Xbox One and PS4 Record The Last Few Minutes Of Your Game


The year is about to role over into 2014, you've just had Christmas and your parents/partner/friends/brothers/underhanded dealings have bought you a brand new Xbox One/PlayStation 4 for Christmas. When you fire up a game on New Year's eve and get a great combo or a nice kill, you can get it uploaded straight away - because whichever console you have, the last few minutes of gameplay are always recorded.

Where it gets interesting however, is that the PlayStation 4 records the past fifteen minutes of gameplay, whilst the Xbox One will record just five minutes of previous gameplay. Both consoles however, will allow for content sharing at the touch of a button, sending the last few minutes of footage off to social networks and/or the console's own social platforms.

Microsoft however, has been touting its voice recognition services through the Kinect 2.0, suggesting that you can just say "Xbox, record that," when you do something cool, meaning you won't need to stop playing to have a record of your finest kills.

Comparatively the PS4 will require users to press the share button in order to bring up the last few minutes of footage, though its partnership with Ustream will allow for a more established platform to share on.

Of course these aren't really big features for average gamers, who don't really do much beyond show their friends the odd kill they got, but for pro and semi-pro streamers, this could be a very interesting feature set.

What do you guys think?

[Cheers CVG]

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What do you guys think?

I think anyone who records video game activity as a seriously sad form of loser indeed. Who the fuck cares? Really? How big a loser life failure do you have to be to boast about your performance in a video game? Sitting on your fat lazy ass, being all you can be, the best you can be, AT A FUCKING VIDEO GAME!!!! Sorry guys, Leonard Hofstadter only exists on TV. Chicks like Penny ain't gonna dig your loser lifestyle where you actually record your game performance to "show off" to your other loser friends. It ain't my place to judge, but whoever is in such a place will deem you to be LOSERS LOSERS LOSERS!!! What a stupid fucking feature to include in a piece of obsolete trash.

Well maye with your COD you

Well maye with your COD you dosen't need skill to play but for me when i play with ppl and when we try to acheive something well a good recording to improve ourself and the group is very usefull, maybe you play for yourself and i can admit if i'm to post my game on youtube or facebook i'm probably an attention whore, but for most ppl this can be like picture in an album, still have a smile when i see screenshot or video of something i did 10 year ago.

The PC players sound stupid

The PC players sound stupid and the console players sound stupid. If you don't understand why people play console you're an idiot, should just not even care and continue playing PC and pay no attention to console. If you play console you should shut up and stop arguing about PC. PC gamers are jealous of console and console gamer are jealous of PC. Weather you know it/want to admit it or not. The arguments seem like they're coming from a kid. "Like the one about Consoles or PC" That fool seems like a kid himself.


I have both consoles and PC. And its easy to see if your a gamer why the PC is better. I'm a gamer and I will pick whatever device gives me the best experience and so far that is the PC. Consoles are good for simplicity and exclusives.

An ode to the PC

Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything Better than you. No, you can't. Yes, I can. No, you can't. Yes, I can. No, you can't. Yes, I can, Yes, I can! Anything you can be I can be greater. Sooner or later, I'm greater than you. No, you're not. Yes, I am. No, you're not. Yes, I am. No, you're NOT!. Yes, I am. Yes, I am!

Consoles are Pc's

Consoles are pc's. Without the PC, No consoles. I personally HATE consoles. I used to like them. When they were VIDEO GAME MACHINES. Not a fucking computer in disguise to sell to morons that dont know how to use a computer. I dont have a half hour just to get to the fucking title screen of a game. I hope Sony and Microsoft fuck off out of the console race. Stick to what they are. VIDEO GAME MACHINES. I remember when i could put a game in, press the power button and fucking play the game, Why do i have to sign in to play a fucking game I bought on a system I bought in my home, but i have to fucking sign in. FUCK OFF CONSOLES I HATE YOU. lol PC is the way to go. Kids and morons = Consoles. Adults and people who can think = Pc's.

Hey I was probably playing pc games before most of you were born

lol, but im 43 and just got so fucking sick of the whole pc shit. I started building pcs and playing games on them in the very early days, I remember 256 vga lol, (fuck I even remember ega and cga graphic standards) old games such as space quest, leisure suit larry, monkey island II, Wolfenstein original, simcity, Doom 3, Quake, ages of empires and was bored shitless of them by time of Vista. Fucking about, upgrading, updates, my graphics card were supporting dx10 and fuck all games used - I COULDNT BE FUCKING ARSED ANYMORE lol Consoles in the old days were so quick to load but these modern consoles are so much more family orientated, games in 5 years will still play on it a standard controller so that games are more intuinitive. Simple - yes less headache - yes PCs have there followers, but im no kid and no fucking moron and can most certainly think for myself. Consoles are my gaming hardware of choice thanks :-)


Yeah um, I can hit f9 and record hours of game play. As much gameplay as disc space as is available on the hard drive I pick, then can edit. Can have my entire gaming session streaming and people watching it. PC gaming pioneered this idea. Without PC gaming the idea probably wouldn't have even occurred to these companies.

i think what he was trying to say is that...

with programs like fraps you have to make sure it is running in the background before you start, whereas with the consoles now it automatically records the past 5/15 mins of gameplay so that you never get that "holy crap that was awesome! why the hell was I not recording that!?" moment

Who Fucking cares you

Who Fucking cares you shortsighted Fucking moron. I don't want to sit in another room away from my family at a desk with a mouse and keyboard. I don't want a big shitty box in the room sounding like an airplane. I don't want to keep Fucking about with config to get a game running. face it Pcs are shitty for convenience.

PCs are pretty good for

PCs are pretty good for convenience for anyone who can use them properly. You don't use your console to access porn sites, torrent stuff and other shady affairs where you catch all sorts of malware without realizing. I use a high end gaming laptop which I dare you to find a console that runs as silent as it does while pumping out the kind of graphics it does. I don't have to sit in a room away from my family nor do I have to hoard the television because I have my own 1080p screen

i agree partially

I have a asus g75vw and I must say I love it, the only thing I don't care about is how silent a computer runs, I either use headphones or (in my laptop's case) the in-built sub-woofer (which is pretty bloody loud) so im not fussed if my computer makes a whirring noise, that being said it doesn't really make a noise anyway, im just saying if it did I wouldn't mind


Sounds like someone got butt hurt. Both types appeal to different people. PCs are for fps players and people who want the best graphics and customization while consoles are more geared toward people who want to play casually or with anyone who comes over. Pot calling the kettle black there much? If you want to talk about shortsightedness look at the fact that both ps4 and xbox one work at a sub pc gaming rig level. Shouldn't be so emo about stuff, it is really unappealing. Both systems are viable but that guy was replying to someone who was trying to spout that the console had a feature that PCs different, and was corrected.


Who cares? Why would anyone in the world including you, the player, want to watch your last few minutes of a game? This is going to use resources, blitting 1080p to memory or to the disk is the worst case of usage I have ever seen. I am not saying this is going to grind your computer to a halt, but I mean, give me 100 more particles, preload the next section of map.... do something that actually useful for fuck sake.

Here's my take on this, the

Here's my take on this, the console already has an area of memory reserved for the recording, it's part of the RAM claimed to be used by the system. The console is constantly recording your gameplay, however the memory area reserved for it can only accomodate the 5-15 minutes mentioned, so once the recording exceeds that much the console starts to overwrite previous footage in the RAM and keeps going until you say "record that"/press the share button, then it grabs the video from the ram, dumps it to the hd and keeps recording in the ram until you tell it to save another video. There should be dedicated hardware for this otherwise the performance hit would be significant 2 or 3 years from now when games are pushing consoles to their limits. Saving videos to disk should be fine even if the game is running since no game needs constant HD access to run. To me it's a worthless feature, but if there are people out there who apppreciate it then I'm fine with it so long as it doesn't affect my games performance.

The recording is done by a

The recording is done by a dedicated piece of hardware in the PS4 and probably the Xbone as well. It is fast and efficient what it does and doesn't slow the system down at all so the developers can get the most out of it no matter what. Basically, it's like holding a camera and record your TV.

While the recording and

While the recording and encoding will be handled by a core of the 8 core jaguar cpu or a dedicated ARM processor. It will eat into the system memory having to record 5-15 minutes of video and will trickle down the hdd for storage. Which will affect how much memory a developer has to play around with.

Recording doesn't consume a

Recording doesn't consume a lot of memory so long as the buffer is kept small. HDD Usage can be kept minimal as well by compressing the video before it is transfered to the HDD. I doubt the consoles will be recording at lossless quality like FRAPS does.

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