Xbox Reveal Coming in May


Microsoft is set to debut the next generation Xbox console in May this year, with early reports suggesting that it won't be named Durango - that's just its code name - or the rumoured Xbox 720, but simply Xbox.

This has been a trend, not necessarily with consoles, but in entertainment in general over the past few years - going back to the roots with the naming scheme. Just look at a few Stallone movies, John Rambo, Rocky Balboa. Of course just like these, Xbox will leave people asking, "do you mean the original Xbox, or...?"

The planned date for the Xbox reveal is 21st May, giving us a few weeks lead in the to the E3 expo, where chances are the big three console makers will be going head to head for the attention of consumers and media headlines. Getting the reveal in early gives Microsoft some serious hype going into the show and prevents it from being overshadowed, as Sony currently has the best lead in of the three.

Chances are at E3, we'll get a look at the PS4 too, which will be exciting considering at the big reveal earlier this year, all we saw hardware wise, was the controller.

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Just to let you know.

Just to let you know. MS is ruining the gaming industry single handedly at this point. Not because it might not be successful, but because if successful, we will never personally own a game again.

well if u have a console, and

well if u have a console, and a physical game that requires no internet to play. Its mine to play when ever i want. But as M$'s stand, if the all mighty server goes down for what ever reason.... I cant play the game i bought with my money?. It's ******* Communism. MS can suck a **** for all i care. they are dead to me now. (that is unless this was a whole misunderstanding)

evary time someone goes has

evary time someone goes has far has you do how can people take you seriously if you prefer ps thats ok but calling a console that on the whole had superior ports of ALL multi format games is a little stupid .in effect by saying something you are dragging down the very console you are trying to defend because in hardware and software there is little difference at best only proving that if xbox 360 is **** then so must ps3 also be!

Sorry bro, but its mid range

Sorry bro, but its mid range in power. Only because no one would pay 1k plus for a console to be high end. The only main thing PC users have over consoles is the ability to OC their speeds. Thats about it honestly. Hardware speaking *not talking about software modding etc*

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