World Of WarCraft Lost 100000 Subscribers In 3 Months

Figures revealed during an Activision-Blizzard investor call have shown that World of WarCraft is withering slowly but it certainly is not dying.

According to the investor call, World of WarCraft currently has 10.2 million subscribers, a hundred thousand less than the 10.3 million subscribers reported in a similar call three months ago.

The company acknowledged that free-to-play MMO RPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) are eating into its customer base and admitted that the numbers could have been worse hadn't it been for the success of the annual pass program. In fact, more than a million players have participated in the annual pass program where they paid for a full year World of WarCraft subscription and got a free copy of Diablo III as a bonus.

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After WoTLK I began to dislike some of the changes in WoW. I had crash issues with some of the new dungeons and the way characters got spells and pets seemed to easy. I liked it when you had to buy everything, including your pets spells. I dumped WoW just before the Panda distro because it looked like a game for kids 12 and under. Panda's that know Kung-Fu...? Where'd that come from?

Cause of the Pandas?

Playing through Mists so far has honestly been a breath of fresh air. Wotlk and Cataclysm were both monumental fails for Wow, maybe not sub-wise, but game-wise. MoP has so far been very incredible; may it be the scenery, quests, or overall vibe the expansion is letting off, I see WoW gaining subscriptions. They did a great job on this expansion, best they've done since Burning Crusade. Pandas? Really? A game is doing bad because of Pandas...? The game is doing poor because Wotlk set a simplistic standard for the game, when Cataclysm didn't follow suit with simplicity people left. (Not to mention, re-hashing Azeroth felt cool at first, but became old to look at real quick.) The Pandarans are quite bad-***, and have existed in lore prior to Kung Fu Panda; on top of that, the fighting animations for Pandaran Monks are just so bad ***. Stop hating on the Pandas, they are not responsible for WoW's supposed destruction, but in turn will be it's revival.

rs accounts for sell

You have made some really good points there. I checked on the web for more info about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this site.

All Hail The King, The King Is Dead!

I have played WoW since Vanilla, and have seen the changes and loss of interest. One problem is BLizz's greed in not giving discounts to multi-account holders. Many families that have multi-accounts cannot afford to continue paying the current rate, and are slowly dropping out of the scene. Another is the fact that Blizz listens to much to a small group of players that whine and cry to get their way with the development of class specifics. As the developer, Blizz needs to take control of how classes perform. Listening to player comments is good, and they can take those comments into consideration for revision. But all to often I have seen classes nerfed so badly that many players would simply delete them and start a new toon. Poor way to develope a game, Blizz! Yes, the numbers are very inflated. But there are reasons they do that. If you saw 2 games advertised, one having a player base of 10m, the other a player base of 3m, all else being equal, you'd most likely choose the 10m game. Deceptive advertising, but effective. Also, the "paying" accounts, 10m, look better to stock holders than an actual 3m subscriber base. I know that I'm rooting for a new competitor that can overthrow Blizz. I also know many others who are rooting the same cheer.

you're all fucktards

Reading, or shall I say trying to read all these idiot posts, I see now why WoW is in the state it is. It use to have top notch players, now it's overrun by complete morons and little kiddies. Most of these posts are written by people that can't even spell at a 4th grade lvl. The veterans have left because Blizzard nerfed the game so badly its not even recognizable to anyone who played vanilla and hasn't played since BC. In their place are low IQ fucktards. Everytime I have the urge to reinstall the game and check it out, I stop for a moment and realize i'll have to play with these idiots and deal with their nonstop fail and bad behavior ingame and I decide to do something else with my time.

It's level

Got to love the morons who say we can't spell at a 4th grade lvl. Hey "fucktard", it's level. If you don't like the game or other players, then get the **** off the game and go crying to your EverQuest friends.

WoW will kill itself ... nothing else can ...

These figures are meaningless ... WoW has more duplicate accounts than any other game out there. Of these 10 million+ accounts ... we are talking 3-4 million individuals ... tops. Also accounts is probably less important that time played. Interest has been waining in WoW for a long time now. People have been looking for a "WoW" killer and that is foolish, that won't ever happen. WoW will die on its own and nothing will replace it because this model is dying. When WoW came out it enjoyed years of little to no competition.

People were so invested in it by the time actual competition came out that the market was already captured. No one has ever differentiated their MMO product enough from WoW to entice players away. Now the industry has simply moved past a monthly fee to pay model for MMOs ... it is too risky. After ToR failed to make inroads no publisher is going to make anything other than a niche title on the pay to play model again.

We'll see more FTP for sure and more standard buy the game and play style (GW1-2) games. People have too many options to choose from and it just isn't worth it to consumers to pay a monthly fee for a game. WoW is the exception because it is a veritable facebook for the people still playing ... they have years and years of relationships established in the game and most of those people keep paying their monthly for that ... not because WoW is worth it ... simply because it is part of their social network.

The price is the problem.

I have to say, the game is amazing, and there is nothing wrong with it. The game has done nothing but get better since vanilla. There have been many younger kids joining the game, but that just makes the other mature players feel more.... superior, maybe? Although, many kids can be pretty boss at WoW. Basically, younger persons (YES PERSONS IS A WORD READ A **** DICTIONARY), have done nothing to make the game less popular. Kids devote their time more to games, so if they learn how to play, get all of the slang remembered, act mature, no ones f***ing knows if they're playing with a 7 year old or not. For all you guys reading, you could have 5-10 nine year olds in your friends list, and you wouldn't realize s***. Anyways, this is the problem, the price of 30 dollars a month is just a burden to us and EVERYONE who plays knows it. It's like being a member of an insurance company that wants you to pay a dollar a day. If a feature that adds different [money saving] prices for different periods of membership time, (Refer to for an example) say, if we were to pay $55 for 3 months, instead of $30 for 1 month, many people would take advantage of the offer, and finally realize how great the game is. Therefore, the real problem, is Blizzard's pricetags.


Kill WoW. Please, let it die. The rehashed crap over and over. Buying the expansions with no way to do the things you wanted to do unless you kissed some nerds **** to be in his uber guild so he could get uber gear whlie you just got to see the stuff you wanted to see....kill that stupid game forever

This isn't news

World of Warcraft is by far the most monetarily successful game in the history of computer gaming. WoW already has double the lifespan of 90 percent of other MMOs, and it's still raking in the cash at record levels. Call me when they're down to only 5 million subscribers. "100000 subscribers left WoW over 3 months. The same 3 months we couldn't think of anything else to report on. And now, Sports."

Star Wars is the worst MMO I

Star Wars is the worst MMO I've ever played. It was so bad we cleared 90%of the content in just 3 months and went straight back to wow. 8 of us... Wow will not die anytime soon. No matter what people say, Wow will always have years of experience ahead of other games.

guess what blizz fangirl your

guess what blizz fangirl your down to 9mil now and keep loosing subs EVERY SINGLE DAY dam dude 3 mil in less than a year and a half omg you must be imba butthurt your 1 pixel crap is finally starting to die there are tons better mmo's coming archeage,WoD and ofc the best mmo made for the last 6 years GW2. keep playing that retarded mmo made for kids locked in your basement i have tons of better mmo's to explore. its 2012 dude time has changed..we r not in 2004 anymore time to follow the flow.

Everyone Seems to Forget

Their numbers always drop before the very end of an expansion, and dramatically increase at the beginning of a new one. The funniest time they lost their customers was when their servers crashed and the lost, what, between 3 and 6 million characters? Then everyone at the beginning of Cataclysm found things were too hard in certain raids (which wasn't entirely false), so they quit. Things also get really stale, especially SUPER GRIMDARK AND EDGY things like fire everywhere and a whole world being destroyed.

All they can hope for is the pattern of people leaving and then coming back with even more friends continues for Mists of Pandaria. It's actually shaping up to be tons better than Cataclysm, so I wouldn't doubt it happens again.


I played WOW since the beta and have now left it for EVE Online. Wow just got boring, and the number of kids that play it now is simply too much. I found the openess of WOW eye-popping in the beginning and it allowed me to play the game the way I wanted now that has all changed. There are no challanges there anymore. Remember when you could only get a mount at lvl 40?..and how much of a struggle it was to afford one?...simple challanges but you felt you achieved something. Blizzard has opted for the 'get as many subbers as possible' approach and it doesnt matter what age they start at. This has wrecked the game for the mature(40+) player. I still play, but on a free server on the old game(lvl 60 was top). Goodbye blizzard

world of softcraft

I am one of the over 40 year old gamers World of warcraft I loved playing , till they nerft the fun out of it . The wife and I still play but on a WotLk server which has still got the old feel to the game , its Great , the monsters arnt friendly .and the Elites dont invite you in for tea and cakes.

WoW Has gotten to big for it oun good

I know for me and my family we quit wow for the pore treatment from the gms, people have learned how to use the rules to attack other players, I myself have suffered this problem, one player went after me i ended up haveing to change all my toons names and so on, all do to one person, i put in a ticket, guess what, Gms dont care, you call bliz and you get the "Too bad we can do what we like"

the people at blizzard do to the large player base dont care if you have problems with or in the game, the "too bad" or "we dont care" made me and my family leave, and over the last year many of my old guildys have left do to the same things , there still over 10mil players so there going to keep doing it.

But I for one would throw a party if WoW went under, but im not going to hold my breath.

Lol and yours?

As I was reading through the comments, I noticed your response. If you're going to attack someone's spelling/grammar, at least adhere to your own standards. It's ridiculous how hypocritical people are.


I'm sure those figures are lower than they are stating. The game came out in 2004, so it’s a 8 year old mmo not even UO kept its number high after 5 years. People get tired of playing the same old thing over and over again. I would know I’ve played both games I would have to say Ultima Online was a better game. World of War Craft is to repetitive for me.


Reading some of these comments is hilarious. You kids/nerds need to put down the keyboard, or controller, go outside and do something with your life.

the reason people left Ultima

the reason people left Ultima Online was because of Age of Shadows. most of the people from the UO universe have scattered upon many many many freeshards out there/ ive seen freeshards with 5k players at once. and theres many of them like that.

Annual Pass and D3

I paid for the Annual Pass and regret it. I never got my copy of D3 and was blown off by customer service. I have now canceled my WoW sub for good and refuse to even pirate a copy of D3.

Why wouldn't subs go down?

Wow gets boring. After you hit max level you can only raid so many times before you get bored and your sub lapses. I haven't played wow since Wrath, and i quit before the lich king was killable XD.

Maybe, one day, after panamania expansion I'll try wow again, get to the new end game and quit again. Free games are a part of it, WoW is old and it is fun but it is just old now... too many free MMOs copy wow also.

the reason eve online is loved by its fans is because it is nothing like other mmos and there isn't an "end game" like WoW that involved maxing levels and raiding every day. ****://

I'm not too fond of the word

I'm not too fond of the word "acknowledged" used in the article... they're "stating" more than they're "acknowledging".

There's many things that make World of Warcraft slowly die, and free MMOs are only part of the equation. Expansions are coming out too quickly, and they change the whole game. If you don't have one, then you can't play and by the time you get it, another one is on the way. I'm sure this deters many players from reactivating their account.

EVE Online I believe has a great system. Twice per year they upload a new expansion, free of charge. You just pay the game, and a slightly more expensive subscription. They're not as greedy as Blizzard. The only reason EVE is not as popular as WoW is because the learning curve is very steep (also, possibly, not everybody likes spaceships). They reported a whopping 100 million trial accounts (free for one week, you know the drill) made in the course of the whole game (which started in 2003). 100 million people have tried EVE Online. That means people know the game is out there.


for sure... who want to play a panda beside a child of 9... but whas the game not 12+ ... well already a problem ther i know 1 person who like's panda... and thats me litle brother of 9

i do

i would love to play as a panda the reason is because they are cool also my brother would too and he is 18 years old


They blame F2P as the reason why there losing people which I think is funny but I think it's just that it's just getting ******* old. There pouring out expansions packs now alot faster then before and there also doing things in game that they would never even think about doing way back then like allowing you to make both faction toons on a pvp server. There just giving in to everbodies little demands. My friend who just sold him account told me that now healing druids no longer have a tree form cause they were crying that you couldn't see there gear to show off so they ditched the tree form, lol? Serious!!! I'm glad I got out after Litch King came out but I did waste the money buying the expansion pack so that was the only bad thing about it.

do some research before talking?

do some research before talking?... tree form will never been ditched you where always allowed to make horde and ally on a pvp server but only whit a faction change back in time while this whas new the game is old... mine girlfriend is old... won't say i trade her for a younger one i'm laughing myself death poeple who say stuff like this

only reason who is dying is pandora... and alot of poeple will leave since the release of diablo3... your kidding me! blizzard make's the choice for you if you play whit poor performance or not o.o since the game won't even start if you grappic card is to low... but when you bypass this you can play it flawless on a pc that is 10 years old!!! poeple getting mad of this and quit...

like someone selling a car and gonna make the choice for you what car you NEED to buy... 1 big bad joke Imao!!!


Your friend is a @#!% tard and doesn't know what the heck he is talking 1 the tree of life is still there 2 they aren't just pouring out expansions they pour patches that constantly make things better 3 just because they have a few expansions and by few i mean 3 going on 4 doesn't mean much games are lucky to have that much if they poured them out it would be like EQ (Ever Quest where they had one come out like 1 every 6 months instead wow took 3 years to get BC (the burning crusade) 1 Year after that for wtlk (Wrath of the Lich King ) and then 2 more years for Cata (Cataclysm) and then 2 more years if not more for the upcoming release of MoP (mist of pandaria) so all in all ur friend is a tard u r a tard and u fail at justifining your reasons but i will give u this one ur right wow is blaming the F2P and they are Wrong but they are still Improving every day they have their game up

Dude, he means tree form is

Dude, he means tree form is gone as a shapeshift, which is true. Sayin it's still there because you can shift into it for 30 seconds every few minutes is just missing the point; a lot of druids were trees because they thought it was cool and didn't want to stare at stupid looking gear all the time. Those days are gone. RIP Tree Form.

i'm sure alot of the players

i'm sure alot of the players lost went to star wars the old republic, like i did. i played wow for 4years and i was HAPPY to switch. i botted the **** out of WoW...because the grind and storyline sucked donkey balls. Always did.

SWTOR's storylines are awesome and i hand level 2 50s already

WoW needs to die. Blizzard is awesome, but this game just needs to die.

So agree

I have player SWTOR's and was in the closed beta. It convinced me to actually get into a MMO that I would have to pay for. Cause i swore i would never get an MMO that I would have to pay for, but SWTOR is so appealing in every way and can't wait for my collectors edition to arrive SWTOR FTW


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