Xbox One Games Can Use Xbox Live Cloud To Triple Performance

Microsoft group program manager of Xbox Incubation and Prototyping, Jeff Henshaw, revealed that Xbox One games developers will be able to use the processing power of Xbox Live Cloud to enhance the graphics and physics in their games.

"[for every Xbox One] we're provisioning the CPU and storage equivalent of three Xbox Ones on the cloud," he explained. "We're doing that flat out so that any game developer can assume that there's roughly three times the resources immediately available to their game, so they can build bigger, persistent levels that are more inclusive for players. They can do that out of the game."

Microsoft has upped the number of Xbox Live servers from 15,000 to 300,000 to support Xbox One. This should be enough to support the usual number of Xbox One consoles connected concurrently, but what about launch days when millions of players try to play a single game at the same moment?

According to Microsoft, game developers who decide to use the Xbox Live Cloud for processing are responsible for making their games playable without internet connection.

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"""According to Microsoft,

"""According to Microsoft, game developers who decide to use the Xbox Live Cloud for processing are responsible for making their games playable without internet connection.""" This sounds like PS3. How it was more powerful with better graphics and all, but it was so difficult for game Devs to make games for it, and it was up to the Devs to figure out how to use the PS3 to its full potential. Only this seems like an actual waste.

Ms is getting ahead of itself

Ms is getting ahead of itself. We're not quite there yet. Almost but not yet. So the only thing I can think of is they are trying to future proof their machine. But things change so much, what if cloud gaming becomes old news and a new/better type of virtual computing is born?


look the cloud is not used for actual real time processing its meant to take care of all those thngs that take place in the background to kinda the some weight off the main unit so ping and that type of thing wont be so relevant because the front end and it will be handled by the system its just being boosted by the cloud ,the cloud will process all the background info. like current people online, achievement's ,friends playing ,and simple code like behavior files and scripts which only need to be accessed during startup and then the cloud can keep them in memory to stream during loading for gameplay .picture your self being the xbox and the cloud as an exoskeleton wich will allow you lift heavier things your still doing the lifting its just that the exo skeleton is taking most of the load its a similar case with xbox and cloud service im no fanboy of either ps4 or xbox but I think xbox might just win this round I was reading about the ps3 limitations and seems like they might end up having the same problem oh and by the way any one who says ps3 has better gfx then 360 clearly has a shity tv resolution or some serious mental issues I compared side by side 360 and ps3 both on playstation tvs the playstation had like no antialiasing and appeared to render games in a stretched 480 p with bad anisotropic filtering everything had a slightly blocky edge to it on the xbox my resolution appeared to be 780 p and very high antialiasing almost no edges and every texture seemed slightly clearer no blurry mind trick just for future reference incase you didn't know also the frame rates on ps3 are a slight 5-6 frames lower then xbox I still own both so I don't have a bias just speaking out my findings

so you read a review on

so you read a review on another site and feel like a big nerd? those consoles brought further the war of "exclusive" games. I'm pretty sure if you are so smart and talented that you can insult everyone here. You can accept the fact that ps3 has the better graphics. A difficult architecture and low production budgets made most of it games what they are... xbox ports. It's a bad joke just like 360, xbox one and cloud computing. I don't play or own any console. Just wanted to show you your issues.


the ps3 graphics are ***** mate always have been always will be and it will be the same with the ps4. anything fro sony is *****


I like it when kids get worked up over which console has better graphics and then claim they aren't fanboys and don't own or play consoles.

Dude, stick to one topic or

Dude, stick to one topic or you'll end up with a wall of text like you just did. While cloud can be used in smart ways for online games, in fact it could make a huge power hungry game like World of Warcraft perfectly playable on a console with additional physics calculated by the cloud for an enchanced experience; it is going to be completely pointless for anyone who wants to play a single player game. Yes, believe it or not but there are still a lot of people who enjoy single players games. I sure as hell wouldn't want physics to be calculated by a cloud in what is supposed to be a very low latency environment for instance.

Surely this will introduce

Surely this will introduce horrific processing latency? The latency between BUS and CPU is measured in nanoseconds, even the fastest line speed at very close proximity is going to be insufferable. What's the point of having four times the processing power if it's a factor of ten slower? That might make sense for scientific computing, simulations or visualisation, but I can't see how that's suitable for gaming at all.

Well, if you look at

Well, if you look at multiplayer games based on the source engine, and gmod in particular, you get good examples of networked physics. Using client side prediction allows you to calculate the real stuff in some remote server and distribute the data to several clients who use that data to overwrite their 'guesses' and move stuff where they are actually moving server side. Your point is valid for graphics processing though. I'm not sure what MS is thinking if they suggest stuff like that.

Data cap

If this is true, I wonder how much this will affect people who have a data cap imposed on them by their internet service provider. (I.E. Poeple with out unlimited internet connections.) My buddy has high speed cable and a data cap of only 100gigs/month. they charge $1/gig if he goes over.... take in the fact that a blue-ray is what 40gigs +..... this will cost him...

it wont cost him

Your math is as bad as your understanding of the subject. So your friend has 100gb/month cap, he won't have any problems unless he downloads huge stuff on the side. Streaming calculations is actually pretty cheap and consumes little bandwidth, there is no need to stream the textures and models themselves, just the numbers and formulas that need to be calculated. Those consume a lot less bandwidth per second than watching an youtube video. Then there is the fact that, as microsoft stated in the article, cloud is OPTIONAL, games have to run just fine without it. So the guy in south africa below should just disable cloud processing.


...then you go to a third world country like South Africa where I live, and the average cap is sitting at about 3gigs, only a lucky few have unlimited internet. It's just too darn expensive. I guess we'll just have to keep on playing catch up with the rest of the modern world.


Then maybe you should build a wooden shack in the woods and live there, because as time passes this will only get more and more complex.


"oh and it's not more complex. it's more enslaving" - Not more complex? You have no idea what cloud computing is or how it's changing everything that runs 'under the hood' do you? Your ignorance makes your name rather ironic.


Step in the right direction, this must have been planned for years, Sony has to be ******** themselves, not only is Xbox One greater in peformance on its own, but now 3 times the peformance supported via the cloud.. get owned.

The Xbone has lower system

The Xbone has lower system specs than the PS4. Xbone GPU is more similar to a HD7790, versus PS4 with equivalent of HD7850. They have roughly equivalent CPU, but the PS4 has 8GB GDDR5 with 7GB dedicated to games, to the Xbone's 8GB DDR3 with 5GB dedicated to games. I'm not sure whether the cloud will confer enough of a performance benefit to close that gap, given that bandwidth, availability and latency are huge bottlenecks. Especially when we're talking about graphics, physics and AI engines that require content immediately available to them.

yeeeaaah so Microsoft stick

yeeeaaah so Microsoft stick 5GIG of ram JUST FOR GAMES while the rest runs the system which makes more sense. compare that to the 6gig of shared ram on the ps4. what does shared mean, that means if the system needs more ram is uses it but NOT for games, ps4 developers were told to use the minimum amount of ram possible for games on the ps4, when they were asked "what is the minimum" the reply was "512meg", they asked what is the maximum, the reply was "1gig". now tell me why does the ps4 require so much system ram, well its recording the gameplay, it is also streaming it live, it is also downloading games and other things in the background, it uses ram to decompress massive files while at the same time pushing those same files through the cpu for conversation into playable game files, oh did I also say you cannot truly turn off the ps4 unless you unplug it from the mains supply. so yeah ps4 fanboy who refuses to accept the ps4 has as many flaws as the new xblox get a ******* grip


Extreme, biased, right winged fanboy much? Also, you might want to check your so called facts there douchebag: forums.guru3d. com/showpost.php?p=4602163&postcount=87


I was referring to some of Michael J's posts. They seem to have a bit of an extreme right winged, biased point of view most times. Read between the lines...

Basically Microsoft said "Oh

Basically Microsoft said "Oh **** the PS4 looks like it may beat us, quick come up with a terrible idea that makes games less accessible!" Ah Microsoft, making gaming lame since 2001 (or whenever the Xbox came out.)

So let me get this straight.

So let me get this straight. ------- As a developer, you can theoretically 'triple' the processing performance of the Xbox One using Xbox Live Cloud but then, Microsoft say - "game developers who decide to use the Xbox Live Cloud for processing are responsible for making their games playable without internet connection." ----------------- Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't that a contradiction in terms? And Microsoft is also making a huge assumption in that ALL Xbox One owners will have a high speed broadband connection in the region of 30mb+ in order to cater for all of the data transfer required. ------------ It'll be interesting to see exactly how much of what is being written about the new console will actually make it in the end product on release.

Ok let me address your doubts

Ok let me address your doubts. 1- No, it's not a contradiction. They offer cloud computing power to improve the game not to make it work in the first place. It's up to developers to ship games that work on the console alone and use cloud, if available, to improve it. If a game doesn't work because the cloud is overloaded or not available it's the devs fault for over reliance on it. 2- As you can see from answer 1 there is no need for high speed broadband, it's desireable but not needed at all.3- It wasn't really a question you asked but more of a mistake you made, you dont need 30mb+ connections to stream graphics or physics, heck you don't need anywhere near that much to stream a whole game. Look for 'OnLive' and see what I'm talking about.

On Live

On Live is awful. Almost hit bankruptcy and was sold to another company. For sure you don't need 30mbs+ (I remember they suggest around 7 I think), the problem is PING time. Think of input lag on some TVs, thats On live (you click, slight lag before game registers input). That's why fast-paced games aren't recommend. Mostly an issue of ping time.

You'd think if it was really

You'd think if it was really awful MS wouldn't be copying it right now. You ought to realize that not all good ideas succeed, cloud gaming is ingenious, it removes all the issues a gamer may have with his machine (scratched disks, overheating, drivers and whatnot), since its web based its also platform agnostic (not in MS' case but I'm talking about the concept behind OnLive) so it can be played in any machine that has the software for receiving the stream and sending input. But it's ahead of its time, so lag is still an issue.

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