Xbox 720 Will Be Always On Console

Xbox 720

While it's an unconfirmed report at the moment, Edge is suggesting that the next generation of Xbox console, could require users to maintain a consistently online internet connection if they want to play games. On top of this, the tech would prevent the usage of used games, thereby invalidating the multi-billion dollar market for the next-gen.

It's also being reported that blu ray games available in high street retailers will come with an activation code in order to maintain the no-used policy that Microsoft appears to be adopting. Of course this will mean that there are fewer people buying games on launch day, since many people do so in order to beat a game as fast as possible and then sell it on, making up around half of the original purchase price. Without the ability to do that, many people will wait for price reductions.

Because of less people buying early when stocks are high and with the inability to play used games, next-gen games are likely to become incredibly rare in the years to come. Once production stops, expect unopened playable copies to be worth more than their weight in gold. Unfortunately this means that unless games are re-released on future systems, or made available on other mediums, you'll find it very hard in a decade or so's time to find anything for the Xbox 720 that you can play - unless you bought and saved a copy. It just won't be possible to find one that hasn't already been used.

Of course you could get a modded console and play a used or pirated version, but you guys wouldn't do that, would you?

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xbox 720 dud

So like a new movie thats just out in theaters and starts to slow down on ticket sales ,it goes to DVD production to recoupe some more money before it's dead. Microsoft is willing to let all these game titles, game companies like Game stop and GameFly plus game makers employees lose out on all the revenue THATS GREED

Real or Not

If the rumors are real there gonna fail big time. Not everyone wants to have to leave there systems on all the time. What happens if the Cable or DSL goes out because of bad weather. Then your stuck with a useless paper weight . Im a big PC fan have always love my pc but I like the console systems too. I hope they see the error of there way before they make a big mistake and we end with a few less consoles.


After reading this article, I feel like smashing my xbox 360 to pieces. Microsoft is no longer worthy of my money. Not everyone can afford high-speed internet. Yes, I said it. there are people who can't afford high-speed internet. having to have your console connected 24/7 would require high-speed internet. This whole new console generation is nothing short of being a total ***********. this will only lead to MORE pirating and hacking. I'll root for the pirates. **** the greedy ***** at microsoft and sony both.

greedy bastards.......

If they implement this "no used games" policy, I hope people pirate the **** out next-gen console games. Not everyone can afford $60 for a brand new game. some people can only afford used games. perhaps this "no used games" policy would be justified if the price of next-gen games were to be sold for $40, but that is never gonna happen. I wouldn't be suprised if they increased the new game prices from $60 to $70, eventually. The games industry has gotten selfish and greedy. They no longer care about their fanbase. they don't care about being innovative. they only care about doing the bare minimum with maximized profits. if people can't play used games on the next Xbox, MicroSoft will suffer heavy losses. I wouldn't mind seeing them fall flat on their faces, if they do this. Same for Sony. I'll be more than happy to play the PS3 for another 8 years, or longer if need be. Normally I don't agree with hacking and pirating. But this would justify it all. Go hackers! Wreak as much havok as you can, until either MicroSoft/SONY changes their ridiculous ways........or until they fall like Nazi Germany did in the second world war.

Self Destruction

I want to be upset, but I've seen this coming for five or six years now. The video game industry is becoming so corrupt and greedy it's just about intolerable. They're doing themselves in. When I picked up Dead Space 3 at gamestop yesterday, they went through their usual soliciting of pre-ordering everything and I realized 90% of games coming out over the next 6 months that I want, I've already planned on getting through Steam. If they lock out the 720 from used games, the likely hood of me purchasing the console will be less than 50%. As of now it's about 90%.


Oh please, gawd, let this be true! Sony should do this too. It will be such sweet, sweet irony when all the console tards who've made fun of PC gamers start to complain about always-online DRM and the death of used games. I will point and laugh like I've never laughed before. It'll also cause a substantial migration to PC gaming, which is great for all consumers. Open platforms are the only good gaming platforms!

@Anonymous (not verified) on

@Anonymous (not verified) on February 6, 2013 - 11:00am lol, they know their fanbase much better than you do apparently. They know most people can't become hackers. FYI becoming a hacker takes much more than downloading apps, pirating stuff, using modchips and doing anything which you can find how-to's with a google search.


Would be nice to cut down on pirated crap like that, and second hand losers that are to cheap to buy the game at retail price, If you can't afford a 60 dollar game, than you shouldn't be worried about buying games at all at that point, your money should go towards food for your family. Of course this will also be another blow to that useless Steam websites that little kids enjoy buh bye less then 2 years left for that pile of garbage site.


Stick it up your *** M$, you too $ony. My only hope is both of them go out of business, although most of us a familiar with that concept of "To Big To Fail".


ok this HAS been confirmed. what you are reading above in the article was found out to be fake, this id information taken from a website known for spreading misinformation to make systems look bad, it turned out it was done by sony and other 3rd party developers.


LOLz, so many ppl have consoles but wont pay for internet, consoles were for poor ppl, now they tell the poor ppl to buy internet :) hehehe this console will have a hard time selling, if u have to pay for the internet subcribtion like the xbox360, 2xbill for internet for evrey 1 even the solo players, i am 100% sure this stupid choice will help PC's sell. Finnally the poor ppl will have no choice but to buy a pc :) n internet n the end hehehe but atleast it will be worth it

PC Gamer for Life!

First Sony and now Micro$haft?! I think I have found yet another reason to stay a PC gamer. At least Nintendo is going down this route, for now. Which is fortunate, because I'm I'm considering trading in my Wii for the U.

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