Xbox One still underpowered compared to PS4

Before the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft made a big deal out of its little clock speed bumps on the CPU and GPU and tried its damndest to suggest that both its and Sony's next-gen systems would be powerful. That's true to an extent, but as title's began hitting both systems, it became clear that the PS4 was just the more graphically impressive device. By now though you'd have thought Microsoft would have made an effort to catch up, but it still looks like the Xbox One is the second most underpowered system of its generation.

According to one of the producers working on Lords of the Fallen, the Dark Souls like RPG, achieving 1080p resolution at a decent frame rate is very hard on the Xbox One compared to the PS4 - which is what we've seen with games like Call of Duty: Ghosts too.

Speaking in an interview with IGN, the producer said: "I think if we have to choose between resolution and framerate, we'll probably choose to go full HD 1080p and have a stable, rock-solid 30fps, rather than try to lower the resolution and push it to 60fps because we believe this game looks pretty good, so we'd rather have a decent resolution to show it off.

"We’re working very hard right now to deliver PS4 and Xbox One in 1080p but I can’t confirm whether it’s possible," he said. "It’s probably easier for me to confirm it’ll happen for PlayStation 4, because it appears on this one we’re almost nailing it and pretty much there. For Xbox One though, it’s slightly tougher and we’re still working on it, so I can’t confirm that yet."

However developer CI Games won't push it so much that it sees frame rates below 30 FPS. If that is an inevitability for 1080p gaming, then it'll drop the resolution. 60 FPS is an ideal, but as long as it's above 30 then CI will be happy enough.

What do you guys think of all this talk of pixels and frame rates? Does it matter to you? Let us know below.

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(13) does matter, actually.

Considering that we are (or should be) past the initial "HD Introduction" era\generation of games consoles: then yes, I think it does matter...a lot. Why would anyone in their right mind buy a console that performs on the same or comparable level as the previous model that they may (or do) already own? I have my own reservations as to the why's and how's but one thing still rings true in the world of electronics and entertainment - you get what you pay for! Also, with 4K and higher resolutions emerging in the video market it's hard to imagine getting anything that doesn't standardize a 1080p output these days. So yes: "I" expect 1080p and 60fps from the start at this point.


The PS3 main problem was it's architecture was too unfamiliar for the developers to take full advantage of. Is why GTA IV actually ran better on the 360 than ps3. Sony done their best to mitigate that problem on this release. My beef with MS though isn't the hardware, it is that they had proven that they are willing to damage gamer rights simply so that they have full control of all software sales while retaining the ability to turn on your kinect at any given time. Sure they back stepped, but for me it was too late. It probably is a descent system but I am staying away from them on sheer principle. In my case I am not a sony fanboi. I used to own a 360. I am just hardcore anti Microsoft. I would rather buy a piece of crap Wii U than an xbone.

Really, king?

In IT as a whole (developers, server admin, database admin, support etc) if you do something on Linux you are paid better, and will have more headhunters looking for your skillset, so there goes the king of the throne argument. I am a Microsoft fanboi because I love windows for it's ease of use for my personal PC, but I would NEVER use a Microsoft OS for a server. So shut your stupid ******* face hole and stop making devs look like ********. You're not the only one, and you're not a special unique snowflake, no matte what your mommy says


A king atop a throne huh? How do you like working on one of the most un-secure OS's in the world? Guess you have no problem with Microsoft knowing about bugs for years before reporting them because they can sell the data to the federal government. Yes, they need your support. Most people that don't want to support MS do one of two things, crack windows or download a completely free version of Linux.

What if he/she/it uses a Mac

What if he/she/it uses a Mac Book? Very sound logic there genius! Microsoft did not invent programming, cars or even can openers. They did what Thomas Edison did run to the nearest patent office and knock out Einstein and steal his ideas. Next you'll be telling folks the internet grid runs on Window 98.

Consoles face a problem when

Consoles face a problem when it comes to resolutions; they are played on big *** TVs in the living room so you just can't play a game in 768x1300 and believe it'll be passable, it will look like crap on a big screen so you need 1080 to look decent. If you do so, you lack firepower to reach 60fps, unless you downgrade the textures and make the experience shallow. And they want VR too, yeah wait and laugh at the headaches.

Oh faaaack, dumbnuts.

You rub yer nose in it like you do yo' momma's *******? 'Cuz cuz' I sits way dafuq back from my fitty. So yeah, you can do just fine at low res on a TV unless yer sniffin' it like I sniff mah lady's **** hole. Say'n?

reply to Oh faaaack

Normally I don't comment on grammar because I don't give a **** about it. But in your case it is very difficult to understand what you are trying to say. I can understand the mexicans at work better than I can you. The only reason I am not being a super **** right now is that I am not sure if you have a learning disability.

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