Worms Developer Is Finally Working On New IP: The Flockers

For the first time since 2001, Team 17, the developer behind Worms series is working on a new intellectual property (IP).

The new game is called "Flockers." It was revealed by the studio's managing director Debbie Bestwick at PlayStation Open Day.

Debbie refused to reveal any details about the game, but she affirmed that "this is the most important game we've worked on in over a decade."

The official announcement is expected to take place sometime next week, at which time we'll – hopefully – get to know more about the game.

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Well, from the details they

Well, from the details they released (none) I'd say it has an equal chance to be a ball in a cup simulator. Here's to hoping! Nice to hear Team 17 is moving out of their comfort zone with a new franchise, however "unimpressive" that extremely tiny bit of vague news is to some.

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