Wii U Sells Out During Its First Week

Against most expectations, Nintendo’s Wii U managed to match the original Wii’s first week performance.

Nintendo’s latest console managed to sell around 400,000 units during its first week in market, essentially depleting the available stock.

For comparison, the original Wii managed to move 475,000 during its launch week, 6 years ago.

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WOW, how cheap will they go?

As great as Wii U sounds to many people, it's really an overpriced piece of crap. Now people on here will ask me if I have one. The answer is.....Yes, I bought one. The Deluxe. I bought ZombieU and Darksiders II. The Wii U was supposed to redefine console gaming, according to nintendo. But, i seriously doubt it will. I work as a computer technician by day, and a gamer at night. But, I don't want to come home to overpriced and very weak hardware. i'm a PC gamer, but i still like consoles to. But after playing Wii U for about four days, I wanted to know what was inside. So, I did my research. My Wii U....goin' on craigslist. I paid $350 USD for something that cost Nintendo $180 USD to manufacture. The hardware feels weak and I had to find out. Quite dissapointed. But here's a lesson, DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST. here's an article. click here

But remember...

Nintendo are selling the consoles at a loss just now so 400,000 consoles each worth about $300 is $120,000,000... quite a bit of money to have tied up in stock. How many do you think they should stock pile before release? With the time it takes to make one and to ship it and then to get it sold it can be quite a while before they get their money back from the stock.


They're selling them at a loss, so who gives a **** if they're selling a pile of them. The more they sell, the more they lose. Nice plan. Eventually no one will want to play their stupid Mario games anymore, just like eventually the small minds that play CoDs will cease to be amused by the same small thing.

No loss

Dear sir, get informed before you start to yap. Yes, nintendo is selling the wii-u at a loss, or so they claim, but such a minor one that Nintendo of America CEO said it takes one software sale to turn a profit. Gamestop reported that the average Wii U buyer is buying 2.5 games immediately with the console, so Nintendo is clearly profitting from that fact alone. As the user base grows, as hardware becomes cheaper, as better software comes out the overall gains for Nintendo will increase.

err yes your wrong..

I make 100 shirts, costing me 10 $ each: I'm at a 1000$ loss. I sell the 100 shirts at 9$ each: (that is 900$): I'm at a 100$ loss. Now if I sell only 50 shirt at 11$ each: (550$): I'm at a 450$ loss. Clearing your stock is way better then not selling your hardware! But for Nintendo (or all console manufacturer) each game they sell give them royalties, so they are still making money fast. More console you sell more games your likely to sell. They tell they sell at a loss more as a marketing ploy then anything else anyways. They could be at a 10 cent loss per unit for all you know.

win win

The only lose for Nintendo would be if no one bought them. The first 6 months is about building the user base, just like it is with all consoles. And it looks like Nintendo are doing a good job here! Who knows, if I see a game I like the look of I might have to get one too!

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