Wii U outsells all home consoles in Japan

Nintendo needed a break and it looks like Mario Kart 8 might be the game to give it to it, as despite the hit racing title not yet releasing anywhere around the world, Wii U sales in Japan have topped that of the PlayStation 3, 4 and in-fact every other console apart from the 3DS and Vita in the last week.

Granted the numbers aren't enormous, as despite being the top selling home console, the Wii U did only shift 9,024 units, but the fact that the brand new, more powerful and certainly more hyped PS4 only sold 7,543 (a handful less than the PS3 ironically) is a good indication that Nintendo might be down but not out.

Comparatively Microsoft's consoles were almost nowhere to be found. The Xbox One didn't even feature in the top ten of console sales, while the Xbox 360 sold only 201 systems.

Of course what Nintendo needs is for these sales numbers to continue after the release of Mario Kart as well. Considering how well the game has reviewed, that's certainly a possibility, especially once people start playing their friend's version. That old snowball effect is working wonders for Sony right now, one good game could have the same sort of effect for Nintendo.

We talked recently about what Nintendo needs to do to make its big come back. It's not a lot and having a solid Mario Kart 8 launch was part of it.

Do you guys think Nintendo will be able to turn things around at all after the release of MK8? It seems poised to give it a nice bump, but will it be enough to get the ball rolling for the Wii U once again?

[Thanks WiiUDaily]

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You can't be serious, lol.

You can't be serious, lol. Off the top of my head I can think of Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 and Super Mario 3D world. And that is only if you don't include any of the Paper Mario games, of which there are a few. Sounds like you must be stuck in the 90's or maybe all the games I mentioned are so popular they're sold out so you can't find any. Only other explanation I can think of is you having your head up your **** but you can't be that stupid. Although that might explain the shot you've been dribbling. My advice to you is 'look a bit harder and get your facts straight otherwise you will look like an idiot again in the future'

This 'moron' would like to

This 'moron' would like to apologize. My response did come across quite aggressive rather than having a laugh and to teach. However, you may have liked to clarify your original statement. You seem educated enough :) well done for standing up for yourself too. So what I say next will really suck. Although there is a 'jump' from RPG to Platform, they are in many respects 'sequels' you just need to get over the genre difference to understand that. If you want a direct sequel, Paper Mario is as close as you will get currently. It was originally to be 'Super Mario RPG 2' but for legal reasons which include 'Square' was renamed. I also understand the 'Mario and Luigi' series is meant to be RPG but that will have to be some research you do for yourself. Maybe now you will do a bit of research, glad I could help :)

lets see

lets see Paper Mario originally going to be called super mario rpg 2 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door also know as paper mario rpg Super paper mario paper mario sticker star Also Mario and Luigi rpg 1-4 as they where known in japan So unless the only issue is in the west the rpg title bit is missing where have you been since 1996?

:) I don't think 'War' liked

:) I don't think 'War' liked that knowledge bombshell. I did warn to do some research or look silly in future but my advice was not taken. Thanks for shedding some light on the Mario and Luigi series, haven't tried them yet though. Do you recommend them and why? Also I'd just like to let you know that game changes do occur sometimes before they reach the western world. Sometimes they are minimal like the change of Kirbys eyes on cover art, or as major as the complete change of the Super Mario Bros. 2 game. You should have a look into those changes if the topic interests you. Maybe you have already heard of these, they are quite well known in western culture for obvious reasons. Are you enjoying the Wii U? Must be a different atmosphere around it where you are from.

PS3 I mean ( same **** just

PS3 I mean ( same **** just upgraded ) ps4. Is a a gimp pc same goes for xbox1. Most ps4 n Xbox games will be on pc sooner or later. And another thing how many times will they remake a fuckn game for a gaystation? Many of the games on ps4 will not use 1080p. Just like many ps3 only use 720. What is the point of bragging about its power when it's not being used?

Of course

Buying PS4 or Xbox ONE is like buying a very gimped PC. Same games with worse gfx. Nintendo has Unique very very good exclusives. So you own a PC and a console which has to be Nintendo, otherwise you own a PC and a gimped PC (i.e. PS4 or Xbox ONE). The latter solution is just stupid.

I got the PS4 for the games

I got the PS4 for the games not a gimped PC. Xbox titles go to the PC after awhile but PS4 titles like the Infamous series don't. The same will go for the Nintendo for Nintendo fans but the Nintendo games for me are what I played when I was 10. So I own a PC and a PS4 for PS4 and console only games. Xbox one is named the *One* as it is an underpowered piece of crap where they say we cant change that or this only to change it a few months down the track. At least Sony doesn't try that untruthful tactic.

Some games on all the

Some games on all the consoles have not been made on the pc. Same way some games on the pc won't ever show up on the console market. Although on the pc you can cheat and use emulators to gain access to console games.

any word.

... Any word on a pc version of For a Motor Sport Series?? It would kill the racing scene on PC. Excecpt for a few classics. Not talking about NFS that died for me long ago.

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