Windows 8 Successor Could Run On Xbox And PC

According to "This Is Next," the next Xbox will share a common operating system with PCs and mobile phones.

According to their sources, the aforementioned operating system will succeed Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 and it will forego the "Windows" moniker in favor of a new one which "better reflects Microsoft's vision of the future." The new OS will launch within the next 4 years, which is in line with Windows 8's expected lifecycle of 3 years.

The report falls squarely in line with comments made by Windows Phone president Andy Lees during the Microsoft Partner Conference on Tuesday.

During the conference, Lees explained that we have reached the "inflection point" where all the key components of a PC can be placed on a single chip, which led to the proliferation of different devices that has the same capabilities.

"The key important thing here, though, is the change that's yet to happen, but it's about to happen - the bringing together of these devices into a unified ecosystem," he said. "Because if it's possible for the core of the device itself to be common across phones, PCs and TVs - and even other things because the price drops dramatically - then it will be a single ecosystem."

"Windows has always spanned different PC form factors, and with Windows 8 we're going to take this to a whole new level, including tablets... We are aiming to provide coherence and consistency across the PC, the phone, and the TV, particularly with Xbox."

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It's called lipstick on a pig!

Microsoft is notorious for that however cloud itself is paradigm shift in technology, regardless what it looks like on the surface the internal work differently.

Just think of Windows 8 as an operating system with in built store aside from windows update, the future will be nothing more than target for a pyramid enforcing people to use internet services as their local foundation. This offers both a positive and negative incentive to both consumers and businesses.

O hell no dawg

I saw the leaked alphas, there is no way in hell that I am buying this OS. They're completely taking away the traditional PC UI in favor of something akin to Onlive.

What you saw were the leaked

What you saw were the leaked alphas for windows 8. If you had bothered to read the article you would've realized they're talking about the OS that will come after windows 8. It would be windows 9 except they said they wont use the windows name.

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