stealing money and hurting developers.

Just dont buy the games/content and prices will fall.

"Is that not what's occurring

"Is that not what's occurring by generating ones own points and/or "pirating" content?"

Not exactly, by pirating you show developers that there are people willing to play their games, they just didn't pay for it. That makes them want to earn that money you didn't pay. Only by showing no interest whatsoever will you get prices to fall. Its how the market works.

"Prices skyrocket because stupid companies try to fight a war they can't win by throwing more money @ it"

If there was no piracy, there would be no war. Hence another reason for prices to fall :)


I remember when Microsoft came up to me and took my money at gunpoint, then gave me a computer. Or the time Microsoft jumped me in the alley to take my money, and gave me an XBox. They steal from people all the time, in the open. Just go to any Best Buy and you'll see for yourself.


Microsoft was born out of theft, got big out of theft and keeps running like that. Although theft may not be the most suitable word to describe it.

But seriously, read about it. It's part of the history of computing. How Bill Gates backstabbed Steve Jobs and stole valuable data from him then got filthy rich out of doing that to many many people. Earlier than that, there's how Bill Gates screwed over the guy who created his first personal computer in order to get...guess what? Money!

The history and evolution of personal computers is filled with backstabs and thefts.

I remember when....

Microsoft told me I could no longer use my copy of Win XP that I paid $230 for because I had activated it "too many times". Activations are necessary after every yearly format, & formatting is necessary to ensure the system runs as flawless as possible, like maintenance on a car.

I also remember when Microsoft told me that even though I already bought my operating system, I am only allowed to use it on one of my computers, even though it's my OS, that I paid for.

You don't have to go to Best Buy to see it. You can see Microsoft robbing you from the comfort of your own home. Just ask Google.

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