Windows 8 Kernel Contains References To Supporting Xbox 360 Games

A while ago, some internet sites started a rumor Windows 8 would be able to Xbox 360 games. This rumor was shot down quickly as experts confirmed that the current PC technology available to consumers is not powerful enough to emulate the Xbox 360 console (as a rule of thumb, the emulating machine needs to be more than 10 times more powerful than the emulated one).

After digging into Windows 8 kernel (core), Win8Italia seems to have uncovered the first evidence to back that rumor. Specifically, they found the strings "XBOX_360_SYSTEM_CRASH" and "XBOX_360_SYSTEM_CRASH_RESERVED" inside Windows 8 kernel.

Without further info it is impossible to deduce anything. The strings might be there because the rumor is true, but they might also be there as part of a feature that allows Windows 8 PCs to connect with Xbox 360. The strings might also be left over from a feature that was removed later.

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Ninjas Pirates Super Mario

Should Windows 8 be COMPATABLE with xbox architecture it wouldn't need to "emulate" the games, it would be running them. Which I'm sure wouldn't be an issue on current gaming hardware. Something to potentially look forward too in any case.

For the best

If you really think about it if they stream line the development of games between both platforms. Both should have a leap in quality do to the more potential customer base it has.
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How is copy/paste of your own title on multiple platforms crap?

Think much?!

If your going to brag do a better job of it instead of copy paste repeat like every other useless post.

Live for Win

its only new feature Xbox live for windows and Live for pc similar to steam but much better

is GAMES FOR WINDOWS on xbox live website

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its a new LIVE similar to steam but much better


Only xbox live service for PC

if you go to web site xboxlive you will found new feactures like xbox live for PC ONLY

is impossible to emulate xbox on corrent pcs

and xbox 360 is much cheaper than pc , buy a xbox and don´t be stupid

this is FAKE , microsoft continuos with xbox 360 plataform , not a emulator for pc , crasy and stupid ideas

Not necessarily better. The

Not necessarily better. The devs must be willing to sink time and money into MAKING it better. If given the same code (pretending that there is such a code that can be run on both with no changes) and art assets a pc will have the very same quality as the console. You can't improve the visuals unless you have better textures, that and the fact that 90% of 360 titles never come to pcs might explain why someone would want pcs to be able to run console games.



It could mean anything, it could also be BS news spawned by some BS site. The fact is Windows 8 isn't even out yet, so some white coats decided to throw the alpha in a blender. What do you expect, Microsoft is infamous for reusing code. In fact Windows 8 is based on 7 which in turn is based on Vista which is based on the NT kernel. I'll be surprised to trip over news that spawns headlines about Gates picture found in pure coding, a miracle or a curse we will never know.


Sir, 'reusing' is not the right word to use when talking about MS code as it hints at the neatness and quality of good code developed using OOP properly.

Doesn't make sense.

Why would microsoft made their own console obsolete? Besides, I took a quick look at the micro-architeture of the processor used in the xbox 360 in Wikipedia and found out the following: "is based on IBM's PowerPC instruction set architecture" wich is not the common Intel's x86 or x64 micro-architectures (yes, they exist and is what pc's uses these days...).

"Why would microsoft made

"Why would microsoft made their own console obsolete?" - Because people are starting to talk about the next gen already, heck, next gen starts next year with Wii-U. Also windows 8 isn't coming out in a couple of months (win 7 isn't even a year old yet) so you could speculate that by the time win8 comes out ms will have the x720 well underway to replace the 360 anyway so your pc will only be able to play last gen games if it can run 360 games that is, I doubt it. To me this is more like some sort of connection between the 360 and a win8 pc like we have today with media center and such.

current PC's must emulate to

current PC's must emulate to play an Xbox 360 game.

you must understand that Xbox360 and PS3 are so powerful is because they tweak the games to that specific technology. with the huge differences in PC technology, developers must write more generic software to best encompass all of the available technologies.


Well if any of this is true, Windows 8 maybe the first OS to be worth upgrading to since XP. And, emulation won't be an issue as long as they desgin a native API to run/install the games. Looking forward to this one


its funny to think that they say current computers are not powerful enough to run xbox 360 games when the xbox 360 is effectivly a pc (albeit custom one) in a box

oblivion on my pc looks a hell of a lot nicer then on the xbox

The usual uninformed gamer

Just going with what others say, that's not good kid. It means you don't use your brain when you should. What makes a computer a PC? Why are supercomputers not considered PCs? The answer is the x86 architecture (or x86-64 for 64 bit pcs). If your computer uses that architecture then its a pc, if it doesn't then its not. Surprisingly there are no other architectures available for home use so your PC along with everyone elses is x86. Consoles do NOT use such an architecture (as its a general purpose architecture) and so cannot be called pcs. You might say "Big deal, that's just a detail" but its not. The components (cpu, gpu, memory) may be similar but the way they're organized and how they interact with each other is quite different and that's why games would have to be EMULATED by pcs instead of run natively. It doesn't matter if game x or game y look better on your pc, that doesn't get the console any closer to being a pc nor does it mean anything since you're comparing machines that are fundamentally different in both architecture and purpose.


Frankly you are wrong, computers are not x86 anymore, but that is besides the point. The difference between a console and a PC is not the architecture it is the fact that a console does not have the need for directX to convert information for the video card to process, the coding is already set to the video card in consoles. PCs have such a wide variety of hardware that nothing can be coded for specific setups so that's why directX has to convert information for video cards and sound cards. This is the reason that it takes 10 times the computer power to emulate a console, it needs such an overwhelming amount to process all that coding into smooth graphics.

Another(?) uninformed gamer

"computers are not x86 anymore" - Thank you for saving me any effort required to prove you wrong. Read more kid, if at some point the architecture had changed you wouldn't be able to run an old OS (emphasis on OS and not just any software) on a computer with the new architecture. Also don't even mention direct x when referring to consoles (plural form) because there's only one (two if you count the previous gen) out there that uses directx. Every other uses something else (modded opengl for wii and ps3).

So old macs, weren't PCs?

So old macs, weren't PCs? When they were PowerPCs? See, there's the word PC in the architecture of the processor for xbox 360, PowerPC. PPC. There have also been Super Computer using x86, or even AMD64 which is just refered to as x86_64.

Not quite...

The key word was "emulate" rather than "run" in the article. There's a big difference between the two. I assume MS is going to pull this off using a different graphics hardware API than Direct X but I could be completely wrong.

This all sounds like a pretty awesome change in Windows' capabilities if at all true!

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